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    I know, I know: since you started planning your next trip to Miami you're only thinking about swimwear, sunscreen and beach towels! After all, Miami's beaches are one of the main attractions of the city, and the buzzing and trendy atmosphere that reigns in South Beach is something unique throughout the United States.

    However The Magic City it's not just beach life and walking along the palm-fringed waterfront: there are many things to see in Miami, neighborhoods full of personality such as Little Havana, Downtown Miami, Coral Gables just waiting to be explored and experienced at any time of day.

    So here is the question to address: how to get around in Miami? How to reach Miami Beach? If you have already asked yourself these questions you are a foresighted type and perhaps this article will give you the answers you are looking for; If, on the other hand, your intention is to get off the plane, take a taxi, drop your bags at the hotel and spend a week on the beach in South Beach, then my advice will be of little use. Yet I am sure that the desire to know the soul of Miami will come to you too, so take notes!


    • Getting around Miami by car: can it be done?
    • Getting around in Miami without a car
      • Metromover
      • Metrorail
      • subwaybus
      • Trolley Miami
      • Trolley Miami Beach
      • Water Taxi
    • How to get to Miami South Beach from the airport
      • By taxi
      • Shared shuttle pickup service
      • Metrorail
      • Miami Beach Bus
    • Other frequently asked questions
      • How to get from Miami beach to Miami Downtown?
      • How to get around Miami Beach?
      • How to get to Aventura Mall from Miami Beach?
    • What else is there to know about Miami?

    Getting around Miami by car: can it be done?

    The answer is yes: Miami is accessible by car. Indeed, it must be added that in some cases you have to do it: if you are allergic to buses and want to easily reach the characteristic neighborhoods a little further away from the Miami Beach and Downtown area, it is absolutely recommendable take a rental car in Miami.

    Another valid reason may be that of excursions in the surroundings: the car is really essential if you want to independently reach destinations such as Key West, Everglades, Fort Lauderdale during your stay in the city. Of course, the rule always applies that, in the case of a larger Florida tour, you can take the car when leaving the city, unless you want to explore it a little more in depth.

    Here are two other tips that I feel like giving you:

    • If you feel like doing a nice car ride, you will have to decide whether to get the Florida SunPass, which could also be useful for getting around Miami and on all the toll roads of the Florida Turnpike;
    • If you have taken the hotel in South Beach and have no intention of moving from the beach you won't need a car. I recommend that you walk around it or use the buses and / or trolleys, which I will tell you about shortly.

    Advice on car rental in Miami

    Driving in Miami: Should I Worry? The first city that comes to mind to those who ask this question is Los Angeles, a busy, chaotic and endless city that you can't get around in a short time without a car. Miami is as big and busy as most major American cities are, but certainly not as messed up as Los Angeles. Distances from one neighborhood to another are never excessive: it takes maximum half an hour by car. In addition, there are no difficulties encountered with the car in cities like San Francisco and New York, cities that you may have already visited.

    Getting around in Miami without a car

    For those who don't want to take the taxi or the car, the Miami's public transportation network it is quite reassuring: the service is efficient, even if there are some areas that are a bit more difficult to reach. The means of transport available are elevated trains (Metromover e Metrorail), i bus (subwaybus), i tram (Trolley) ei Water Taxi. Let's go and see them in detail.


    Il Metromover it is a service free which consists of a network of elevated trains running on monorail: from 5 in the morning to midnight, the three available circuits connect 21 stations distributed among the districts of Downtown, Brickell, Park West e Omni. We talked about this useful service in our in-depth article dedicated to the Miami Metromover. You will find tips, maps and useful information on where to take it and when to get off.


    Again we are talking about an elevated train with two lines (Orange e Green) that connect the neighborhoods of South Miami to the northwestern part of the city. In this case, the journeys made are mainly for the use and consumption of those who move from one part of Miami to another for work, but it is not certain that you should not use them during your stay in the city.

    • La orange line connects Dadeland South to Miami airport. In fact, as we'll see shortly, this Metrorail line will come in handy for getting to downtown Miami from the airport.
    • La green Line it leads from Dadeland to Palmetto also passing through Downtown.

    Both lines can serve you if you want to reach Coconut Grove e Vizcaya Villa or to get a little closer to Coral Gables e Wynwood. The cost of a single ride ranges from $ 2 to $ 2,25 but there are also daily ($ 14.75) and weekly ($ 60) passes.


    Miami bus lines cover in a capillary way the entire metropolitan area of ​​Miami and beyond: the lines 301 e 302 they go as far as the Florida Keys while the 95 Express reaches Fort Lauderdale. Clearly, compared to elevated trains, the main disadvantage is that of traffic, which can waste some precious time. However, you will regain it by avoiding the long treks on foot from the train stations to the more peripheral districts. Here are some lines that may come in handy:

    • line 7 and line 11 lead to Little Havana
    • line 120 leads to South Beach, while the local lines C and S further cover the area from north to south
    • line B leads to Key Biscayne
    • line 24 leads to Coral Gables
    • line 2 leads to Wynwood Walls
    • lines 7, 37, 42, 57, J, 150, 238, 297, 338 connect theMiami airport to various areas of the city

    The cost of the single ride is $ 2,25. If you find it useful, here is one Miami bus map.

    Trolley Miami

    Il tram (or, as I call it here, Trolley) is a traditional and above all means of transport free which could be very useful in Miami. The colorful trolleys of Miami allow you to reach the major areas of interest in the city for free. The following lines are available in Miami:

    • Allapattah
    • Biscayne
    • Brickell
    • Coconut Grove
    • Coral Way
    • Health District
    • Little haiti
    • Little Havana
    • overtown
    • Stage
    • Wynwood

    - times they vary from line to line: at this link you will find them in detail; here, however, you will find in detail i itineraries all the lines of the trolley.

    Trolley Miami Beach

    A Miami Beach there are instead 4 active lines from 6 in the morning (8 on Sunday) until midnight. The frequency of the trams varies from 15 to 35 minutes.

    • South Beach Loop
    • Middle Beach Loop
    • Collin Express
    • North Beach Loop


    Water Taxi

    There is a slightly peculiar way to get around Miami: the public water taxi service. There are two lines, but the most popular is that yellow, which connects Miami to South Beach. The ticket is daily. It can be booked here and costs from $ 30 to $ 40 with discounts for children. Here are the stops:

    • Bayside marketplace
    • Bayfront park
    • Hyatt Convention Center Miami River
    • American Social Brickell Miami River
    • Miami Beach Marina South Beach
    • Sea Isle Marina

    If you want to get to Virginia Key or one of the restaurants on the Miami River, you'll need to book a ride on the green Line.

    How to get to Miami South Beach from the airport

    This question is very frequent, because there are many people who choose South Beach among the neighborhoods where to sleep in Miami: it is therefore natural to ask ourselves how to get to Miami Beach from the airport, possibly without succumbing to the weight of the luggage!

    By taxi

    At the beginning of the article I quoted the taxi as a good option for getting to South Beach from the airport. If you have a lot of luggage and don't want to drag it onto the bus, consider investing 35-40 $ (flat rate) to reach South Beach by taxi (for other areas of Miami the price ranges from $ 17 to $ 55).

    Shared shuttle pickup service

    The big advantage is that you can enjoy personalized service at an affordable price without having to queue to wait for the first free taxi. The price indicated is per person and varies according to the area where the hotel is located.

    Book your shuttle on Viator


    Option not to be underestimated in case you are traveling without much luggage. As anticipated, the orange line of the Metrorail leads to the Downtown area and, among others, also to Coconut Grove, Vizcaya, Brickell, Government Center. However, the Metrorail (cost $ 2.25) does not take you to Miami South Beach: after approaching it you will need to take the bus (line 120) or a taxi.

    Miami Beach Bus

    With a frequency of 30 minutes and a cost of $ 2.65, the line 150 is dedicated to travel from the airport to the Miami Beach area and, of course Miami South Beach. From there, as anticipated, you will move with other local lines or with the trolley.

    Other frequently asked questions

    To summarize, I will briefly answer some frequently asked questions about public transport, focusing on movements between Miami and Miami Beach.

    How to get from Miami beach to Miami Downtown?

    The fastest way is to do it by car, or, if you don't want to rent one, by bus, by bus the 120 line. From there you can then use the Metromover to take a tour of the Downtown.

    How to get around Miami Beach?

    If you don't want to do it on foot or by taxi, you can use the trolley or the lines of local buses (A, C, M, S).

    How to get to Aventura Mall from Miami Beach?

    From Miami Beach you can reach theAdventure Mall, (famous mall north of Miami) via lines S and 120.

    What else is there to know about Miami?

    If you are planning a vacation to Miami there are many other aspects that you will have to address. Here are our other guides:

    • Advice on where to sleep in Miami
    • How to rent a car in Miami
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