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    How to get around in Las Vegas? Tips for the Strip, Fremont Street and the airport

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    Why an article on how to get around in Las Vegas if practically all the main attractions of the city are located along a single road, the famous and interminable one Strip overlooked by all the luxury hotels and themed hotels in Las Vegas? Well, you may not know it, but Las Vegas is pretty much one oasis in the Mojave desert: in summer the hot it's stifling to say the least, and no one in their right mind would advise you to explore them over 6 km of Strip walking for an extended time. In winter or in the mid-seasons the conditions are less extreme, but knowing public transport can always be handy.

    As it is not good to arrive unprepared for these things - besides advising you to read our article on when to go to Las Vegas - today I want to give you some tips on the monorail Las Vegas Monorail and on all the other ways to get around the Las Vegas Strip and beyond: you will also find information on how to visit the Downtown e Fremont Street and how to get from the Airport to Las Vegas.


    • How to get around in Las Vegas?
    • Las Vegas by car: is that the case?
    • What's the best way to get around Las Vegas?
    • Las Vegas Monorail
    • Las Vegas FreeTram
      • Mandalay Bay Tram
      • The ARIA Express Tram
      • The Mirage – Treasure Island Tram
    • Las Vegas by bus: Deuce, SDX and other services
      • Deuce
      • SDX
      • Downtown Loop
    • From the airport to the Strip hotels: bus, taxi or shuttle?
      • WAX (WestCliff Airport Express)
      • Airport shuttle
      • Taxi and Uber

    How to get around in Las Vegas?

    These are all the means of transport that you can use in Las Vegas:

    • la Monorail (Las Vegas Monorail)
    • i Las Vegas FreeTram (free monorail)
    • i bus The DeuceSDX e WAX
    • il Downtown Loop
    • le airport shuttles

    Las Vegas by car: is that the case?

    We have talked more about this topic in this other article, but a summary may be useful: the answer to the question tends to be yes, the car is useful in Vegas, but as long as you don't use it for explore the Strip hotel by hotel, or to reach Fremont Street and the tourist areas of the city in general. The car is necessary to move from Las Vegas to the parks and surroundings, to reach the hotel as soon as you arrive from the previous stage, but not for other reasons.

    I happened to explore the Strip by night doing it up and down with the car: it was a mistake, because there was a lot of traffic and I didn't think I needed to stop the car to visit the various attractions, also because the hotel parking lots were full! For more information on the Noleggio car to Las Vegas (when to book, where to pick up the car and other tips), read the article at the link below.

    Advice on car rental in Las Vegas

    What's the best way to get around Las Vegas?

    The best way to get around Las Vegas is undoubtedly there Las Vegas Monorail, whose path winds through a good 4 miles along the Strip, with 7 stations that allow you to quickly reach all the most famous hotels and attractions. This monorail is the means of transportation more complete, useful and common that you can use at Las Vegas. Moreover, it is very panoramic, because being raised it offers a beautiful view of the city. From south to north (and vice versa), connect the MGM Grand al SLS Vegas, along the east side of the road. The 7 stations are all covered and easily reachable from the hotels and the various local and commercial buildings in the surroundings.

    If, on the other hand, your intention is to reach Fremont Street, the best medium is the bus SDX, followed closely by bus Deuce. If you want to travel for free, use i Las Vegas FreeTram, but keep in mind that the route is much less capillary than the monorail.

    Before going to know these means of transport in detail, if you have not yet chosen one of the many hotels in Las Vegas, I invite you to read our article at the link below.

    Advice on where to sleep in Las Vegas

    Below, you will find the route of the various vehicles and information on stations, prices and timetables.

    Las Vegas Monorail

    To get all the organizational information on the Las Vegas Monorail and to buy i discounted tickets, read our article entirely dedicated to the Las Vegas Monorail.

    Las Vegas FreeTram

    There is not only the Monorail: there are also others 3 monorotaie (o tram) which, unlike the other, run along the west side of the Strip: they make shorter itineraries but they are free. They can be useful if you want to go from one hotel to another, but be aware that not all of them are connected by the same line and that they pass less frequently. From south to north, here are the various trams:

    Mandalay Bay Tram

    There are two distinct services with different hours. The stations are always well indicated, inside (Mandalay) or outside the hotels (Excalibur and Luxor). Trains run every 3-7 minutes.

    • All Stops Tram (from south to north): the stops are as follows: Excalibur – Luxor – Mandalay Bay. Active from Thursday to Saturday (9-2: 30 am) and from Sunday to Wednesday (9-24.30);
    • Express Tram (North to South): Stops only at Excalibur and Mandalay Bay. Active from Monday to Friday (11: 00-24: 30) and on Saturdays and Sundays (11: 00-2: 30 am).

    The ARIA Express Tram

    The stops are as follows: Bellagio, CityCenter e Park MGM Tram. It will come in handy for visiting ARIA, Bellagio, Vdara, The Cosmopolitan, Park MGM Las Vegas and Crystals.

    The tram runs every 15 minutes and runs from 8 to 4 (that is, all day except four hours from 4 to 8 in the morning). The stations are outdoors but well sheltered from the sun.

    The Mirage – Treasure Island Tram

    This tram connects the two hotels and has no other intermediate stations. Trams run every 15 minutes and are active every day from 7 to 2AM. At the time of publication the tram was not active and therefore the times and frequency of the trips are subject to changes from November 2018 onwards (expected date of reactivation of the service).

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    • How to get to the national parks

    Las Vegas by bus: Deuce, SDX and other services

    The Deuce and SDX buses are not exactly normal buses: operating mainly for tourists, they too - like the whole city - have been designed to amaze. The first, Deuce, is a gold-colored double-decker bus; The second one, SDX, it looks more like a train than a bus, yet it transits on the road. If you buy a ticket for the Deuce, it will also apply to the SDX.

    In addition to these buses, the Downtown Loop e WAX (WestCliff Airport Express). Let's find out the differences in detail.


    Stops along the Strip are up to par with most major hotel-casinos, but Las Vegas' golden double-decker buses can also be useful for those who - from the Strip - want to go north to get to the crowds. Fremont street experience, the other main point of interest in downtown Las Vegas.

    Calculate the times! Keep in mind that it takes 50 minutes from Mandalay Bay to Fremont Street, from Stratosphere (one of the last hotels on the north stretch of the Strip) just under 20 minutes. Consider using buses SDX (see next paragraph) to get to Fremont!
    • The cost of the ticket is of $ 6 for 2 hours, $ 8 for 24 hours. Reduced rates are provided. It can be purchased at the machines or on board, but you will have to give the exact amount. Also applies to the SDX.
    • Buses go by 24 hours on 24, with a frequency of 15 minutes about from 7 to 2 am and every 20 minutes at night, from 2 am to 7.
      • The hours are reduced (from 24 to 9am) for the following stops (all south of Mandalay Bay, the last hotel casino on the southern stretch of the Strip): Welcome to LV Sign, Sunset, Town Square, LV Premium Outlets - South, South Strip Transfer Terminal (SSTT).


    Another luxury-style public transport, the Strip & Downtown Express (SDX) it looks like a train inside and out and, just like a train, should move faster than the Deuce buses, thanks to a system of preferential lanes and fewer stops on the Strip. The SDX buses also lead to the Fremont Experience and are a bit faster than the Deuce. Below I highlight the points of contact and the differences with the other service.

    • The cost of the ticket is always $ 6 for 2 hours, $ 8 for 24 hours and also allows you to use i bus Deuce in the selected time frame. The conditions are the same as described above.
    • The buses are operational from the 9 24 and they pass 15 every minute.

    Downtown Loop

    If you also want to visit Downtown (Fremont Experience included) you can use this free shuttle. Here are the stops:

    • Bonneville Transit Center (101 E. Bonneville Ave)
    • The Arts District (between Art Way and Boulder Avenue)
    • Pawn Plaza (Las Vegas Boulevard, south of Garces Avenue)
    • Fremont East Entertainment District (on the north side of Fremont Street, west of Sixth Street)
    • Mob Museum (300 Stewart Ave)
    • Fremont Street Experience – Main Street (south of Fremont Street)
    • Las Vegas North Premium Outlets (South Grand Central Parkway, tra Nautica e Tommy Hilfiger Kids)

    The service is active from Monday to Thursday from 11.30 to 20.30, from Friday to Saturday from 15 to 2,4 and on Sunday from 10 to 19. The shuttle runs approximately every 20-30 minutes.

    From the airport to the Strip hotels: bus, taxi or shuttle?

    THELas Vegas airport it is not far from the Strip (just 2.5 miles from the first hotels on the street) but you still need to take a means of transport to get to your destination. In addition to the classic taxi, there are 2 options: the bus WAX or the Airport Shuttle.

    WAX (WestCliff Airport Express)

    Il advantage is the cost-effectiveness: being a bus that follows an urban route (residential route) and not a tourist one, the rates are not those of Deuce and SDX. The cost is in fact $ 2 each way ($ 3 for 2 hours, $ 5 for 24 hours). The disadvantage is that the bus operates just one stop on the Strip (Tropicana & Las Vegas Blvd), valid only for MGM Grand, Tropicana, Excalibur and New York New York hotels.

    To reach the others you will then have to go and take the Monorail (5 minutes walk from MGM Station). The bus can be taken outside Terminals 1 and 3. Tickets can be purchased at the machines near the bus stop or on board, but in this case the driver does not give change.

    Going to Fremont St The WAX ​​can be useful if you want to go directly to the Fremont Experience from the airport: get off at the stop 4th & Carson.

    Airport shuttle

    If your hotel is not one of those served by the WAX ​​stop, or if you still want to be brought right in front of the hotel door with your luggage, you can choose to book a shared shuttle service. The price charged is very interesting: keep in mind that it includes the round trip from the hotel.

    Book the shuttle

    Taxi and Uber

    I taxi depart from Terminals 1 and 3. The cost of travel to the various hotels on the Strip can go from dyou have $ 20 and $ 35 depending on distance, traffic and the payment method used: paying with a credit card requires a fee of $ 3. However, be aware that many Las Vegas taxi drivers do not accept credit card payments. Another possible alternative option to the taxi is Uber, which can be useful for getting around Las Vegas especially if you are traveling in a group and can split the expenses.

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