How to find cheap flights with no destination and date?

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You want to leave by plane but you have no special needs for dates and destinations, and are you just looking for a perfect mix between the cheapest destination and the place that attracts you? To find flight tickets that keep the return date open or websites that offer the possibility to enter only the city of departure but not the one of arrival it is not simple, but possible: in our article we reveal very useful tricks!


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Ryanair flight search without date or destination

Some airlines offeropportunity to fix the date of the outward ticket, but not the return date: in this way the user is less constrained and can decide to take another route or to extend his vacation. Technically in English this possibility is defined as "open ended ticket", or in Italian"open air ticket": usually the return ticket is valid from 30 days to 12 months, but in the face of an advantage of greater freedom, the cost is usually greater than the fixed date.
Another question concerns the destinazione: not only you may wish to have no restrictions on the date of return, but also on the place to which to go. Those who can manage this opportunity manage to take advantage of the best offers of the moment for many important and interesting destinations.
All this is useful both for itself and if you want give as a gift. Some airlines offer a internal search engine with price filter, but they do not require the mandatory entry of a destination. The most structured from this point of view is the site of the Ryanair: by going to the special page dedicated to low cost flights, you can select the city of departure and the budget and see all the possible destinations in one fell swoop, viewing the best offers.
To buy tickets with flexible return date you have to go to the authorized centers or call the airline's call center: this mode has not yet been activated online.

The best sites for low cost flight offers open

There are many websites and internet portals with cheap flight offers for those who have no particular needs regarding date and destination: the choice is left to the user. A few examples?

  • in the "offers" section you enter the city of departure and the maximum price, and the portal provides the best offers;
  • perhaps one of the best portals for finding flights without a destination, the "flight" section allows you to choose a departure area, your preferred period and budget.

There are also very interesting sites that offer various types of offers, such as From the home page click on "Current offers". It is sufficient to choose the city of departure to get the best offers currently in circulation, filtering them by flights, holidays, accommodations, etc.

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