How to find 1 euro flights?

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Travel enthusiasts know this well: often the most expensive part is flying. But with small tricks it is possible find cheap flights, sometimes even to 1 €! Well yes: with a few small tips and tricks you can take advantage of more than advantageous offers, open eyes and be ready to leave at any time!


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  2. How to find low cost offers at very low prices!
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Flights at 1 euro including taxes

There are really airlines, the so-called "no frills", which allow their customers to save really significant amounts compared to other more "traditional" airlines.
The philosophy of low cost airlines is that of provide an essential service passengers: flights on time, no meals on board, giving up excessive comfort and all kinds of extras.

But the 1 euro offers really exist?

In the past, the low cost airline Ryanair, on the occasion of Black Friday, offered very low fares to travel to many countries, starting from only € 1 each way or € 3 for a return trip! It was a unique and rare event, but it is not excluded that other similar occasions may occur in the future. In general, here you can find the most advantageous Ryanair flights day by day: Ryanair special offers and low cost flights

Know that the best offers:

  • they last a few hours, sometimes a few minutes;
  • they are reserved for specific periods of time;
  • they can only be purchased by credit card;
  • they only apply to certain destinations.

In general, one must also be willing to leave in seasons other than summer, forget about public holidays and other holidays. Other low cost airlines besides Ryanair are Flybe, Easyjet, Airberlin and Vueling.

How to find low cost offers at very low prices!

Even if these sensational offers, precisely because of their singularity, they are offered on special occasions and in limited numbers, there are other ways to grab cheap flights.
In general, here are the tips for finding flights at very low prices:

  1. Avoid peak periods: it is advisable to avoid choosing particularly busy periods, such as those close to the main holidays or in August, especially in Europe.
  2. Avoid leaving on the weekend: it is better to leave in the middle of the week, flights for obvious reasons are cheaper;
  3. The more convenient the timetable, the more the flight costs: if possible, choose to leave early in the morning or late in the evening, you will surely find lower prices;
  4. Choose lesser known destinations: try to be flexible with destinations. The less usual destinations are usually the cheapest, especially as regards the flight;
  5. Choose alternative routes, even with stopovers: try to choose routes that also include stopovers, they generally have lower costs precisely because they are more inconvenient.
  6. Sign up for loyalty programs: If you are a frequent traveler, you can receive important offers and bonuses for your travels.
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