How to create and print a photo book of your trip

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After a trip there is nothing more beautiful than reliving the emotions it gave us by looking at the photos we took. To do this today we can make use of numerous alternatives: we can watch them directly on our smartphone, or on a smart TV, or even on special electronic frames ... but what if we wanted something more traditional? For this we can have them printed and filled in an album, or we can do it ourselves. The photo book was born precisely for this, and is one of the most effective methods to preserve our memories by adding that touch of "personal" that we would not have by choosing an album already made, but how to choose the one that suits us best? Just rely on professionals in the sector, which you will find below.


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How to make a DIY photo book

Assuming that you already have photos, composing a photo book is not that complicated. From there you will only have to take a few simple steps, which we illustrate below.

  1. Decide on the theme: for which event are you creating your photo book? Do you want to group all your shots of a certain destination or tell your trip? Choose the main theme of your work and organize the material you have.
  2. Choose the paper and size: depending on the destination of your photo book, choose the suitable paper. If it is an amateur photo book you can opt for standard paper, while if you need a professional product you can prefer photo paper.
  3. Correct the photos: once the structure of your photo book has been established, all you have to do is correct the photos to insert. Take care of the size, resolution and anything else that could help improve your work.
  4. Print: choose which printing service to send your photo book to and wait. After a variable period (which is around 2 weeks) you will finally have your photo book in hand.

Sites and software to print a photo book

There are countless options on the web today to print a respectable photo book.
Different for price ranges but very similar for ease of use, these sites and software allow you to create your photo book by choosing everything, from paper to image resolution.

1 - Saal Digital

Born as an artisan printing laboratory in the Bavarian countryside, Saal Digital over the last few years has become a reality known in over 20 European and non-European countries forextreme quality of its photo books, photo frames and photographic prints also on Fine-Art paper. The hallmark of the German company is the fine workmanship of the materials and the great care and efficiency of the production and printing processes. The result is a set of products with an excellent quality-price ratio, appreciated by professional and non-professional photographers. The free page layout software is extremely intuitive and structured with different levels of customization.

2 - Pixum

Active throughout Europe, Pixum uses commands intuitive and easy to use, to create photo books, posters and a wide range of objects. All this allows you to create works in a very short time and also the ability to preview the finished product allows you to make last-minute changes.

3 - Cewe

Another very useful piece of software, especially if you are a beginner, is Cewe. Thanks to a "photo book assistant", you can create your work step by step, starting from the layout up to the clipart. However it must be said that there are not exactly passepartout for every type of photo book.

4 - Celebrate

Celebra is an all-Italian company that is aimed at professional photographers with its high quality products. This is exactly what makes it a great option, but it could force you to pay quite high prices for your creations.

5 - Rikorda

In addition to producing your own photo books, Rikorda allows you to work on contrasts and centerings before printing your photo book. Furthermore, thanks to the appropriate app, you can print your photos directly from your mobile. All this would already be the best, but in addition Rikorda allows you to collect and pay for the order directly in one of the photographic studios that join the network.

6 - Photocity

Another popular site for printing photo books is Photocity, which uses high definition offset technology. You can choose from numerous options, which also include a customizable hard cover.

7 -

If you want to create a simple but effective photo book, is the site for you. Great for photo books, posters and much more, it uses a quality binding and a professional page layout software.

8 - Print it

Print it allows you to create photo books for every need. The service allows you to choose between different series, among which are the Premium, the MyMinibook and Elite. Among the positive aspects of this service is the possibility to manually control the layout, in order to avoid image cuts. It also offers a wide choice of formats to choose from.

9 - The photo album

Among the companies that offer products for professionals is Ilfotoalbum. This Emilian company produces photo books divided into 4 different options: Premium, Exclusive, Photoflat and Photogold. The positive aspects are so many, and range from the binding to the quality of the paper.

10 - Blurb

It is perhaps one of the most famous companies in the sector, which allows you to create photo books quickly and easily thanks to numerous combinations of sheets and themes to choose from, among which there are 5 types of paper and 3 types of covers. In addition, Blurb, among the various types of photo books, also offers you the possibility of create ebooks for Kindle.
Blurb also gives you the option to use photos from your Instagram account, but in this case, be very careful, because the last 60 photos published will be automatically uploaded.

Free Photo Books

There is also the possibility of create a free photo book, thanks to numerous editing sites. Among these there is canva, which has predefined layouts for this very need. All you have to do is upload your images to the platform, also available in the app.

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