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Entering Australian territory it can be a real challenge if you don't know how. Before leaving, you need to know exactly what the purpose of your trip is: vacation or work? Depending on the motivation that brings you to Australia you will have to apply for a different visa. Here are tips on the documentation you must have for traveling to Australia as a tourist. Discover the various typology, where and how to request it, how long and how much it costs.


  1. Tourist visa, eVisitor, ETA and other types
  2. Where and how to get it?
  3. How long does it take before I get the document?
  4. How can I get a permanent visa (subclass 189)?
  5. User questions and comments

Tourist visa, eVisitor, ETA and other types

Having the correct and valid visa is essential, otherwise you will be immediately expelled from the country.
Australian visas are divided into sub-categories according to certain profiles and / or activities. On the Australian government website you will find all the information to request it, but let's see the macro-categories in detail:

  1. visa for professionals and skilled workers looking for work in Australia;
  2. visa for people moving permanently to Australia or for temporary workers;
  3. general tourist visas for study holidays, for people in transit to other countries, to visit family / friends and for short trips to certain events;
  4. visas sponsored by Australian companies or employers for individuals intending to work on Australian territory;
  5. visas for people carrying out humanitarian programs and people seeking refuge in Australia.

On the site, the information is divided according to the purpose of the trip: tourism, study, work, live in Australia or to obtain citizenship.

Visa eVisitor (subclass 651)

Designed for EU citizens who want staying for a holiday in Australia or for short business trips. With this visa you can enter the country for up to three months within a year. It is totally free. The eVisitor visa is linked to the passport number so it must be valid. To get it you must have some prerequisites, which can be checked here.

Visitor Visa (subclass 600)

For tourists and for visits to relatives / friends. The visa has a validity predetermined by the government, before leaving it is always good to check that the period has not changed. To date this visa is valid for 3 months and renewable for another 3 months. It costs from AUD135 to AUD340.
All information can be found here.

ETA Visa (subclass 601)

It is an electronic visa that allows you to go to Australia as many times as you want, within one year for tourism or business purposes. Each stay, however, must not exceed three months. It is released in a very short time, less than a day. The cost is AUD 20.
And it is usable for holiday trips to meet relatives and for anyone who wants to do business in Australia.
You can obtain the ETA visa through a travel agency, airline company with flights to Australia or independently by filling out form 956 downloadable here.
The visa is from request at least 2 weeks before leaving.

Visa for special programs for cultural exchange

Australia is a wonderful country that favors children cultural exchanges and social experiences for this purpose the visa was created for those who join student and cultural organizations.

  • Seen subclass 416: temporary visa is aimed at those who have decided on a cultural and / or youth exchange or for a program organized by schools for intercultural exchange. It can be used if you contact an association that organizes such activities with Australia. To apply for a visa and get more information go to the Australian government page.
  • Seen subclass 402: aimed at those who want to visit Australia to participate in professional training courses. It is a visa with a temporary duration that can be requested by those who have to carry out an internship, an academic program or a work-type program (for professional growth). To check the requirements and request it .

Other Visas

  • Visas Doctors (subclass 602): Australia is world famous for its state-of-the-art medical facilities. For those who want to be treated in Australia must apply for a specific visa.
  • Visas for retirees (subclass 405): if you are a retiree who wants to spend part of his pension or all of his pension, he must apply for a subclass 405 visa.
  • Transit visas (subclass 771): if you pass through Australia and stay for 72 hours and then go to another country, it will be sufficient to apply for the subclass771 visa.

Where and how to get it?

For each visa there is a different procedure to apply for it. As for the most common visa, namely the completely free tourist visa (subclass 651), it is quite simple to request it, just:

  • Be in possession of a valid passport;
  • Not be suffering from tuberculosis;
  • Not have convictions for crimes for which the total penalty exceeds 12 months;
  • Have the health requirements; advisable to read them here.
    However, Australia always reserves the right to carry out further medical checks that could, despite you being at the airport, stop your entry into the country.

Once the previous requirements have been verified, it will be necessary for each member of the family (including dependent children) to create an imm-account and proceed with completing the application directly online.
On this site you can have real-time updates on your request. You will receive an email confirming the approval of the request in which the eVisitor number, date and conditions will be provided.

How long does it take before I get the document?

I Request times range from one working day to one month, the motivation is explained directly on the Australian government website. Basically it all depends on whether the applicant, for the Australian state, is a subject at risk or not. This depends on the information provided and the speed with which officials are able to certify its validity.

How can I get a permanent visa (subclass 189)?

It should be noted that the permanent visa (subclass 189) is not about Australian citizenship but simply serves immigrants to be able to work and reside in the territory. The first thing to do is to apply to the Australian government here. The skills required to get it are over 65 and must be read very carefully. In general the requirements are:

  • Age between 18 and 49 years;
  • Work included in the list issued by the Australian Government;
  • Be in possession of a document certifying the professional qualification;
  • English level certified by the IELTS test.

The visa is not granted to everyone, there is a ranking based on the scores obtained and the requests.

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