How much does it cost to rent a Private Jet?

How much does it cost to charter a private jet? If you have ever thought about chartering a private plane, but were immediately put off by the possible cost, this article was written especially for you. In fact, today we will see together that renting a plane is not always as prohibitive as one might think, often proving to be a good alternative to other means of transport.
The private flight sector is constantly growing and if, a few years ago, only very few people could afford to rent a jet, today this is no longer the case: let's find out why.


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How to charter a private jet?

Renting a private jet is simple and immediate, thanks to the efficient airlines that carry out the entire operation directly, upon request of the customer, by coming into direct contact with operators and owners of private aircraft.
The whole practice is easily manageable completely online or via an international toll-free number, so that it can be accessed by anyone. Once the contract is concluded and the right flight option is found, the end user will have to do nothing more than go to the airport, check-in and board the aircraft.
The check-in (the essential acceptance procedure to get on the plane) of a private flight takes place quickly, separately from that of common scheduled flights. This allows you to avoid queues, eliminating unnecessary waiting times and delays, the main reasons for stress for most travelers. For more information, prices and methods, please visit this site.

How much does it cost to charter a private plane

Il cost of renting a private jet, it can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros. Much depends on the type of aircraft chosen (obviously the rental of an ultra-luxury aircraft will cost more than the others), but not only: the price per person can vary according to the size of the aircraft and the number of passengers on board, as well as the distance to go through.
Chartering a private jet also involves definable fixed costs, such as the salary of pilot, flight attendant and crew, plus any airport taxes, applied only in some countries.
A large private plane, programmed to accommodate more people, will obviously have a higher cost than a small one, but the total will be divided among all travelers, making it possible to reduce costs.
For this reason, in the case of large groups, therent a private plane it could be even cheaper than the ticket price to get on an ordinary scheduled flight. On the other hand, in the case of few passengers, it will be useless to rent a plane with a capacity greater than the number of passengers, in order not to waste unused space, not to meet astronomical figures and to stay within the budget. Here are some examples of rental costs.

  • Domestic flight (from Milan to Rome): prices between € 5.500 and € 9.500
  • European international flight (Rome to London): prices between € 9.500 and € 17.500
  • International non-European flight (from Milan to New York): prices between € 38.500 and € 58,00

Are there private low cost flights?

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is: are there private low cost flights? Thanks to the advent of modern companies (called Uber of the skies in jargon) that deal with private flights, it is possible to avoid a very expensive step: the one constituted by intermediaries (Brokers), once essential to the rental of a private plane.
This makes it possible to offer low cost private flights, without sacrificing the comforts and numerous advantages of being able to travel on an exclusive jet. More and more passengers are choosing this means of transport, especially on business trips or transfers that require punctuality and maximum organization, but also for holiday or leisure trips.

Fun fact: How much does it cost to maintain a private jet

And now a curiosity: how much does it cost to maintain a private jet? Consider that for the purchase of a private plane it takes from some, up to several million euros, in the case of extra-luxury aircraft. For example, a private plane with a maximum capacity of 9 people, such as BlackBerry's Dassault Falcon 50FX model, is priced it is around seven million euros.
A larger model, which could be represented by the Bombardier Global Express XRS, usable for long-haul flights and capable of accommodating up to 19 people, can cost up to 50 million euros.
The figures obviously vary according to the chosen fittings, which can be very different from each other, depending on the wishes of the buyers. Having said that, we can say that i maintenance costs start at a minimum of twenty thousand euros per year, including insurance, storage (hangar) and maintenance of the aircraft.
All this can change a lot, depending on the size and model of the plane. Given the high costs involved in buying and maintaining a private jet, chartering is a much easier and affordable way for everyone.

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