How much does it cost to go to Spain? Useful tips for a low cost holiday!

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Spain is one of the most loved destinations by Italians and not only, thanks to its dream destinations both by sea, such as the very famous Ibiza, Tenerife and Formentera, and "by land", or fascinating cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. But how much does it cost to go to Spain?
To help you choose the right destination for you by spending the right amount, here are many useful tips for a low cost holiday in this wonderful territory: you will discover the cheapest places, the best time to go, hotels, flights and much more. Let's go!


  1. Cheaper Spanish destinations
  2. Best time to save
  3. How to find a cheap flight to Spain
  4. How to save on accommodation
  5. How much does it cost to eat in Spain
  6. Other costs: transport, tours and attractions, nightlife
  7. Recommended daily budget
  8. User questions and comments

Cheaper Spanish destinations

Spain is a warm, hospitable and nation full of beautiful places to discover and experience. Talking about Spain doesn't just mean thinking about Madrid or Barcelona, ​​as there are many other interesting destinations for all tastes, much cheaper.
Let's see together low cost destinations for you, whether you are with friends, as a couple or with your family.

  • For the young people one of the destinations that most meet expectations and the portfolio is Lloret de Mar, on the Costa Brava. Close to Barcelona and the airport of Girona, it is stormed for a "crazy" holiday full of fun. Here there is a kilometer and a half of beaches and the nightlife is particularly lively with many discos (do not miss Colossos, Revolution and the Tropics). Obviously the costs of the hotels are low and there are attractive offers (there are flights + hotels at € 300,00 per week).
    Another destination is Benidorm, on the Costa Blanca. It attracts millions of tourists every year, especially young people, for its long sandy beaches, L 'high number of accommodation facilities with an excellent value for money (there are apartments for four people at 40 euros per night!), i amusement parks (such as Acqualandia and Terra Mitica) and the lively nightlife. The two most famous clubs are Ku and Penelope.
  • For couples, among the most low cost destinations there are Almeria, a city rich in history, art and culture surrounded by mountain landscapes and magnificent beaches. There are several parks and nature reserves, for example the Cabo de Gata-Nija Park and, moreover, Almeria overlooks the sea from which you can enjoy a magnificent panorama.
    Le beaches are isolated and deserted with crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking and catamaran sailing. To visit the white city of Mojacar, whose beach is 17 kilometers long, the church of Santiago and the ancient castle of San Cristobal.
    The other recommended destination is Alicante, L 'ideal for couples seeking relaxation. In between sun baths, visit the Castillo de Santa Barbàra, El Palmeral park and the quaint old town, Barrio de la Santa Cruz, with narrow streets, colorful houses and an active nightlife.
  • For families, a tailor-made city is Bilbao, a vibrant cultural center with a picturesque look, full of clubs and delicious little restaurants. All the attractions can be easily seen on foot or by public transport, in particular the metro can also be used by those traveling with a stroller. Don't miss the Guggenheim museum, where families with children can visit the exhibitions and participate in creative workshops.
    The second perfect budget destination for families is Vigo, on the northwest coast of Spain. It's a quiet seaside town with many hills and beaches, the largest is Samil. In the center there is a fascinating old part, with ancient buildings and beautiful views.

Best time to save

The cheapest months to save in Spain are May, February and November, when airline tickets from Italy cost less than the average annual price. To go eg in cities like Barcelona or Madrid, months like February, March (excluding Easter), October and November are also good, when offers can be found and the climate is still stable and mild.
For seaside resorts like Tenerife or the Canaries, the same is true, considering that they are also besieged in the winter months, for the Christmas and Easter holidays and the carnival period. If you want a beach holiday, May, June and September are the recommended months.

How to find a cheap flight to Spain

As for flights, the best advice is to book in advance, but above all use price comparison portals such as Skyscanner to choose the best deal. Only in this way will you find the prices lower than the average, as they will subsequently only increase. Several low cost airlines fly daily to Spain, such as Ryanair, Vueling and Iberia with often low fares, sometimes around € 10,00 / € 20,00 each way.
Another tip is to book mid-week (the best rates are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) and of fly late at night or early in the morning, at which time tickets are cheaper. Finally, consider different airports: if you are heading to Barcelona, ​​consider Girona airport which is less than half an hour by train

How to save on accommodation

In big cities as well as in the most popular seaside resorts, accommodation prices are quite expensive. However, in recent years there have been many low cost alternatives such as'house sitter, in which you will have free room and board while doing some household chores in exchange. The holiday homes, especially when shared with multiple people, they are another great way to save.
As far as the hotels, you have to move out of the center to find lower rates, to some neighboring country or you should pick up offers long in advance.
I recommend booking a vacation rental as the best solution to pay less, in this regard we advise you to compare the best offers on accommodation portals such as

How much does it cost to eat in Spain

Spain, in general, is not expensive and too all in all, eating is cheap.
In the big cities, for breakfast a maximum of € 2,00-3,00 is spent, for a complete lunch the costs are on average € 15,00, while for dinner € 18,00 / 20,00. A beer is around € 2,00, a coffee € 1,00 / 1,20, a baguette € 0,75 and a bottle of water € 1,00. Clearly, with street food you can save even more, with € 5,00 / 7,00 you can eat easily!
In seaside resorts the situation is more or less similar: the low cost places (Lloret de Mar, etc.) offer complete lunches from € 10,00 upwards and the prices described above are reduced by about € 0,30 / 0,50 (a beer is € 1,50 for example), while the more "in" destinations (Ibiza, Canary Islands, etc.) may require € 0,30 / € 0,50 more than the cities.

Other costs: transport, tours and attractions, nightlife

Spain boasts a good network of connections both in the city (secured by metro and bus), both among the major cities (trains and buses are the most used). The prices are absolutely affordable, for example, to move from the airport to the hotel costs from € 2,00 to € 6,00, while within the city from € 1,20 to 2,20. Taxis are very popular but rather expensive, better use public transport!
- entrances to museums and main attractions they range from about € 10,00 to 20,00, with appropriate increases or decreases. As for entertainment, theentrance to the disco with drink it has a cost of € 10,00 / 15,00, for a beer in a club we are about € 4,00 / € 5,00 and for a drink € 5,00 / 7,00.
All major cities provide different solutions to save like cumulative tickets (e.g. Barcelona T10 - € 10,00 for 10 rides - and in Madrid € 12,20 for 10 rides), still other types of Cards valid for 12, 24 and 48 hours which include free transport, entrance fees and discounts for attractions (Barcelona Card, Madrid Card).
A couple of useful tips: remember that on weekends many attractions are often free and, for most of them, buying on the internet and in advance is always convenient!

Recommended daily budget

To visit the cities, being careful about your finances, you have to consider a daily budget about € 60,00 / 70,00, therefore a maximum of € 500,00 for a week as a couple. For a beach holiday the budget must be at least of € 40,00 / 50,00 for a low cost location, obviously something more for more popular places.

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