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    How much does a trip to New York cost? Estimates for a week

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    If you found this article during your Google search, well, rest assured, we are not reading your mind (even if it seems!): The question "how much does a trip to New York cost”Is the most common when you begin to organize a vacation in the shadow of the torch of the Statue of Liberty. The questions multiply, the doubts grow larger, the unknowns overlap one after the other, and sometimes our slightly smoky sums and calculations lead to exorbitant and discouraging figures, especially if you want to visit all the places of interest in New York. .

    Our article was born for this reason: to help you make a "human" cost estimate that takes into account all priority expenses, according to the most realistic perspectives and according to the most common circumstances and trends of travel to New York. Obviously, the price search will take place second savings criteria, so that those who have set a maximum budget can do their math and check where it is possible to file the cost of a vacation in New York.

    If you're on a tight budget, what you're looking for is a advice to save at the most on travel, I refer you to our article when it is convenient to go to New York: you will find information and suggestions on the most convenient month and on what is the low season period in New York.

    Grab a piece of paper and a pen or, if you prefer, open a writing document and get ready to write down your Trip Planner for New York: the items you need to highlight first are:


    • How much does a week cost in New York?
      • Flight + hotel New York: why it is convenient to book them together
      • Cost of a flight to New York (without flight + hotel)
      • Price of a hotel in New York (without flight + hotel)
    • How much does a trip to New York cost? The other expenses
      • Meals
      • La MetroCard
    • Transfer from the airport to the hotel
      • The attractions of New York
      • Passes to save on the price of attractions
      • Excursions outside of New York
      • Health insurance
    • How much does a trip to New York cost? Summing up…

    How much does a week cost in New York?

    A week: this is the average residence time for one complete tour of New York. Probably, if you have no other city to visit in America - that is, if, for example, it is not a priority for you to make a fly and drive that also includes visiting other American states, such as California - 7 days is the perfect time to enter the atmosphere of the great metropolis of New York in a satisfactory way (if you are uncertain about the subject, in our section on how many days to spend in New York you will find some itineraries that can help you).

    Ma how much does a week in New York cost? Let's build a budget, starting with the priority expenses:

    Flight + hotel New York: why it is convenient to book them together

    Flights and hotels are by definition unavoidable expenses, so we might as well put in a little effort to understand how and when you can save. The first piece of advice we give you is to book in combination flight + hotel your Expedia.

    What is the main reason why it is worth trying this method of purchase? The reason lies in a very common belief, namely that, as soon as you take the flight, hotels can wait a bit, in the (often vain) hope that, over time, prices will drop, or that advantageous offers will be found. last minute. Nothing more wrong in regards to New YorkBig Apple hotels are notoriously expensive year-round and in most of Manhattan, and it's not uncommon for off-season flights do not coincide with those of housing, with the result that we find ourselves spending exaggerated amounts when instead we hoped to save.

    We have already talked about this interesting booking method in an article dedicated specifically to flight + hotel New York, in which we have detailed the steps to take with a tutorial, also reporting concrete examples of savings in relation to the purchase of services booked separately. The solution we had arrived at was that the overall savings went from 250-300 euros to more than 1000 euros, depending on the period / type of booking and the quality / location of the hotel in the city: a pretty good figure.

    Obviously, this is not the only way to save: if you are not comfortable with this method, you can always conduct the purchase of the two services separately. Here's how to do it:

    Cost of a flight to New York (without flight + hotel)

    Looking for the best rates on the most reliable price comparators, we come to the conclusion that, as a rule, the price of a trip to New York by plane it goes from a minimum of 320 (a / r per person) - for low season months such as January and February, March, sometimes May - to a maximum of 900-1000(a / r per person) for the very high season months, such as July, August and December.

    However, this is not a universal law: if you search with well in advance, you can get great prices for flights to New York even in the months considered off-limits: look for the flight with 18 weeks in advance (4 and a half months), and you will see that there are also very interesting and unexpected offers. It so happens that we are writing this article 4 and a half months before the July-August period, which is considered a hot month for airline ticket prices: by doing a search on Expedia, there are flights available to New York (with one stopover) at 680 euros per person, an acceptable figure in relation to the average of the high season.

    If searching 4 and a half months before you do not find affordable or discounted prices, try again too 7-10 weeks before the flight (if you haven't been anxious about booking much earlier). If we were to do one annual average of prices, we would say that when you have snatched an offer on 400-450 euros (round trip per person) you may feel more than satisfied.

    Speaking of stopovers: not only are direct flights very comfortable, but in many cases they also cost less! So, when you do a search, don't underestimate this aspect: you don't want to spend more and waste a lot of time between one stop and another?

    To search for flights, don't forget to take a look at our tips on how to find low-cost flights to the USA.

    -Price per person: approx 450 €

    Price of a hotel in New York (without flight + hotel)

    As we anticipated, the hotel a New York they are not exactly the quintessence of economy, especially if the goal is to stay overnight in one of the fantastic neighborhoods of Manhattan, which we described in our article on where to sleep in New York.

    How much does it cost to sleep a week in New York? The answer cannot be univocal, given the number of variables involved. Let's say you have chosen to stay overnight in the heart of Manhattan: it is unlikely that a double room (if there are two of you traveling) will cost less than 90-100 euros per night, while in the high season months, the prices might as well soar dramatically.
    The savings solutions are:

    • search for the best flight + hotel deals: on a flight to New York with a 7 day stay in the city you can get to get it on average 2 nights in hotel for free;
    • monitor well in advance the offers on comparison sites, in particular we suggest, Expedia and Booking; you can quickly compare prices on all 3 of these portals with a simple click using This Page. Usually, if you move in time, you will find interesting savings opportunities, but you shouldn't reduce yourself at the last moment, as we have said;
    • consider sleeping outside of Manhattan - taking advantage of the excellent New York Metro to move towards the center. The recommended neighborhood is Long Island City, in Queens: here you will find well-priced and well-connected hotels in Manhattan.
    • filter the Research: In the long run, including (or not) useful extras like breakfast can affect the final bill.
    • search for a good apartment. Searching on various sites such as Booking or Vrbo, New York can offer interesting opportunities, both in the downtown area and in more peripheral areas but still well connected to the main attractions. Find our advice on this in our article: New York Apartments: Airbnb, Vrbo or Booking? Guide to choosing for rent.

    -Price per person for 7 nights: approx 600 €

    How much does a trip to New York cost? The other expenses

    Here are the other expenses to be budgeted in our calculation of how much does it cost to go to New York:


    The question "how much does a vacation in New York cost?" provides another point which is impossible to give up: the food! In our article on where to eat in New York we have reported some interesting places, but today we want to try to hypothesize an average daily expenditure and some tips to save. First of all, do not expect to easily find places to eat well for a few dollars: New York, in this sense, is very similar to our European capitals, where it can be difficult to find the simple restaurant that offers the quality fixed menu.

    A good idea may be to "blend in" with the New Yorkers as much as possible and let yourself be tempted by their pharaonic American breakfasts (6-10 dollars per person): with those doses, at least in my case - and I'm a decent eater - I was able to arrive even at 16 pm and, it was enough to end the day with a good dinner (15-20 dollars per person) in a quiet place, where the food is good. If you want to do the three classic meals, take into account at least a minimum of 30-40 dollars per person per day.
    -Price per person for 7 days: approx 250 €, tips excluded (from 15% to 20%)

    La MetroCard

    This item on our list is very important. Manhattan must be traveled far and wide, and you can do it in various ways: on foot or by subway, or with other solutions indicated in our article how to get around New York.

    So, unless you want to train for the New York Marathon by walking around Manhattan only with your legs, you will inevitably have to charge for subway tickets or, as is advisable, for a weekly card, the so-called 7-Day Unlimited-Ride MetroCard, which costs dollars 33 and provides for unlimited use of the cars for a period of 7 days. In our article on the New York subway we have however detailed the various passes, cards and tickets available; it is up to you to decide which formula best suits your needs.
    -Price per person: 33 euros

    Transfer from the airport to the hotel

    But be careful! It will not be the only type of transportation you need during your stay in New York: don't forget that, as soon as you land, you will need the most comfortable means of getting around - you and your suitcases - from the airport to the hotel and viceversa. You can use public transport or, if you want to avoid the crowds, the transfer services to the hotel with shared shuttle or private car, whose prices range from 12 € (the person) above.

    We have dedicated this guide to the topic: New York Airports: Transfer from JFK to Manhattan, Newark and La Guardia.

    -Price per person (return): 25 €

    The attractions of New York

    As soon as you have settled in the hotel and become aware that you are in the Big Apple, the first thing that your instinct will suggest you to do is to go around the city, to get in touch with its atmosphere: here, this is free, and it is a priceless experience, because, in many cases, it is a dream come true. However, in a week, it is almost certain that sooner or later you will decide to visit one of the many attractions for a fee of New York, a city that gives (almost) nothing.

    Do you really think you can visit the city without breaking a dollar? And how will you get to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island? And the visit to the museums, the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) and the legendary skyscrapers (among others, the Empire State Building)? From MoMA al Top of the Rock, the most famous attractions in Manhattan have a cost and it is necessary to keep an eye on the expense, and to put into account at least dollars 190 apiece over the course of the week (not to mention Broadway musicals. Famous shows like these can cost a lot, and you have to put it down). This figure includes the visit of what are considered the must-sees of the city. To save on this amount, we recommend purchasing a city pass.

    Still undecided? If you also want to get an idea of ​​the costs of a trip to the West Coast, on the other side of the US, check out our article on how much a trip to California and Parks costs.

    Passes to save on the price of attractions

    We have already talked about the various tourist passes for Manhattan in our article on New York City Passes: always considering a stay of 7 days in the city - whichever pass you choose - you will spend around $ 120 per person, which represents a considerable saving compared to the figure we calculated in the previous paragraph. If you want to know which attractions are covered by each single pass, you can use our application, the ComparaPass, which allows you to find the solution that best suits your needs almost instantly.

    -Price per person without Pass (7 days): approx 175 €
    -Price per person with Pass (7 days): approx 110 €

    Excursions outside of New York

    During your New York vacation, you may want to consider doing aexcursion out of town. The most common destinations are Boston, Washington, Philadelphia and Niagara Falls and, except for the falls, they are destinations that can also be reached and visited in a single day.

    Let's imagine that you want to visit at least one of these destinations: without a doubt the hypothesis of taking a rental car should be discarded, because the costs are disproportionate. A good solution may be to choose an organized tour:

    • 2 day excursion to Niagara Falls - approx 358 € per person
    • 1 day excursion to Washington - approx 146 € per person
    • 1 day excursion to Boston - approx 146 € per person
    • 1 day excursion to Philadelphia and Lancaster - approx 146 € per person

    If you are feeling in the mood for insanity, you can also catch up Miami from New York in one day by plane (see related package)
    -1 excursion per person in a week: approx 146 €

    Health insurance

    The last item of our weekly quote concerns thehealth insurance, the kind of expense that is good to take into account but which, for good luck, hopefully will never be really useful! For a week, the cost of health insurance starts from 45 euros a person, a figure that can go up depending on the coverage you want.

    In our article dedicated to the subject you will find some tips on how to choose a USA medical insurance.


    - Insurance for one week per person: approx 45 €

    How much does a trip to New York cost? Summing up…

    But then ... how much does it cost to go to New York a week? Here are two possible estimates, with the details of the various items included:
    -1750 euro approximately per person for 7 days, including:

    • fly (without flight + hotel)
    • hotel (without flight + hotel)
    • meals (tips not included)
    • Metrocard
    • return airport-hotel transfer (tips not included)
    • 5-6 attractions without New York Pass
    • health insurance
    • 150 euros in extras (souvenirs, additional tourist activities such as Broadway tickets, various vices & extravagances)

    -1400 euro approximately per person for 7 days, including:

    • fly (with flight + hotel)
    • hotel (with flight + hotel)
    • meals (tips not included)
    • Metrocard
    • return airport-hotel transfer (tips not included)
    • 5-6 attractions with New York Pass
    • health insurance
    • 150 euros in extras (souvenirs, additional tourist activities such as Broadway tickets, various vices & extravagances)

    If you want to include an excursion outside the city, add to the quote at least 150 euros per additional person.

    And now just think about the wallet! Enjoy the wonders of Manhattan and the many things to do in New York!

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