How Much Does a Travel Blogger Make?

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How much does a travel blogger make? Answering this question is really complicated. Mainly because travel bloggers are understandably very reluctant to disclose data on their turnover. The truth is that the monthly income depends on the blog numbers in terms of site traffic and audience size in general.

In any case it is possible to give some general information.


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Travel blog fees and revenues

  • As for google Adsense banners: it is possible to estimate a profit between € 0,40 and € 1,00 for every 1000 impressions (CPM) (single banner views). Starting from this assumption, it is possible to estimate an average monthly income between € 70 and € 100 for a blog with 1.000 / 1.500 visitors per day (approximately 30.000 monthly). With a good optimization and arrangement of the banners it could even go up to € 200 per month.
  • For sponsored publications: the price for the creation of an article and subsequent dissemination on social networks starts from a minimum of € 100,00 / 150,00 per publication. Obviously, it grows in direct proportion to the blazon of the blog, and can reach up to € 500,00 / 1.000,00. These are the indicative figures of the current Italian market, in other countries the insertions can cost much more.
  • For participation in blog tours and events: generally the expected fee varies between € 100,00 and € 500,00 per day, excluding transport costs. Here too, everything depends on the importance of the blogger in question, moreover the same goes for sponsored publications on foreign blogs, the attendance fee of a blogger with an international reputation is much more expensive (and exceeds several thousand euros) .

How much do Italian bloggers earn?

In Italy, a professional blogger in the Travel sector, can earn monthly between € 500,00 and € 1.500,00 with the blog alone. To this figure are added the "collateral" revenues derived from the sale of other parallel services.
Bloggers who broaden their horizons and diversify their sources of income by selling freelance writing, content creation, social media management and consulting services are even able to double or triple the above figure.

These data relate exclusively to the Italian market. As for foreign countries, the figures rise significantly. Just think that the big American bloggers, for example, can earn several hundred thousand dollars a month.

How do you make money with a travel blog?

There are so many ways to make money from a travel blog. The main ones are:

  • Insertion of advertising banners (Google Adsense or private advertisers)
  • Sponsored publications
  • Inserting affiliate links
  • Participation in blog tours, press trips, etc..
  • Sale of parallel services (SEO, Photo Reports, Social Media Services)
  • Sale of parallel products (Sale of gadgets, sale of guides, etc.)

Do bloggers pay taxes?

Obvious! Anyone who is a blogger by profession has to pay taxes like any other worker.
Generally novice bloggers can take advantage of withholdings for occasional performance (maximum annual collection threshold is € 5.000) to declare one's income. This formula is abused, since a travel blogger does his job continuously (a banner, a guestpost or an affiliate link is present 365 days a year on the website. Exceeding this figure, the blogger is forced to open a P .IVA, but can often benefit from important tax breaks reserved for professionals who fall within the minimum or lump sum regime (annual turnover less than € 30.000 - € 65.000).

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