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    How many days to visit Miami? Tips for 1, 2, 3 and 4 days up to a week

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    How many days does it take to visit Miami? This question resides in the minds of anyone planning their Florida tour, and one answer is certainly not the same: given that things to see and experiences to do in the Sunshine State there are really many, you need to understand how many days to dedicate to Miami and how many to the rest of the stages of the journey. There are many factors that can guide the choice, and the first that come to mind are the following:

    • I want to do one long relaxing holiday on the beaches of Miami, visiting with the necessary calm and without moving too much the historic districts, the natural parks, the beaches and the main places of interest
    • I want to optimize the time available to me: stay in town long enough to visit the main attractions and then leave for the next destination
    • Not only do I want to visit the city, but I also want to use Miami as a strategic stop for visit the surroundings: Key West, Everglades, Fort Lauderdale ecc.

    In short, there are many variables to take into account in order to make a choice: one for each traveler. In this article I want to give you some advice on what to see in Miami in 1, 2, 3, 4 days up to a week. However, before you start, as Miami will be your strategic base for a few days, you need to determine which one it is best area for overnight stay.


    • Where to sleep in Miami?
    • Miami in 1 day
      • South Beach
      • Wynwood Walls
    • Miami in 2 days
      • Villa Vizcaya e Coconut Grove
      • Key Biscayne e Virginia Key
    • Miami in 3 days
      • Matheson hammock
      • Coral Gables
      • Walk in Little Havana
      • A ride on the Metromover among the skyscrapers of Downtown
    • Miami in 4 days… up to a week
      • Everglades National Park
      • Fort Lauderdale
      • The Florida Keys and Key West
    • How many days to visit Miami? Final tips
    • What else do you need to know?

    Where to sleep in Miami?

    The choice of accommodation in Miami is important in view of theorganization of the itinerary and choice of days to dedicate to the city. At the link below you will find our tips for staying overnight neighborhood by neighborhood: the most popular choice is always South Beach, but it is certainly not the only one!

    Advice on where to sleep in Miami

    The itinerary is designed by car, the best way to get around Miami, if you do not have a rental car during your stay you can rely on public transport but the movements will be slower and you will probably have to give up some attractions.

    Legend The structure of the article is based on the time available and on attractions to which it is advisable to give priority: if you have more days available, add to the activities of the first day those of the next day, and so on, until you reach the number of days you have programmed.

    Miami in 1 day

    This is an infrequent case, but if for you Miami is just one stage of passage of a larger tour, or if you've made a layover at Miami Airport and want to spend a day in the city to see at least the main attractions, here's what you shouldn't miss:

    South Beach

    As far as we can, for convenience, count it among the neighborhoods of Miami, South Beach is part of Miami Beach, which is effectively an independent city in Miami / Dade County. South Beach is without a doubt the best known and most iconic neighborhood in the entire Miami area, mainly for two reasons:

    • the beach of Lummus Park: ideal for lounging under the sun peering at the Miami people who populate the most famous and fun of the Miami beaches. You may decide to spend the morning here, before taking a walk in the adjacent park and, afterwards, discovering the particularities of the neighborhood
    • Art Deco District e Ocean Drive: after having lunch, it is worth taking a stroll on the seafront, in search of the most elegant and eye-catching buildings in stile Art Deco by SoBe. Many of these are located on the seafront of Ocean Drive, a road to follow in the shade of palm trees with your eyes on the various trendy clubs and exclusive hotels, between restaurants and bars where you can stop for a drink watching the people go by and the parades of the most expensive cars on the road
    • Finally, if there is time left, you can reach theHolocaust Memorial and Memorial Wall, for a moment of meditation.

    To better organize yourself, read our guide on South Beach.

    Wynwood Walls

    South Beach, if you take it slow, could take you a whole day but there is much more to discover and it is definitely worth leaving in the middle of the afternoon to spend a couple of hours strolling among the wonderful murals of Winwood.

    This neighborhood, located north of Downtown, is completely different from any other area in Miami. It is an industrial area that has undergone a particular urban redevelopment, and the result is decidedly surprising. Wynwood is a sort of paradise for those who love street art: you can walk along the streets of the neighborhood sipping a craft beer in search of the most beautiful murals, knowing however that in the space called Wynwood Walls (2520 NW 2nd Avenue) there are the best.

    For dinner, if you are looking for something sophisticated, I recommend Kyu (251 NW 25th St.), which offers a refined cuisine, far from the gigantic American portions and influenced by the Asian culinary tradition.

    Miami in 2 days

    In 2 days you begin to become more familiar with the city, also visiting one of its flagships, Vizcaya Villa, in the Coconut Grove neighborhood. The second part of the day is dedicated to the beautiful island of Key Biscayne.

    Villa Vizcaya e Coconut Grove

    Miami inspires dreams of grandeur and Vizcaya Villa, overlooking the sea, is the most eloquent sign of this. It is a majestic Renaissance villa embellished with ornamental flower gardens, graceful ponds, expertly embroidered flower beds, statues, stairways and gazebos that recall the most elegant and regal European gardens. The villa, which houses some artistic collections, boasts luxurious rooms worthy of a royal palace and rooms finished with an aesthetic taste.

    Since you are in these parts, I also recommend visiting the district of Coconut Grove, which shows how much the area south of Downtown is the most elegant and expensive. Villa Viczaya isn't Coconut Grove's only luxury residence - you'll see plenty of waterfront. The area to walk in shopping mode is Grand Avenue.

    Key Biscayne e Virginia Key

    After spending the morning in Coconut Grove, it's time to see something different: Key Biscayne and, above all, the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. Equipped beaches are a Miami prerogative, but a few miles from South Beach and Downtown there is a natural area that offers a completely different panoramic setting. You will be struck by the paradisiacal pristine beach and the white lighthouse that stands out in the blue sky among the vegetation.

    If you want, along the road that leads to Key Biscayne and Bill Baggs Cape Florida SP, you can also meet Virginia key, a small island that hides a splendid beach. We are very close to the Seaquarium, a beautiful aquarium famous for having served as a film set for various dolphin episodes and films Pinball. The idea could be to relax a bit on the beach and then go and visit the Orca Lolita and the other protagonists in the marine world.

    Miami in 3 days

    On this third and very intense day you will have to get up early to enjoy everything that awaits you but you will hardly be disappointed: waiting for you there is an evocative ring-shaped beach, 2 fascinating neighborhoods, the famous Venetian pool, an elevated ride among the skyscrapers of Miami Downtown and a dinner that is hard to forget ...

    Matheson hammock

    Off-center and immersed in a wonderful natural setting, the ring beach of Matheson Hammock Park it is a real oasis of peace and relaxation. In addition to swimming, you can take the opportunity to admire the Miami skyline from afar and contemplate the beauty of the ocean. Being a bit far from the city center, my advice is to leave early both to find less traffic and to enjoy the site in solitude.

    Coral Gables

    In this small town in Miami county, conceived and designed by the entrepreneur George Merrick, it is really pleasant to drive to discover the many surprises that await us along the streets shaded by banyans. For more information, read our article on what to see in Coral Gables, in the meantime write down these tips:

    • hit Coral Way and do some shopping along the way Miracle Mile, very characteristic commercial street where theaters, art galleries and shops abound;
    • go and admire the houses and monuments of the neighborhood, the Andalusian architecture of Biltmore Hotel, inspired by the Giralda of Seville; immerse yourself in the exciting natural corridor of the Banyan Line, lose yourself among the many architectural styles of the Coral Gables Villages to the point of losing knowledge of space and time;
    • finally, go for a swim in the most beautiful public swimming pool in Miami: inspired by the Venice lagoon, the Venetian pool it offers crystal-clear spring waters, waterfalls, artificial caves and lush vegetation. Without a doubt, it is Coral Gables' flagship: it is worth investing a few dollars to pay for admission and relax after visiting the neighborhood.

    Walk in Little Havana

    Bordering Coral Gables is Calle Ocho, the main street in the historic district of Little Havana, a really interesting district full of art and history. Impossible not to notice the many murals that adorn the buildings, the clubs where Cuban musicians perform, the cigar shops and the Memorial Boulevard, where various monuments celebrate the history and independence of this people. In our article dedicated to Little Havana you will find all the details to visit the area.

    A ride on the Metromover among the skyscrapers of Downtown

    After this busy day, my advice is to move to Miami Downtown before sunset to take a ride on the panoramic surface train of the city: the Metromover, which moreover is free. Whirling among the skyscrapers undoubtedly has its charm and allows you to get an idea of ​​the city center quickly and without having to go down and take long walks.

    Only one stop is a must, the one for dinner: stop at First Street Metromover Station and go down the stairs to get there from Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue, a place that meat lovers should not miss: I recommend the trio Three meat combo, with modular dishes as you like (ribs and pulled pork deserve) and served with 2 side dishes. Craft beer is also notable.

    Miami in 4 days… up to a week

    View of the north area

    After having seen all the most representative neighborhoods and having seen every type of beach, you may be largely satisfied. However, if you plan to stay in Miami for 4 days, before heading out to the nearby places of interest, you may want to visit two attractions in the South Miami area:

    • Miami Zoo: not the classic zoological park with cages. The animals are in fact in the open air, in spaces dedicated to them divided according to geographical areas.
    • Coral Castle: Miami's most mysterious place is in Homestead. If the city didn't have so many must-sees, I would recommend visiting Coral Castle even if you only have one day left! Imagine a garden littered with strange monoliths with imaginative shapes. It is still unknown how the sculptor Edward Leedskalnin transported and assembled the very heavy material to create these incredible works of art.

    Miami, in fact, is to be considered as a good starting point for visiting other towns and natural parks in the southeastern side of Florida. Clearly, in the case of excursions to Florida Keys e Key West, it may be necessary to change the hotel: due to the excessive distance and the amount of things to see it is impossible to return to Miami for the night. In that case, it may be advisable to schedule your Florida Keys visit at the end of your stay in Miami, so that you don't have to make two different hotel bookings.

    Everglades National Park

    This national park is the most famous in Florida, and not surprisingly: anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a natural context radically different from anyone else in the United States of America can do it here. The nature trails that wind through the mangroves and the sea of ​​grass typical subtropical forest are teeming with alligators, crocodiles and manatees, while there are countless species of birds in the park.

    If you want to have advice on how to visit the park, read our article dedicated to Everglades National Park: whether you decide to enter from the Ernest Coe Visitor Center, or you want to reach the Shark Valley, Miami always remains a strategic place to stay overnight. at the end of the excursion.

    Fort Lauderdale

    Another classic excursion that you can do in a day from Miami, both by rental car and by public transport (as read here). Fort Lauderdale - a sunny town with a great personality famous for its beaches and its promenade along the canals - it is only 45 minutes away from Miami Downtown.

    The Florida Keys and Key West

    Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Bahia Honda - these places can't be ignored on a Florida tour. The Florida Keys are jewels that storm the sea south of Miami: crossed by the Overseas Highway, they are easily accessible by car. If your intention is to visit them in the day and then return to the base, you may have to limit yourself to Key Largo and Islamorada, which are about 1.40 from Miami. In Key Largo, in particular, is the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, an underwater natural park that boasts a wonderful coral reef.

    If you want to reach the islands south of Islamorada and Marathon, especially the unmissable Key West, then, as anticipated, you will have to review your plans: the ideal is to sleep in Key West, so as to make the most of the time available to visit the best attractions.

    How many days to visit Miami? Final tips

    After reading this long article, you will already have an idea of ​​how many days it takes to visit Miami at its best. However, I don't want to leave you without giving you personal advice: in my opinion, the ideal choice is to dedicate to the city of Miami three full days, or anyway At least two, so as not to risk seeing everything in a hurry, limiting yourself only to the most touristy and crowded places.

    As for the localities in the surroundings, the speech is a little different: you can choose to stay in Miami and organize various day trips (paying attention to the distances), or organize a wider Florida on the road tour, choosing where to stay stage by stage.

    What else do you need to know?

    To summarize the things you need to know to plan a vacation in Miami, I have collected our in-depth articles below:

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