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    How many days in Los Angeles? Itinerary for 1, 2, 3,4 days up to 1 week

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    How many days do you visit Los Angeles? Well we are facing a huge city so it is better to rephrase the question: how many days do you need to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the city and visit the main attractions or at least the most representative ones? Well considering that one day is practically a must to dedicate it to visiting a theme park, the advice is to stay at least 2 or 3 days, and if you have more time ... so much the better, in this flexible itinerary you will find ideas to plan a stay up to at 1 week!  

    From those who love nature and outdoor activities, to those who prefer a healthy smoothie by the sea, Los Angeles offers a huge variety of things to do. Here, any traveler can choose to bask on the beach in Santa Monica, take a desert excursion or have a drink on one of the many rooftops.

    It does not matter how many days will you have for Los Angeles, follow this guide and compose it according to your tastes, from 1 to 5 days or more. Immerse yourself in the Californian way of life and breathe in the breeze of the Pacific Ocean.

    Welcome to L.A.


    • Los Angeles in 1 day
      • Hollywood Boulevard (Walk of Fame)
      • Griffith Observatory and Hollywood sign
      • Santa Monica
    • Los Angeles in 2 days
      • Universal Studios Hollywood
      • Disneyland
    • Los Angeles in 3 days
      • Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and Bel Air
      • Getty Center
    • Los Angeles in 4 days
      • Walt Disney Concert Hall / Downtown
      • The Town / Olvera Street
      • The beaches of Los Angeles
    • From 5 days to a week in and around Los Angeles
      • Joshua Tree National Park
      • Mojave national preserve
      • Vasquez Rocks
      • Orange County

    Los Angeles in 1 day

    Let's start with the "iconic attractions", those that represent real symbols of Los Angeles ...

    Hollywood Boulevard (Walk of Fame)

    Two things immediately come to mind when we think of Los Angeles: the Hollywood sign and the stars on the famous Walk of Fame. The latter is located right at Hollywood Boulevard, a major Los Angeles intersection that sees the focal point between Gower St and La Brea Avenue.

    Among the main attractions of Hollywood Boulevard we also find the Dolby Theater, which hosts the Academy Awards, and the mall Hollywood & Highland, ideal for admiring the Hollywood sign from afar.

    • Read our tips for visiting Hollywood Boulevard

    Griffith Observatory and Hollywood sign

    A walk in the Hollywood hills is what it takes to stay active during a visit to Los Angeles, which you know requires a car (read our tips on how to rent it in the city).

    To reach the Griffith Observatory you can decide to get in the car or leave it in the parking lot at the foot of the hills and proceed on foot. The hike is slightly sloping but you can do it without problems even if you are not fit. Once you arrive you will be greeted by the astronomical observatory, which can be visited inside for free, and by a beautiful view of LA Downtown, Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

    Looking out on the right side you will see, in the distance and a little secluded, the famous writing that in the green overlooks LA (for indications on a closer view, follow the link indicated below).
    Climb for the sunset. The show is guaranteed.

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    Santa Monica

    Packed with people at all times, the Santa Monica Pier is a must-see if you visit Los Angeles in one day. The iconic pontoon is lined with shops, restaurants and the famous Ferris wheel (part of the Pacific Park) which in the evening is reflected on the ocean waves.

    Don't spend too much time there, allow about an hour if you are in a hurry. The Santa Monica Pier is in fact to be walked with tranquility to the end with sunglasses and an ice cream in hand. But the rest of the town also has its points of interest to offer ...

    • Read our guide on what to see in Santa Monica

    Consiglio: securing a parking space here is not very easy but looking on Ocean Avenue or the parallel streets you will surely find something. For more tips here's where to park in Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles in 2 days

    It would be a real shame to pass by Los Angeles without visiting at least one of its theme parks: Universal Studios o Disneyland, attractions to actually take into serious consideration even if you only have 24 hours to visit the city.

    It is difficult or almost impossible to visit both in one day. It is advisable to choose one.

    Universal Studios Hollywood

    To choose over Disneyland if you are a movie lover, and prone to adrenaline-pumping and less princely attractions, the park Universal Studios Hollywood will keep you busy with mummies, wizards and dinosaurs. Find most of Orlando's Universal attractions (which I prefer), such as Jurassic Park, The Mummy, The Simpsons and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But its flagship is the tour of the movie sets.

    • Read our guide on how to visit Universal Studios Hollywood
    Are you looking for an alternative?

    You could take a tour of Warner Bros. Studios


    The original, the first park dedicated to the world of Disney, was born right here in Los Angeles in 1955. It is actually located outside, in Anaheim, Orange County, and consists of 8 thematic areas spread over 34 hectares.

    It is visited by millions of people every year and is only behind Orlando's sibling Magic Kingdom east coaster. Get ready for a few lines, but also for a lot of fun, and not just for the little ones ...

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    Los Angeles in 3 days

    In 3 days you begin to think ... in fact you can get a much clearer idea of ​​the city .. let's take the opportunity to go hunting for VIPs!

    Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and Bel Air

    They say shopping is therapeutic… but if you go to Rodeo Drive, your bank account will go to therapy! Because? This Beverly Hills street just over 3 kilometers long is a luxury shopping destination. On the most popular stretch with tourists and Hollywood stars, the one between Wilshire Boulevard and Little Santa Monica Boulevard (three blocks), there are the biggest clothing brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci etc ...

    Even if you just look at the windows, it is still a very neat and nice area to walk around.

    • Read our guide to Rodeo Drive

    But that's not all! If luxury shopping wasn't enough for you and you intend to spend some time looking for I gave vip you can explore the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and Bel Air deeper, where there is no shortage of millionaire villas ...

    • Read our guide to Beverly Hills
    • Read our guide to Bel Air

    Getty Center

    If I could go there right now, I would. The Getty Center is more of an oasis than a museum. One is pervaded by a sense of tranquility given by the white walls that shine in the sun. It is not only a pleasure to see it from the outside and stroll through the lawns and stairways, because inside it houses important works by artists such as Parmigianino, Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh and Gauguin.

    • Read our guide to the Getty Center

    Los Angeles in 4 days

    If you think that spending 4 days in Los Angeles is too much, prepare to change your mind: a whole day awaits you to divide between the city center and the beaches!

    Walt Disney Concert Hall / Downtown

    Walt Disney Concert Hall

    La Walt Disney Concert Hall opened in 2003 with an initial donation of $ 50 million to the city of Los Angeles from Lillian Disney (Walt's wife). The gleaming steel building is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, which performs here with world-class concerts.

    If you love architecture you cannot miss it, even if only for a quick glance. You can also include it in your itinerary when you go to the Griffith because it is on the way if you start from the center. Or read this Downtown LA itinerary to see this and other interesting architectural works in the area.

    Are you looking for some adrenaline in the surroundings?

    Take advantage of the slide on the skyscraper at OUE Skyspace

    Curiosity: a part of the building was too reflective and some residents of nearby buildings complained of the light and the strong heat it emanated. Not only that, there has also been an increase in road accidents. In 2005, a solution to the problem was found by opacifying the surface.

    The Town / Olvera Street

    A few steps from the Downtown is the historic district of Los Angeles, the Mexican district called El Pueblo, where the famous street of Olvera St., full of vitality and stalls. A small and unexpected corner of Mexico just a few steps from the skyscrapers of Los Angeles.

    • Read our guide to the Mexican neighborhood of El Pueblo

    The beaches of Los Angeles

    As you know, Los Angeles is also known for its beaches; it is worth taking the car and exploring its beautiful shoreline along the famous Highway 1 (the scenic road that skirts the ocean). Here, in addition to the aforementioned Santa Monica, you will find many other great destinations to observe Californian beach life, for example Venice Beach, with its 30 km of canals, Malibu, with its fascinating beaches and views, or Long Beach, with its long beach of light and fine sand.

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    • Read our guide to Venice Beach, the Venice of California
    • Read our guide to Malibu
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    From 5 days to a week in and around Los Angeles

    These destinations are perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and soaking up the diverse beauty of California. Some are also reachable on a daily round trip excursion. If you haven't rented a car in Los Angeles, you can book an organized tour around the area. You find several a This Page.

    Joshua Tree National Park

    Joshua Tree

    Just two hours from Los Angeles is this wonderful park to explore by car or on foot (it's hot, so beware!). It is famous for the particular tree found in its area, formed by the Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert.

    • Read our guide to Joshua Tree National Park

    Mojave national preserve

    In two hours and forty minutes along I-15 you will arrive at the Mojave National Preserve, another vast desert area that, among its natural beauty, includes the famous “singing dunes” Kelso Dunes.

    • Read our guide to visiting Mojave National Preserve

    Vasquez Rocks

    Just 3/4 of an hour from downtown Los Angeles there is an area unknown to most and unjustly neglected in the many road trips in the United States. This is Vasquez Rocks, a nature reserve that has served as the set for many successful films and television series.

    • Read our guide to Vasquez Rocks

    Orange County

    This is the county on the southern border of Los Angeles, which separates the great metropolis from San Diego county; famous all over the world for Disneyland and its unforgettable sunsets, it can give you more than a surprise ...

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