How Does Skyscanner Work? Here's how to book cheap airline tickets!

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In recent years we have all seen the proliferation of many flight search engines. Surely one of the most famous, reliable and recent is Skyscanner. What exactly are these particular "modern travel agencies"? And how do they find prices and availability so quickly?
Here is an interesting guide to learn how to make the most of Skyscanner.


  1. How does Skyscanner work?
  2. How to book a flight?
  3. How to find cheap last minute and low cost flights
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How does Skyscanner work?

The site refers to an Edinburgh-based company that has also opened offices in California and Singapore in recent months. Skyscanner extrapolates continuously air ticket prices da all companies traditional and low cost; afterwards orders them on the basis of their cost and finally organizes them in tables divided by periods, months or for the whole year.
Let's take an example to better understand. We decide to look for a Milan-Rome flight for the month of October. Skyscanner will then create a table for us that will show us the minimum prices found for each day, thus allowing us to choose the solution that best suits our needs. The results obtained can then be further "filtered" on the basis of timetables, fares (low cost or traditional) and so on.
An important feature of Skyscanner is that the site takes care of aggregate and organize prices and timetables of air flights, but without selling them. In fact, once we find what interests us, the site directs us to the page of the airline that is marketing it, also allowing us to save.
But that is not all!
The site also provides the ability to create holidays from scratch thanks to the option that can be set as destination "Everywhere". By choosing the days or the period in which you want to leave, Skyscanner will sort the results based on the price: a practical, fast and accessible system for anyone to travel low cost and last minute.
Also on Skyscanner it is possible search for hotels and rental cars. You will wonder why. Simple: it is a service also offered by individual airlines (Ryanair and Easyjet on all, but lately also the national airlines). Let's take an example: if you want to stay in a hotel in Rhodes, once you have set the arrival and departure dates, you can further refine your search with regards to: prices, number of stars, distance from the center, guest rating. , additional services, themes, types of rooms and structures. In short: you will have a considerable range of possibilities so that you can also plan your travels.

How to book a flight?

Let's see' how to do specifically to book a flight on Skyscanner.

If you already know where to go and when

If you already know where to go and when it will be sufficient to enter the days in which you have to move, the departure airport and the arrival airport. By clicking on "Search" all flights will be displayed, already sorted by price and with possible stopovers. If you have specific time needs, on the left you will find a bar to narrow down the time range, so as to be able to find the economic solution that best suits your needs. Once you have chosen the flights, a window will appear and by clicking on "Book" you will be directed to the website of the airline with which you will obviously have to finalize the purchase, thus guaranteeing, moreover, the absence of additional costs.

If you don't know when you will leave yet

But Skyscanner is really very useful to save money if you don't know when you will leave yet. Yes: from the home page, by clicking on "View all year" or "View all month" you can get a very clear overview of what may be the most convenient period or day for you. The guided process is really intuitive and in a few minutes you will find yourself with the ticket in hand.

Destination "Everywhere"

Let's not forget the destination "Everywhere". Starting from the Home, selecting the departure airport and typing "Everywhere" as the destination, you will find yourself with an incredible range of opportunities on the screen. The countries will be presented to you ordered by price and, by selecting one, you will enter another page where you can choose your final destination.

Also look for accommodation

If instead, you also want to look for accommodation, by clicking on "Hotel" at the top you will enter a new page where the search for the days and destination previously prescribed for your flight will start automatically. The results will be displayed based on the popularity of the accommodation. Depending on your needs, you can still sort the data based on price, number of stars and distance from the city center. Furthermore, as regards each hotel, by clicking on the images and on the map you can get an even more precise idea of ​​the selected structure, choosing the solution that best suits you.
If you fear you are being too inexperienced or bungling you can find some valuable help by following this tutorial:

How to find cheap last minute and low cost flights

You really know all tricks to find the best offers? We give you some tips for do not let it slip away really none greedy occasione.

1 - Book six weeks in advance

The trend has been reversed compared to the past, so now you don't have to go to the last minute to find "flights on sale". The rule is now opposite: the sooner you book, the less you will pay. Often those who travel and run into an unexpected event are willing to pay much more in order to grab the last available seat. Flight prices normally drop below average six weeks before departure, according to the Airline Reporting Corporation report.

2 - Sign up for the newsletters of your favorite airlines

Le dear old newsletters often they also contain pleasant surprises, especially on Tuesday afternoons. At this time of the week, most airlines know whether their weekend flights are already full or not. If they still have a lot of empty seats, they will surely let you know and it will be convenient, don't doubt it!

3 - Search "Everywhere"

If you are in the mood to explore new destinations, let yourself be captivated by the function ofSearch "Everywhere" by Skyscanner. It will allow you to find out which is the cheapest trip of the moment and when it is more convenient to go to that particular location. If you are really very flexible you can also select "Full year" in the departure date box.

4 - Choose the right credit card

Ask your favorite company for the Avios card on which discounts are combined for airline miles to travel using the products offered by various participating partners. It is a sort of loyalty card like those of the supermarket for frequent flyers that will allow you to save money. The best way to earn Avios miles (without spending a fortune!) Is to use it for daily purchases (groceries, gasoline, restaurant dinners) and integrate it into your usual monthly budget. Remember to pay your credit card every month so you don't have to pay interest. In addition, there is also a direct debit in case you are a bit forgetful ...

5 - Buy the one-way ticket (and then the return ticket)

It doesn't always happen, but sometimes it is worth buying a return trip separately. In some cases, better if with two different airlines. Furthermore, this method will give you more flexibility in terms of dates and prices.

6 - Take advantage of the "24 hour rule"

Some airlines offer a free refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours. So use Skyscanner wisely if you can take advantage of this option: check the price of the flight you just booked. If the cost drops significantly, cancel the original flight and book another one.

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