How do you make money with a travel blog? How does a travel blogger make money?

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If you are thinking of starting a blog to make it a profession, then you are probably asking yourself questions like: "Can you make money from a blog?". The answer is ... yes, of course!

A successful blog is nothing more than a media, just like a magazine, radio or TV channel. The blogger is capable of convey messages to a specific audience, and this obviously interests companies, which are willing to pay to sell services and products to this public.


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How do you make money with a travel blog?

There are tons of ways to make money from a travel blog. Here are some of them:

1 - Insertion of advertising banners (Google Adsense or other providers)

This monetization method is often underestimated by those who own a personal blog, but in reality it can guarantee substantial monthly fixed income, provided that the right time is invested in SEO optimization of the proposed contents. It is recommended to insert advertising banners when your blog reaches at least 30.000 visits per month. With these visits it is possible to monetize between 150 - 200 euros per month (clearly these figures vary according to various factors such as the layout of the banners, content and users).

2 - Direct advertising

This is the direct sale of advertising space to private companies, without relying on any provider. It's more complicated because you have to "procure" customers, keep track of payments, track visits and clicks and provide results monitoring systems.

3 - Sponsored publications

This includes both the creation of advertorials and reviews, but also the publication of guest posts and sponsored links.

4 - Insertion of affiliate links

These are links that suggest to the reader the purchase of products and services on rather well-known portals (for example Amazon, Hotelcombined, Expedia,, etc.). For each purchase made, a percentage is paid to the owner of the blog who sent the user to the portal. Commissions are usually very low, so it makes sense to only evaluate this monetization method if you have a large user base (tens of thousands of unique visitors per day).

5 - Participation in blog tours, press trips, etc.

Sometimes the blogger can ask for a fee to participate in a trip, tell a reality to his audience and associate his "brand" to a destination or to certain companies.

6 - Sale of parallel services

Often running a blog leads the blogger to acquire specific technical skills. These skills can be sold to third party companies. For example: you can propose yourself as a travel consultant, you can sell SEO Copywriting services, you can sell photo / video production and editing services.
Most Italian bloggers have as their main source of income the sale of parallel services, in practice they exploit the reputation of the blog to acquire customers to whom they offer services as a "freelancer".

7 - Sale of parallel products

Once your brand is established, you can write and sell travel guides, or perhaps a biography book, or even gadgets such as t-shirts and mugs with your logo printed on them. Or, if you are a good photographer, you can sell your photos online on sites like shutterstock or istockphoto.

How much does a travel blogger make?

On average, Italian professional travel bloggers earn fluctuating monthly figures between € 1.200,00 and € 3.500,00. These figures include the direct revenues of the blog (banners, sponsorships, affiliate links), and the revenues from services sold to third-party companies (the latter are often the main source of income).

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