Hotel of the Future: the 5 most futuristic projects extravagant!

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The world we live in is in continuous, constant evolution. Just think of how different our life was just over twenty years ago, when social networks did not yet exist, people had no idea what a selfie was and satellite TV was only available to the lucky few who could afford it.
Il scientific progress it has also greatly influenced our way of understanding them holidays. Today everything is within everyone's reach thanks to the internet and organize a vacation it has become super easy for anyone.
But how will travel evolve in ten or fifteen years? Will we continue to move towards sunny seaside destinations in search of relaxation or will we have the means to visit the hidden places of space? While waiting to spend a relaxing romantic weekend on the moon, let's be satisfied with a "peek" at the strangest and most curious projects that will lead to the realization of the futuristic hotels, now under development. From underwater structures to spatial agglomerations, brilliant ideas with an extraordinary design, in an experimental phase or made only on paper: let's discover together Hotel of the future!


  1. Apeiron island
  2. The Hydropolis
  3. Aeroscraft Luxury Hotel
  4. CSS Skywalker
  5. The Lunatic Hotel
  6. User questions and comments

Apeiron island

It is probably the first that will be open to the public. It is a ultra-luxury 7-star hotel in the city of Dubai, located off the coast above an artificial island and therefore accessible only by sea or by special aircraft. The very special design was created by Sybarite study and inside it will contain an underwater restaurant and a natural habitat populated by exceptional endemic species.

The Hydropolis

Il Hydropolis project is aimed at the construction of luxurious sub-water accommodation facilities.
To date, theUnderwater Resort, anchored in the depths of the Persian Gulf, always in the territory of Dubai. The project is the work of the German Joachim Hauser and unfortunately has suffered several delays due to implementation difficulties in respecting and maintaining the marine ecosystem.

Aeroscraft Luxury Hotel

You may wonder: what is a Aeroscraft? It is the airship of the future, a gigantic helium aircraft originally developed for the transport of goods and human resources; practically a sort of transatlantic of the skies.
This fascinating titan is still in the testing phase, but it seems that a project has already been advanced for the construction of a Luxury Hotel a bank.

CSS Skywalker

CSS Skywalker is a commercial space station on which the company has been working for several years Bigelow Aerospace of Los Angeles, Nevada.
The project is as ambitious as few others: to build a station that can host and entertain civilians, a huge shopping center containing shops, hotels, spas and much more.
For its implementation a cost of approx 500 million dollars and it seems that spending a night on the Skywalker is necessary 1 million dollars per person. The first tests will be carried out starting from 2015.

The Lunatic Hotel

In the introduction, reference was made to the unlikely possibility of spending a weekend on the moon with your partner. Well, you will be happy to find that this prediction is nowhere near as far as it is believed. A team of engineers, architects and designers is already working to build the first one Lunatic Hotel of the history of humanity. According to scientists, it will be open to the public around the 2050.
What can I say ... we will have to wait another 35 years to admire the land from the terrace of a sumptuous "moody" Resort.

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