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January 1st, New Year's Eve

The first of January is celebrated on New Year (New Year Day), where families celebrate at home with big parties and toasts; it is especially young people who stay up late to celebrate with friends. Americans look forward to this day to celebrate the start of the year at home with relatives and close friends. In New York, celebrations are a little less intimate, given that the appointment is in Times Square where more than a million people gather.

Third Monday in January, Martin Luther King's Day

The third Monday of January is celebrated on Martin Luther King’s Day, who gave so much in the struggle for the civil rights of African Americans and who died assassinated on April 4, 1968.

January 6, New Orleans Carnival

In January, the New Orleans Carnival also begins which begins on January 6 and ends on Shrove Tuesday, the only day in which you dress up and parade through the streets.

January 25, Chinese New Year

Given the many Chinatowns found in American cities, it is also a must to list the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated with parties, parades and fireworks, on a different date each year between January and February, in 2020 it will be January 25.


February 2, Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2, especially in Pennsylvania Groundhog day, made famous by the film Ricomincio da capo.

February 12, Lincoln's Birthday

Lincoln's birthday is celebrated on February 12, in memory of President Lincoln.

Valentine's day

On February 14th, as we do here, we celebrate the feast of lovers, St.Valentine’s Day.


In February there is also the Carnival, with the culmination day of Shrove Tuesday; the most famous parade is certainly that of New Orleans. In 2020, Shrove Tuesday, or Mardì Gràs, will be February 25th.

Washington's Birthday

On the third Monday of February another President is remembered with the feast of Washington's Birthday, also known as President's Day.


March 17, St. Patrick

On March 17 there is the feast of Saint Patrick (St. Patrick's Day), patron saint of Ireland celebrated on New York's Fifth Avenue.

March 25, Greek Independence

On the 25th, the party belongs to the Greeks, who commemorate their independence always on New York's Fifth Avenue with parades and typical Greek dances (the Sirtaki).



La Easter (Easter Day) is celebrated on the same day as ours, in 2022 it will be April 17th. In the United States, processions are replaced by parades. The most important parade, needless to say, is on New York's Fifth Avenue starting from St. Patrick's Cathedral.


Memorial Day

The last Monday is observed Memorial Day, a day to commemorate all Americans who fell in wars. Originally born to honor fallen Union soldiers during the Civil War, it was extended after World War I.

Mother's Day

The second Sunday of May is the Mother's Day.


The month of Jazz

In New York since the beginning of the month, the jazz month. The Newport Jazz Festival includes a series of concerts on the streets and theaters of the city, with many singers in the Rockefeller Center area. Central Park is the right place for classical music lovers, where the Metropolitan Opera Company performs the works of the great classics.

June 14, Flag Day

June 14 is celebrated on Flag day, Flag day to remember that on that date in 1777, thanks to a resolution of the Second Continental Congress, the flag was adopted. It is not a federal holiday, only Pennsylvania has adopted it as a state holiday.

Father's day

La third Sunday in June, However, it is the Father's day, which corresponds to our Father's Day. One way to celebrate this day in the United States includes giving away chocolate, flowers, ties, or pampering your dad by bringing him breakfast in bed.


4th of July, Independence Day

Il 4 July one of the two most important and heartfelt holidays for Americans is celebrated: Independence Day, to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. All the streets of the cities, the whole country dresses (even more!) With the colors of the American flag; large parades celebrate this day, to finish it all off with exceptional fireworks.


Numerous open-air concerts can be enjoyed in August with the New York Philharmonic in Central Park or the Washington Square Music Festival. Also in August and also in New York, the Greenwich Village Jazz Festival is held, while in New York there is La Fete, a delicious food festival.


First Sunday, Caribbean Carnival

In Brooklyn, on the first Sunday of September, its inhabitants go to the streets to enjoy a fun Caribbean carnival.

First Monday, Labor Day

On 2 September 2019, the Labor Day, Labor Day, with a parade along Fifth Avenue in New York.

September 11 (9/11 or Nine Eleven)

Anniversary of the terrorist attack that occurred on11 September 2001. It is recognized by the US government as the official day of remembrance of this tragic event. Every year on this day, flags are raised in half to honor and commemorate the people who lost their lives in the attack. The US President also asks American citizens to observe a minute of silence at 8:46 am, time of the first air impact against the north tower of the World Trade Center.

San Gennaro

After mid-September, in New York is celebrated a recurrence typical of Neapolitan culture, that is the feast of Saint Gennaro, patron of the city of Naples; in fact, on 19 September in the neighborhood Little Italy the streets welcome lines of Italian-Americans and tourists curious to know this tradition, carried by a procession, parades and above all by good Spanish food, with an indisputable reputation.


Second Monday, Columbus Day

October 14, 2019 is celebrated on Columbus Day, to commemorate the discovery of America on October 12, 1492. For Italian-Americans it is something more, it is the day of Italian-American pride.

October 31, Halloween

October 31 is there Halloween, a festival that has now become popular in Spain and in many other countries around the world. Masked children go around asking for trick-or-treating.


November 11, Veteran's Day

During the Veteran's Day honors are honored to veteran military personnel.

Fourth Thursday, Thanksgiving

The fourth Thursday of the month (November 28, 2019) is the Thanksgiving Day, (Thanksgiving Day), the most important holiday after July 4th. While not an official holiday, the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday (Black Friday): This is the official start of traditional Christmas shopping, where many employees - with the exception of those in shops and banks - are given the day off to increase the potential number of shoppers. Many shops open very early (even at 5am) and offer huge discounts on merchandise. The name Black Friday, which refers to something negative, originated in Philadelphia and referred to the heavy traffic that day.


December 25, Christmas

On December 25th is celebrated, as here on the other hand, the Christmas (Christmas Day).

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