Holidays in Santo Domingo: Beautiful Women and Nightlife

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In recent years, tourist traffic in the Dominican Republic has grown considerably, also thanks to the advantages holiday offers proposed by travel agencies and tour operators.
For this reason it is not difficult to find offers for a stay in the city of Santo Domingo, especially in the colonial area.
The capital of the Dominican Republic is located in the center of the southern Dominican coast and is bathed by the Carribean Sea.
beaches e beautiful women are the main attraction, it is no coincidence that the country is considered an important destination for lovers of sex tourism.

However, this country offers many more opportunities than you can imagine. Not only entertainment and nightlife therefore, but also architectural structures with a strong historical value and sites of incredible cultural importance.


  1. Women in Santo Domingo: from Boca Chica to the nightlife spots
  2. Places not to be missed
  3. Weather tips: when to go to find the best climate
  4. How to reach us
  5. Curiosity: how much does it cost to live in Santo Domingo?
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Women in Santo Domingo: from Boca Chica to the nightlife spots

Santo Domingo is regarded as one of the best locations for sex tourism, both male and female.
It is generally easy to get acquainted already on the beaches, where one is approached by young girls and available boys.
Obviously the suitable places to meet guys are different. First of all the beaches, the main ones are two:

  • Boca Chica: the favorite of the Dominicans, It is a coast of white beach protected by the coral reef, always overcrowded by beautiful girls and boys. Especially on weekends it is full of people, and it is one very chaotic and transgressive tourist resort, full of hotels, restaurants and very popular night clubs.
  • Bayahibe: a little more reserved and wild, but just as frequented by Dominican beauties.

In addition to the beaches, those who want to establish relationships with the local people must certainly go to pubs, clubs and nightclubs.
The waterfront is full of interesting clubs, but if what interests you are women, the neighborhood to remember is Gazcue: here are the best pubs for adults.
Il Golden Legs Club è the funniest night, if you want to have fun in a pushed way the hottest place is Casa Theresa, in Avenida Ortega y Gasset n. 71.

Places not to be missed

But women are not the only attraction in the city.
Here are some places not to be missed if you plan a visit to this beautiful city:

  • La Cathedral: construction began in 1514 and finished in 1542, dedicated to Santa Maria La Menor, it was the first cathedral built in the New World. The style is Gothic with some Renaissance details, the façade is of ocher coral stone and, inside, there are three naves and 14 chapels; in the central nave there is the beautiful painting of the Virgin of the Altagracia, from 1520, with a beautiful altar and works in silver and gold of inestimable value.
    The Cathedral dominates the Plaza de Colon (the ancient Plaza Mayor), in the center of which stands the bronze and granite statue of Christopher Columbus, erected by the French sculptor Gilbert in 1887.
  • Alcazar de Colon and Museum: palace built at the beginning of the 500th century, in colonial times it was the residence of Don Diego Colombo, son of Cristoforo: as a sign of thanks, the palace and the land were given to the Colombo family by King Ferdinand the Catholic.
    Alcázar de Colón today houses the museum of the same name, where colonial utensils, paintings, furniture, decorations and examples of kitchens used between the twelfth and twentieth centuries are preserved; the museum's purpose is to recreate lifestyles of the past.
  • Calle de las Damas: full of historic buildings, such as the Ozama Fortress and the Alcázar de Colón Palace, it is a street located in the historic center, so called because once upon a time the Spanish nobles used to walk along this street in the evening, showing off their best clothes.

The meeting place of local and international worldliness is the House, in the city La Romana: the tourist complex stands out for its very famous golf course "The Teeth of the dog" ("dog teeth", commonly called "Teeth", which has enormously increased the tourist flows towards the Dominican Republic) and also for the tournaments d tennis, polo and excellent riding facilities.

Weather tips: when to go to find the best climate

Usually the holidays in Santo Domingo they are carried out during a cruise or inside resorts with the classic All-inclusive.
Lately, the tourist visit has also increased during the Christmas period, especially for the end of the year, also because from November to the end of March, early April, is the best time to visit the city: those who decide to spend the New Year in the heart of the Caribbean can choose a holiday not only of sea, sun, in complete relaxation on white beaches, but also to experience a more frenetic atmosphere among the hottest clubs, nightclubs, casinos and discos of the cosmopolitan Caribbean metropolis.
The climate on the island is tropical and temperatures range from 23 ° to 27 ° C; the months to avoid are those from June to October, as they are the rainiest of the year.

How to reach us

By plane: there are two international airports in the city:

  • The Americas - main passenger airport connected with the main European capitals;
  • The Isabela - also reachable by sea by docking at the Multimodal Caucedo port or at the port of Santo Domingo (on the west side of the Ozama river).

On land you can move with the subway (the lines are still few, but six are already under construction), taxis and first class coaches; the most used means are the guaguas, private buses ranging from minivans to medium-sized buses.

Curiosity: how much does it cost to live in Santo Domingo?

There are many reasons that push many people, especially many Italian retirees, to leave Italy for moving to Santo Domingo, but the main one is taxes.
The Dominican Republic is not a tax haven, taxes are there and everyone pays them because they are very low, compared to the very high ones that we are forced to pay in Italy:

  • residents with income up to € 6.400, whether the source of their income is internal or external, they are exempt from taxes;
  • residents with income ranging from € 6.400 a € 9.600, are taxed at a rate of 15%;
  • residents with income up to € 13.000 the rate is of 20% and arrives at 25% for incomes beyond € 13.000.

Retirees are also completely exempt from taxes, while non-residents are taxed at a fixed rate of 25% only if their income comes from an external source.
Furthermore, what we call VAT (Value Added Tax which in Italy is 22%) and which is called here Tax on transactions of industrial goods and services (ITBIS) has a rate of 16% and goods deemed essential, such as doctors, food, educational services and rentals, are exempt.

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