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Pearl of the Greek archipelago of Ionian, the great Kefalonia is a real naturalistic paradise. Its beaches, its natural caves and its lush flora have made it one of the favorite destinations of European tourists and beyond, who choose it as a preferential destination for a holiday of relaxation and admiration of breathtaking landscapes.


  1. How to reach us
  2. How to get around
  3. Map of the best beaches
  4. What to see and what to do
  5. What to do in the evening
  6. Useful tips: 1 day itinerary
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How to reach us

Air connections from Italy to the splendid island of Kefalonia have intensified thanks to the skilful work of the low cost airlines Ryanair and Easyjet, which have included within their routes direct flights to Argostoli, the island's capital. The airports from which direct flights to Kefalonia depart are those of Pisa San Giusto, bergamo orio al serio and Milan Malpensa. Alternatively, you can make flights that do stopover in Athens and, from the Hellenic capital, board one of the many direct flights to Argostoli.

  • Airport name: Argostoli Airport (EFL); Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (ATH)
  • Best time for a vacation: from April to June or from September to October: the climate is milder but pleasant and you avoid the tourist crowds and the exaggerated heat typical of the months of July and August

How to get around

Once landed on the beautiful island, it is optimal to move from Argostoli to the chosen location by taking advantage of a efficient bus service or, alternatively, by booking the inevitable taxi. These means of transport also guarantee connections within the island if it is reached by sea.
Within the whole of Kefalonia, there is no shortage of connections by taxi (there are numerous companies that serve the main urban areas and beyond) and buses, which cover the most interesting areas of the island, such as the aforementioned Argostoli, Sami, Fiskardo , Skala, Poros, Ag. Efimia, Katelio, Myrtos or Lixouri.

Aficionados of the Greek locality, however, identify in scooter and car are the best means of transport to move in the, albeit inaccessible, streets of the island. Do not miss the service of bikes, for fun trips in contact with nature. Finally, a suggestive and absolutely must-try option is to experience the wonders of Kefalonia by moving by sea, using ferries or renting a boat.

Map of the best beaches

There are numerous beaches of Kefalonia which, especially in the summer, are literally stormed by tourists eager to sunbathe on the white sandy or pebble beaches and immerse themselves in the crystalline waters of the island's sea. ForTravelAdviceLovers staff offers you its very personal top five of corners of paradise that cannot be renounced in Kefalonia, from the most mundane coasts to those small, unspoiled places of peace.

1 - Myrtos

Seen from above, Myrtos beach presents itself to visitors as a real oasis of relief from the daily grind and chaos of the coolest beaches in Kefalonia. Its strong color contrast will win you over, as will its white beach and its characteristic crescent shape.

  • from Argostoli, it takes about 40/45 minutes by car to reach Myrtos. The road to the beach is full of hairpin bends and quite steep, but not impossible to walk (Get directions)
  • Type: white sand beach and small pebbles
  • Entrance: entrance and free beach, with some umbrellas for a fee
  • Recommended for: couples and young people

2 - Kaminia

Perfect mix of wild atmosphere and total comfort for families, the beach of Kaminia, located in the south-east of the island, is among the most popular and populated in the whole of Kefalonia. Its shoreline lends itself well to long and pleasant walks and it is possible to come across some specimens of caretta-caretta turtle which usually lays its eggs in Kaminia.

  • from Argostoli, Kaminia is about 50 minutes by car. The beach is located near the village of Skala (Get directions)
  • Type: very fine sand
  • Entrance: presence of two equipped beaches, free areas and free showers
  • Recommended for: young people, families

3 - Antisamos

We can easily define the Rimini of Kefalonia Antisamos, a worldly beach already set for the well-known film "Captain Corelli's Mandolin". Impassable from late morning onwards due to the considerable tourist influx, Antisamos does not lose its beauty and the purity of its blue sea.

  • Antisamos is about 30 km from Argostoli, which can be traveled by car in a period of time between 45 minutes and about an hour. With public transport, times expand to take about an hour and 23 minutes (Get directions)
  • Type: shoreline of clear and very fine gravel
  • Entrance: presence of three lidos, bar services and free parking for cars. It is possible to rent deck chairs and umbrellas. There is also a free beach
  • Recommended for: young people, families

4 - Limenia

One hundred percent uncontaminated area, mix of sand and pebbles, pebbly seabed and rocks on which seagulls rest for a moment of rest (and, why not, also for a characteristic souvenir photo): if you are looking for a holiday without too many frills, away from the hustle and bustle of Kefalonia, then the lush and wild beach of Limenia is without a doubt for you!

  • located in the south of the island, Limenia is about an hour from the capital. This distance can be covered by car or by bus (in this case, the times are extended by almost an hour) (Get directions)
  • Type: two thirds of pebbles, one third of fine gravel and sand
  • Entrance: free beach
  • Recommended for: couples

5 - Skala

Located in the homonymous village, the beach of Skala is characterized by its more "cosmopolitan" aspect and by the proximity between the sea and the pine forest, a truly suggestive sight. The well-equipped beach stood out for its cleanliness and impeccable organization, so much so that it was awarded the coveted Blue Flag.

  • located south-east of Kefalonia, Skala is 36 km from Argostoli. You will arrive at your destination in between 53 minutes (by car) or about an hour and 10 minutes (by bus) (Get directions)
  • Type: golden sand of medium grains and pebbles
  • Entrance: presence of bathing establishments, possibility to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Free beach
  • Recommended for: young people, couples, families

What to see and what to do

Not just extraordinary beaches. Kefalonia, with its almost untouched nature, its villages and its peculiar traditions, has a lot to offer to any kind of tourist, from the most idle to the unbridled sportsman in search of adventure.

  1. Gastronomic experience:
    let yourself be tempted by the delicious food and wine traditions of Kefalonia by dividing your day between an island's DOC vineyard and a delightful Greek restaurant.
    Tour link: Kefalonia: 4-hour wine and gastronomy experience
    Estimated cost: about € 195,00 per couple. There will be at least 4 hours of tour
  2. Full island tour from Zakynthos:
    a new and intense experience, that of visiting Kefalonia and its most characteristic attractions starting from Zakynthos and traveling by bus and boat! The tour includes a stop in the capital Argostoli and a visit to the suggestive Drogorati cave.
    Tour link: From Zakynthos: full day tour of Kefalonia island by bus and boat
    Average cost per person € 57,00. Duration of the tour about 10 hours
  3. Visit to the Acqui War Memorial and the Italian Fallen Pit:
    in Argostoli there are two very important testimonies regarding the massacre of the Italian soldiers of the Acqui Division of the Italian Army at the hands of the German soldiers in 1943. A moment of meditation in honor of the fallen is a must.
    Pay attention to the search for the Fallen Pit: the signs are not always understandable.
  4. Myrtos beach and Melissani lake:
    one of the must see in Kefalonia is undoubtedly the subterranean lake Melissani, whose waters are colored with a bright and bright blue thanks to the light that filters from the caves and is reflected in the clear waters of the lake. The visit will end with a visit related to the inevitable bath in the fabulous waters of Myrtos Beach.
    The tour costs € 35,00 per person. The average duration of the tour is approximately 3/5 hours
  5. Wild day surrounded by nature:
    from kayaking to climbing, from off-road travel to wild exploration, treat yourself to the most unique and rare opportunity to get to know the true "soul" of Kefalonia, without resorting to unnecessary and unnecessary comforts!
    The tour lasts approximately from 09:00 to 22:00. Average cost € 70,00 per person.

What to do in the evening

If you believe that Kefalonia is the island that never sleeps, you are wrong. The pearl of the Ionian Islands is certainly not famous for its nightlife or its places to go wild until the first light of dawn. However, it is possible to find bars or clubs where you can stay up late, having fun in the company of the locals.

  • Local name: Akri Seaside Bar, Skala. (Get directions). Cocktail bar, soft music -
  • My Way Bar: Ioannou Metaxa 5, Skala. (Get directions). Cocktails, music, theme nights (quiz)
  • Ammes Pool Bar: Seaside road, Svoronata. (Get directions). Poolside bar, where you can have meals and drinks. Music and themed evenings organization (karaoke) -

Useful tips: 1 day itinerary

It is not easy to admire all the beauties of Kefalonia in one day. Beaches, characteristic towns, places to eat Greek style: there are too many wonders that characterize the largest island of the Ionian.
Nothing, however, is lost. If you are lucky enough to arrive in Kefalonia with one of the many cruises organized by the main companies, you will have at least 12 - 18 hours available to immerse yourself in the crystalline Hellenic waters, buy typical souvenirs and immortalize yourself in photographs worthy of a postcard.

  • First stop: Melissani cave, Drogarati and Lassi caves
    From the port of Sami, reach Kefalonia's first must-see: Melissani Cave, reachable by car in 7 minutes or in 17 minutes by public transport (Get directions). Admire the interior and its two rooms by renting a boat. If the Melissani cave has made your eyes wide open, don't miss the opportunity to visit the equally fabulous caves of Drogarati, an 11-minute drive from Melissani (Get directions). End the morning by moving towards Lassi, about 35 minutes by car from the cave of Drogarati: close to the capital Argostoli, this town is full of places and beaches on which to sunbathe (Get directions)
  • Second stop: Argostoli
    From Lassi, you reach the capital Argostoli (21 minutes on foot, just 5 by car). Here you can dedicate the second part of the day to visit the main attractions of the city, such as the Archaeological Museum, the Cathedral and the Cyclopean Walls, about 3 km away from the center (Get directions). Once the visit is complete, we will stop for lunch in Argostoli
  • Lunch:
    Casa Grec can be reached on foot in 8 minutes, a small restaurant serving Greek specialties and typical Mediterranean cuisine (from fish and mushroom balls with bacon and onions, to chicken with shrimps) at a cost of about € 25,00 per person, drinks included.
    Address: 12 Metaxa Stavrou. Tel: +30 2671 024091 (Get directions)
  • Third stage: Myrtos
    Unfortunately, the main beaches of Kefalonia are quite far from Argostoli. The most affordable is undoubtedly Myrtos, reachable by car in 45 - 50 minutes and by bus in about an hour and a half, maximum two. It is worthwhile to make this journey, to treat yourself to an unforgettable swim in one of the most beautiful beaches on the island (Get directions).
  • Fourth stop: Agia Efimia
    After getting a great tan in Myrtos, and before returning to Sami, don't miss the chance to visit the quaint town of Agia Efimia, about 15 minutes by car from the beach, and about 55 minutes by bus from it (Get directions). In the same town, admiring a beautiful sunset, we can have dinner, before returning to Sami.
  • Price:
    The Sea Rock Ws Restaurant (Get directions) is a tavern 8 minutes from the center of Agia Efimia that serves seafood specialties with a Greek twist. The average price of a dinner in this restaurant overlooking the sea is about € 25,00 per person.
    Address: Agia Efimia | Coastal Road. Tel: +30 2674 023855
  • Fifth stop: Sami
    Return to Sami, in a period of time between 17 minutes (by car) and 26 minutes (by bus). The town is a perfect hub to reach important places adjacent to the island by ship, but also to move easily along the island of Kefalonia (Get directions)

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