Holidays as a Hermit in Italy: here is where to go

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want unplug, away from traffic and by city ​​noises? A nice spiritual retreat to find a bit of serenity with oneself and with the world around us it is possible. We all need to switch off, especially when the frenzy and rhythms of today's life do not allow us to dedicate ourselves to ourselves, and lead us to neglect. soul, body e mind.
For a real holiday as a hermit, it is not necessary to go too far from home: in Italy in fact there are several places where it is possible find your calm, in total Relax, meditating and listening to that beautiful almost forgotten sound that takes the name of "silence".

But no more chatter, here are some possible places you can choose for your hermit holidays; we just have to wish you a good one inner healing!


  1. Sanctuary of San Michele, Monte Sant'Angelo (Foggia)
  2. Convent of San Francesco del Deserto, Venice
  3. Monastery and Hermitage of Camaldoli, Poppi (Arezzo)
  4. San Domenico Palace Hotel, Taormina (Messina)
  5. Rosazzo Abbey, Manzano (Udine)
  6. Vallombrosa Abbey, Reggello (Florence)
  7. Sanctuary of Oropa, Biella
  8. Benedictine Monastery of San Pietro di Sorres, Borutta (Sassari)
  9. Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Closures (Siena)
  10. Hermitage of San Giorgio, Bardolino (Verona)
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1 - Sanctuary of San Michele, Monte Sant'Angelo (Foggia)

Recognized in 2011 as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Convent-Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo is on the Monte Sant'Angelo, in province of Foggia. This is the most famous sanctuary dedicated to the Archangel Michael, a unique basilica of its kind, formed by a complex of buildings from different periods around the Natural cave. Here lives there Congregation of the Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel, and right next to the basilica is theHotel Casa del Pellegrino which includes 50 rooms.

2 - Convent of San Francesco del Deserto, Venice

San Francesco del Deserto is an island of the Venetian Lagoon, and extends for about 4 hectares between Sant'Erasmo e Burano. It is here that the convent of friars minor is located, originally founded by the same Saint Francis.
Just five kilometers from Venezia, almost isolated from the rest of the world, and completely out of time, this tiny one congregation of Franciscans organize some spiritual stays in what is now considered one of the most evocative sacred places of the nation.

3 - Monastery and Hermitage of Camaldoli, Poppi (Arezzo)

Il Sacred Hermitage and Camaldoli Monastery they were founded about a thousand years ago from Benedictine hermit monk San Romualdo. These structures are immersed in one evocative forest of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, near which there are farmhouses specially structured to receive families in holiday periods. There are also other facilities that can accommodate groups of up to 40 people and have excellent services such as kitchen or kitchenette, living room, dining room and bedrooms with single or bunk beds.

4 - San Domenico Palace Hotel, Taormina (Messina)

It gives a monastery of 1400 a structure emerges that today is none other than a 5 star luxury hotel: the San Domenico Palace Hotel! That would be enough to describe this place overlooking a wonderful sea. From here it is possible to walk to - among other things in a few minutes - the core of the old part of Taormina, which from the time ofAncient Rome was the crossroads of all cultures of the Mediterranean basin and not only. The hotel has a wellness center, a shop, A 'fitness area, Swimmingpool e great restaurants.

5 - Rosazzo Abbey, Manzano (Udine)

L'Rosazzo Abbey it's a complex located in the fraction of Rosazzo . municipality of Manzano (Udine). History tells us ofHermit Alemanno who in 800 settled in these places far from the world with a purpose: find peace of mind; here was built a small oratory which later became monastery of the regular canons of Sant'Agostino. Today this "monastery of roses", located about twenty kilometers from Udine, has become a cultural center which includes 3 single and 11 double rooms, all equipped with bathroom.

6 - Vallombrosa Abbey, Reggello (Florence)

Not very far from Tuscan capital, right at the beginning of National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, stands the Abbey of Vallombrosa. This was erected as Romanesque church, undergoing various transformations over time, especially during the 1700s. Today theVallombrosa Abbey it contains important works of art, a museum and even a small pharmacy. It is managed by Vallombrosani, i.e. a group forming part of the congregation of the Benedictines, of which they kept the right hospitality rule. Although there are 39 rooms, only 13 of them have private services, so it is advisable to book early.

7 - Sanctuary of Oropa, Biella

About twelve kilometers north of piston rod the Oropa Sanctuary, Dedicated to Black Madonna. Here we are at about 1.159 meters above sea level, in a natural amphitheater of mountains belonging to the Biella Pre-Alps surrounding the city. The sanctuary includes - in addition to the Sacred Mount of Oropa- the church originally built on the basis of an ancient place of worship, and the sanctuary still present today, with some structures intended for the hospitality of the faithful and tourists: over 300 rooms with every type of accommodation (fromhostel to the suite) and fixed rates from 20 euros upwards.

8 - Benedictine Monastery of San Pietro di Sorres, Borutta (Sassari)

This monastery is known to be the only one in Sardinia to offer hospitality. THE Benedictine monks who live here are famous for theirs restoration of old books: for many, watching them at work is an experience to live. In Benedictine Monastery of San Pietro di Sorres we can count on 30 rooms, including single, double and triple rooms, although the monks are keen to specify that their hospitality is not intended to transform the monastery into a hotel: this is why the people who come to spend their time here are invited to actively participate in the daily spiritual life.

9 - Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Closures (Siena)

Site between Montepulciano e Montalcino, Benedictine Monastery of Monte Oliveto Maggiore offers visitors a little farmhouse, and an accommodation in the ancient guest of the sixteenth century. During the vespers, at nightfall, in the monastery you can hear the Gregorian chants of the monks, an experience to say the least suggestive. Tourists can count on a restaurant within walking distance of the monastery for meals.

10 - Hermitage of San Giorgio, Bardolino (Verona)

Not far from city ​​of Verona, right on Lake Garda, overlooks theHermitage of San Giorgio, which was founded in the mid-th century. The hermitage is managed by the Camaldolese congregation of the Benedictine order, and it is possible to stay here - usually - from Monday to Friday, during which guests are invited to participate in moments of prayer. The ancient ones herbal arts some Camaldolese people offer visitors a good range of honey, Royal jelly and also products of cosmetics.

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