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    Hole N ”The Rock in Moab, a bizarre Utah rock house

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    In the Utah city famous for Arches, Canyonlands and Castle Valley the surprises never end, but this time I want to tell you about a really weird place, which you will surely notice when you are in Moab. It may not be comparable to all the incredible beauties of the surroundings of this city, but Hole N” The Rock it can turn out to be a nice passing stage before moving on to far more demanding destinations. One thing is certain: this place will catch your attention!


    • What is Hole N ”The Rock?
      • Other quirky attractions
    • How much do you pay? Prices and other useful info
    • How to get there?
    • Why go?

    What is Hole N ”The Rock?

    It is difficult to define with a single word what it is Hole N” The Rock! It's about a deep cave dug into a gigantic rock of the red color typical of these parts: in this cave of 1520 square meters almost a century ago the Christensen family, which has adapted these cavities in the rock to real habitable rooms.

    In 20 years, the Christensen family has transformed what was supposed to be just a simple shelter for their first children into one diner for workers in the area, then in one ballroom and finally in a casa: 14 rooms separated by huge rock pillars, all furnished and embellished with curious, fascinating and slightly tacky accessories, such as the fireplace and large bathtub carved into the rock, as well as an infinite number of paintings, sculptures, junk and household items. After the death of the brilliant head of the family Albert, the Christensen family's dream was actively pursued by his wife Gladys, who has been involved in caring for the house in the rock for almost twenty years. The couple are buried near the house, in a nearby cove of the rock.

    Other quirky attractions

    But Hole N ”The Rock isn't just the home of the Christensens. Here's what you can find on this bizarre site south of Moab:

    • Petting Zoo, a small zoo with camels, donkeys, goats, zebras, emus, ostriches, bison, raccoons, watusi (American big horned cattle) and a large number of exotic birds. Children like this zoo very much, because they can feed the animals with their hands.
    • a monument to Franklin D. Roosevelt, right on the "facade" of the house, sculpted by Alberto Christiansen himself.
    • an exhibition-exhibition of metal sculptures curated by Lyle Nichols, mainly with an animal theme
    • un gift shop traditional, where you can buy souvenirs and souvenirs
    • un trading post which sells Native American handicrafts
    • a large number of bizarre objects that can remember the shops and the premises of Route 66: an off-road vehicle made with work tools, petrol pumps from the last century, a rock in a cage, a reproduction of Cicchetto from Cars (as a Seligman!), a prison cell, an old miners' retreat, a mine worker suspended on a wagon, old motel signs, a bigfoot (if you find it ...), a colorful lizard climbing on the rock, a giant cactus made with bowling balls, a jeep hovering on the "roof" of the house, plus many other artifacts and tools from other times.

    How much do you pay? Prices and other useful info

    Access to almost all of the attractions listed above is free, but if you want to do a guided tour 12 minutes inside the house you will have to pay a ticket (approximately $ 6 for adults and $ 3.50 for children from 5 to 10 years). The zoo requires a ticket of approximately $ 4, but for children under 2 it is free. The site is open every day from 9am to 17pm. You cannot sleep inside the house but you can easily find accommodation in Moab.

    Accommodation tips in Moab

    How to get there?

    I tell you: if you are going south from Moab (Monticello) on the 191 S it will be practically impossible that you do not see theHole N” The Rock on your left. To say that it is well indicated is an understatement: on a rock wall overlooking the road you will see ahuge white writing with the name of the attraction and a white arrow. Difficult to avoid putting the arrow to go and browse: when you have parked, you will see that there is a Hollywood Sign style inscription even on the facade of the rock house (whether or not it is to deface nature in this way). If you want to put the address in your navigator, here it is: 11037 S Highway 191, Moab.

    Why go?

    Hole In The Rock it will make the joy of those who love it kitschy spirit of Route 66, which appears to have its branch here in Utah. If, on the other hand, you are expecting another of the unspoiled natural beauties of the area and you are bothered by kitsch attractions, go straight towards Monticello: among other things, the Looking Glass Rock, il Wilson Arch, and the imposing Church Rock at 40 km. If you want to know more about these three natural beauties, read here.

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