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    Historic Deadwood: the western town of the Black Hills

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    Made famous by the homonymous television series, the town Historic Deadwood, or simply Deadwood, was built in the seventies of the 800, in the defined period Black Hills Gold Rush, or the gold rush that developed in the Black Hills region after the discovery of some mineral deposits. Today it looks like a town in full western style particularly suitable for those who want to make a full immersion in the traditions and atmospheres of the most turbulent, but at the same time also fascinating, period of the history of the United States: the Far West.

    So let's find out what to expect from Deadwood's visit.


    • Where is it and how to get there
      • Nearby airports
    • To see
    • Where to sleep in Deadwood

    Where is it and how to get there

    Deadwood is located in South Dakota, in Black Hills region, a short distance (approximately 1 hour) from the famous Mount Rushmore monument. Other tourist destinations of some interest quite close by are the town of Rapid City (45 minutes), the urban center of reference for the entire Black Hills area, and the Badlands National Park (about 1 and a half hours), a natural area from gullies and rocky conformations with decidedly unusual shapes and colors.

    Nearby airports

    The closest airport is Denver, which is about 6 hours away by car, which requires at least a stop along the way. Alternatively you can fly to Rapid City on a domestic flight. In both cases, I refer you to the following 2 articles to facilitate the organization of your trip:

    • How to find and book a low cost flight to the USA
    • How to rent a car in the USA 

    To see

    Whether you plan to stay only for the time needed in the area, or you have planned a full day in the city, you cannot miss a walk along theHistoric Main Street. Particularly during the summer the Main Street comes alive with costumed actors who recall the fundamental passages of the history of the city. In particular, it is recommended to attend one of the renowned duels of gunslingers called Main Street Shoot Outs, free shows that take place at three different times of the day. For updated times and locations, I invite you to check the official website of the event.

    Would you like to see one of the most famous theater shows (in English and for a fee) in the city live? Then don't miss the Trial of Jack McCall, which retraces the trial of the assassination of legendary frontier hero James Butler Hickok, also known as Wild Bill, who was killed while playing poker at Nuttal and Mann's Saloon No. 10.

    If the history of the city intrigues you, and you want to learn more about the area, consider a visit to The Adams Museum andHistoric Adams House, a historic house dating back to the 900s, and which has remained almost intact since then, retaining much of its original furnishings.

    Symbol of the golden age (in every sense) is the Broken Boot Gold Mine, active from 1876 to 1904 and became a tourist attraction after years of closure. There is a tour every half hour that will take you underground to explore the paths where miners once worked in search of the precious mineral.

    Although it may seem a bit macabre to some, visit the Mount Moriah Cemetery may have its own reasons of interest. First of all from a landscape point of view, since it stands on the slopes of the homonymous mountain from which it dominates the city and the valley below, secondly from a historical point of view, since here you can visit the tombs of two icons of the history of the far west like Calamity Jane e Wild Bill Hickok.

    Where to sleep in Deadwood

    Here are some tips if you want to stay in this quaint town:

    • The Lodge at Deadwood: the perfect solution for those who, in addition to looking for a hotel room, are also looking for a bit of entertainment. In fact, the hotel has its own internal casino and a swimming pool with attractions and games for the little ones. The location is also excellent because you will be surrounded by greenery and nature, while remaining just a few minutes from the city center.
    • 1899 Inn: a bed and breakfast housed in a historic house, with well-kept furnishings and a truly unique atmosphere in which to spend your stay.
    • Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort: this hotel is located on the outskirts of the city near the course of a river. The rooms are quite spacious in the classic style of American hotels. If you want you can take advantage of a shuttle service that will take you to downtown Deadwood.

    Look for accommodation in Deadwood

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