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This time I would like to tell you about other places, on this wonderful island, more? suitable for a second trip or for those looking for something more? hidden and adventurous without putting your hand to your wallet.
We start from the north and examine the island to the other end.

1 day

The city? of Orzola has a mainly rocky coast for this reason the very few white beaches present here are really a point of interest! Coming from the lz-1 highway and heading towards the city? before entering there are the beaches of caleton blanco and caleta de mojon blanco, they have a small open space where you can leave the car but for the precise point, rely on google maps why? ? very difficult to notice!
Once in the country you can? admire the characteristic playa de orzola, a pebble beach protected by an imposing mountain on the left.
From the port of Orzola, a few steps from the beach,? It is possible to take the ferry to reach the island of La Graciosa (at a price of 16 euros round trip) but I do not recommend it if you suffer from seasickness, in this section the sea? always rough, summer and winter, sun or clouds, for this same reason the beach of Orzola can? have two aspects, completely of stones and with the sea rough when the wind? very strong (as we found it) or sandy and white when the sun shines high in the sky and the sea recedes.

2 day

On the island there are aloe museums in every corner, many of which are free, the Lanzaloe unlike the others is not? a museum but a company that completely follows the production cycle of aloe, here the aloe is planted and cared for for 4 years before being used, then it is processed and converted into cosmetics or food. As soon as you arrived, contact the girls in the shop, they speak Italian, English, French, Polish (and of course Spanish), they made us cut an aloe leaf and extract the gel, we walked around the cultivation freely, ate a cake and drank a liqueur at aloe base, all for free!
I already have you I talked about the viewpoint of mirador del rio but this year I discovered something more, we came to the island in the week in which the Art, Culture and Tourism center had called a strike so all the sites were closed, leaving the car in the parking lot of the mirador and walking down the road (without going over the walls with the words "prohibido el paso" because it is really very dangerous) you arrive at a curve from which? It is possible to see the same panorama of the mirador del rio but also much more, in fact from here you can see all the wonderful shades of the salt pan!

3 day

One of the countries that impressed me the most? on this trip? was surely Arrieta, the village? really very small, mostly inhabited? from fishermen or locals, there are no hotels (or if there are really they are not noticed).
Starting from the north, right from the upper part of the country, where can you? leave the car, you will come across this very particular house, Casa Juanita, the only one on the island not painted in white, with a very pretty little beach!

"There is a very sad story behind this house, a man who lived on the island emigrated to Argentina and married a woman, they had a daughter but she fell ill with tuberculosis, thinking that the air of Lanzarote could bring her relief they returned to their homeland and built this house modeled on the idea of ​​a dollhouse that the little girl owned, unfortunately she died 5 years later "

Leaving this place behind and walking straight towards the south, you will find the writing with the name of the village and shortly after a souvenir shop and some restaurants. I recommend the Amanecer restaurant, it doesn't take reservations so what? need to go early why? reached the complete do not do more? enter anyone, has a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea and in addition to the usual men? (very cheap) can you? ask to eat the catch of the day!
On this walk along the village between a restaurant and a house you can find these small corridors overlooking the sea
The country ends with playa Garita, full of surfers due to the large presence of waves.

4 day

A little more? below Arrieta in the central part of the island, we discovered by chance a fabulous viewpoint, we were looking for a quick way back to the hotel and we ventured on this spectacular road in the mountains that you? finally open on the Mirador de los Helechos, a point from which the gaze glides down? in the deserted valley to the small villages on the coast and the sea, we tasted a giant ice cream cone for only 3 euros with the flavor of Dulce de Leche.
Another place to take your breath away? Charco del Palo, does not have great indications for the road but? well marked on google maps, follow the signs for the homonymous town, and after traveling a long and narrow asphalted road you arrive in this small village, the activities? they are all closed, but there are countless houses owned? and holiday homes,? a country of nudists so don't be surprised if you meet people, cos? as nature made them, go and throw the garbage or take the dog for a walk! walking towards the beach you will find a crossroads with a lamppost in the center, go down to the left and after 5 minutes of walking this will be? the show that will open to you? in front of.
Always north of the island but on the opposite coast c ?? the beautiful beach and the homonymous city? of Caleta de Famara, an immense expanse of sand, with a crystal clear sea surrounded by a volcanic mountain, a constant red flag due to the waves, populated by surfers and lovers of extreme sports.

5 day

Going down to the center of the island, you cannot miss the fabulous Teguise market on Sunday morning (from 9 to 14). find everything from Canarian cotton clothes, to leather and wood artisans, to street artists, to typical food!
We ate fried queso (cheese) and jam for only 2 euros, octopus alla gallega for 3 euros and a mojito with freshly extracted cane sugar! Obviously turning the market will make you? also enjoy the beauty of this city.
Not far from the city center? stands the Fortress of Santa Barbara an ancient castle built to protect themselves from the arrival of pirates which now houses the museum of piracy, the price of the ticket? of 3 euros, is worth more? pay to see the view from a point so? high that for the castle in s? why? inside c ?? a room for weddings with pirate-animals drawn on the walls and the internal reproduction of two rooms of the Black Pearl by Jack Sparrow with attached characters from the film.
Arrecife? a city? really very touristy, loud music and street parties are on the agenda, on the seafront c ?? the castle of San Gabriel inside which c ?? the history museum of the island, the Charco San Gines which? a lagoon between the promenade and the city center? and the Barco Telamon, a merchant ship stranded in the industrial area of ​​the city.

6 day

Returning to the center of the island and moving even further? below, we meet El Grifo, the island's wine museum. This place is not? free but if you want to taste something typical it is really worth it. Admission costs 15 euros per couple and includes a tour of the museum, free or guided by an Italian guide, the tour of the characteristic vineyards on the ground and the tasting of 6 glasses of wine of your choice, with cheese and some tarallo. (you can also buy the ticket with a single taste at a lower price).
On the southwest side of the island, in the park area of ​​Tymanfaya, you can? walk in the labyrinthine promenade of Los Hervideros, many small paths on the scoglier? that overlooking the galleries from where the water of the ocean enters and exits, continuing on the same road you arrive at the Green Lake, already? seen but always impressive, you leave your car in a parking lot, in the village of the Gulf, to take a 5-minute walk along a red mountain overlooking a black beach, with the green lake on the left and the blue of the ocean on the right, such an ambitious project could only succeed in nature!

7 day

continuing towards Playa Blanca, the Saline Janubio, on the left side of the road, attract attention. these salt pans, among the few still active on the island, have become a real tourist site. To divide them from the sea, the very black Playa del Janubio, a beach formed with volcanic sand, while spending the afternoon on this beach we realized that the stones more? large that were there were "stuffed" they could break easily and inside there were semi-precious green stones characteristic of the island, this is why? the stones that made up the beach were covered with lava following the last eruption of the volcano.
Moving now to Playa Blanca before entering the city? google indicates the way to Los Charcones.
The "P? reckless of our adventures.
I would like to spend two minutes and speak to your conscience, do not do it with the rental car, rent a quad, a bicycle, a moped, take a trip on foot but don't go there by car! With rental cars you could not go on dirt roads, but on safe roads like the one that leads to Playa Papagayo everyone does it and? however an acceptable thing, not here!
Someone has traced the way on the google map but the road is not there ??! ? an immense expanse of land, with lava rocks that emerge from all over and the tire marks that a bit? are there and a bit? no of someone who? passed before. I closed my eyes and prayed all the way, it is almost 20 minutes of pure panic, with a quad it would take 5 and without even great difficulties, we finally reach the mammoth skeleton of an abandoned hotel and sharpening the view, in the little ones squares of the rooms, you can see tables, chairs, beds and sinks, right in front of the hotel la scoglier? hosts the spectacular natural pools, I warn you, even go down? an? enterprise! I can not tell you if it is worth it or not, I have done it and? it was amazing, I would have regretted not doing it, but I really don't think I would do it a second time.

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