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Harlem yesterday and today

The New York community of African descent resides in an area north of Central Park, Harlem. Known throughout the world as the black neighborhood of New York, Harlem was founded by the Dutch in 1658 as a residential area for the bourgeoisie, and only later inhabited by the former black slaves used for the construction of Broadway, the link between the district itself and the city center.

Harlem was and still is one of the cradles of Afro-American community. The 20s and 30s saw him as a protagonist on the stage of the great Jazz. In its premises, the legendary Cotton Club and Sugar Cain, then played musicians of the rank of Duke Hallington and Count Basie; it was the era of the Harlem renaissance.

The 60s, on the other hand, marked a negative turning point: poverty, crime and overcrowding created the conditions to make the neighborhood a real ghetto. Fortunately today the famous have been recovered Apollo theater - stage of the greats of black Jazz - and it Studio Museum, dedicated to the African diaspora and Black America.

Attend a Gospel Mass

One of the unmissable things in Harlem is undoubtedly attending the Mass with the beautiful Gospel choirs. In this regard we offer you a beautiful tour in Spanish with Frank, an Italian-American (authorized) guide who will take you to the discovery of an authentic Harlem Church where you will attend the function and then follow a neighborhood tour to discover fascinating and historical places.

Book your Harlem tour with Gospel Mass

To book, simply fill out this form to request availability.

Cost of the tour of Harlem

Il payment will be in cash directly to the guide on the day of the tour.
Il cost is $ 75 per adult (12+). Participation is in small groups of up to 12 people.

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