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For some years now, even in Spain, Halloween has been a particularly popular holiday. However, the quality and style of our local events are far from the range of those that the US is able to offer: it is a party rooted in US culture, full of symbolism and participation by the entire population. For this reason, wherever you are on the fateful night of October 31st you will be spoiled for choice to spend an evening… thrilling!

An exciting, animated and festive parade invades the streets of New York on the occasion of the historic Village Halloween Parade, from 19 pm on October 31: witches and vampires, accompanied by an unbridled background music, framed by colorful and joyful dance groups animate the night, filling the streets with music, colors, party and life.

The largest Halloween event in the US appears to be there West Hollywood Halloween Parade, in Los Angeles. In fact, there will be bands, music, dances and colorful costumes to animate Santa Monica Boulevard from Doheny Drive to La Cienega Boulevard from 18pm to 23pm on October 31st. This year's theme is One Noir Night in West Hollywood which will unite the 6 stages scattered throughout the course, with about 50 artists engaged in entertaining an expected crowd of 500.000 participants: an event that will certainly confirm the high expectations of entertainment. , music, colors and a lot of euphoria indeed.

If you are looking for some original appointments, waiting for the famous fashion shows, you will not be disappointed by the vision that awaits you at Washington D.C., October 26 from 10am: a 5K speed race at National Harbor. If you think you've seen enough of marathons, believe me that seeing runners escaping a pack of zombies will be something else entirely! The proceeds of the exciting Zombie Run Washington, which fits perfectly with the days of Halloween, will be donated to charity for surgical interventions in favor of children in poor nations.

Times, but also some particularly vivid representations of the classic Halloween parades may not always be suitable for smaller. Blood flowing in rivulets or zombies not exactly fairytale are images that could impress them; however, experiencing a show in the USA is a truly memorable experience. For this, you can save goat and cabbage and take them to “The Boulevard Boo! Parade ”, scheduled for the morning of October 26 in the College Area of San Diego. The ingredients will be the usual (floats, figures dressed as zombies, witches and vampires), all guaranteed by a "family filter" that will make the event tailor-made for children.

But make no mistake that San Diego is a kid-only location: until November 2, drop by the haunted house in Gaslamp Quarter to change your mind right away. Given that it is forbidden to children under 10 and strongly recommended only for those in perfect health conditions, it is considered one of the most terrifying haunted houses in the USA: from the knights of the night to Freddy Krueger (the protagonist of Nightmare), passing through the zombies and the strobe lights, the effects will be so realistic that - say the posters - you will only want to leave ... this place for true daredevils!

Halloween falls in the middle of autumn, when the air starts to get a little cool and it might be a good idea to spend an evening at theater, without giving up the thrills that a good themed show can still arouse. TO Chicago, the choice is well-matched: from the classic musical "The Rocky Horror Show", a reinterpretation of the famous B-movie in vogue in the seventies to the "Musical of the Living Dead", a fun parody of the best zombie films and representations, which promises a really excellent staging (not surprisingly it was voted as the best musical in Chicago by The Chicago Reader) there is no shortage of opportunities to have fun.


We cannot speak of theater without mentioning the very great Bard: scheduled, at The Red Lion Lincoln Square, an excellent representation where ghosts, specters and wizards drawn from his many masterpieces shiver the audience for a quality Halloween. 

However, lovers of tradition, you will not be disappointed: if you were expecting a parade, Chicago awaits you at 20.00 pm (18.30 pm for registration) on October 31st for the 17th Annual Halloween On Halsted Parade . “Twisted circus” is this year's theme, so, green light for your creativity and come to Belmont Avenue to get involved in the joy and enthusiasm of the show!

Finally, how can we not talk about the city that has linked its name to Halloween in an indissoluble way? Salem (about thirty kilometers from Boston), a (sad) passed from the court of witches, every year pays homage to the October 31st party with a month full of themed events. On any day of the month you will find a flood of events that can only become even more interesting between 30 and 31.

A guided tour of the cemeteries, to keep the memory of the dead alive, as well as particularly impressive representations of the story of Count Dracula give way to the blessing of the official witch of Salem for the new year that begins and to the feast of Samhain where there will be no shortage of mediums and tributes to the dear departed!

Wherever you are in the USA, experiencing the magical atmosphere of Halloween will be an unrepeatable emotion that will not fail to leave you with an indelible memory and flavor that no other themed event will ever be able to arouse.

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