Halloween 2014 in the States: all the events… to scream

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To the clouds that obscure the sky, the hiss of the wind and the night that nibbles hours beyond, we add only the light of the dim lanterns and weak candles to light up the night of October 31 and we will experience the terror that, over the centuries, Halloween has spread far and wide throughout the States.

A long tradition, that of Halloween, which has its roots in the mists of time and which, overcoming the wear and tear of time, still resists today.

Halloween, in America, is no longer just the party of children who dress up and knock from door to door, but it is a time of year in which the most daring really find bread for their teeth: a bit all over the country , as early as the end of September, the haunted houses in which the right mix of technology and music transform these settings into real haunted houses.

One of the most terrifying experiences is visiting the Universal Studios Florida in Orlando where, until November 1st, as many as 8 houses and various shows will be able to frighten even the most fearless visitor.

Throughout October then Salem, half an hour from Boston, celebrates Halloween with a truly rich program: guided tours, haunted houses in 3D, shows and activities for the little ones animate the small town in Massachusetts, sadly famous for an unbridled witch hunt that in 1692 led to the execution of 20 women suspected of witchcraft.

Even the neighbor Boston no less for Halloween: for the little ones, at Prudential Center, as every year, on the Saturday before Halloween there is the largest event for families with magic and make-up for children, jugglers and prestigious numbers; for adults there is no shortage of events in clubs and clubs, among these it is difficult to resist Halloween on the Harbor (in South Boston Waterfront on October 31st, from 19 pm), one of the largest parties in the city.

Even the other big cities can't resist the charm and dress up themed for Halloween: New Orleans October 31 is a swarm of young and old dressed up as ghosts and witches, zombies and skeletons who give life to celebrations that are second only to those of Mardi Gras; Bourbon Street and Frenchmen Street are the busiest meeting points in the city, while Molly's at the Market leaves (at 18pm) the great parade that runs through the French Quarter and brings together citizens and non-citizens who want to share their sense of the macabre with costumes and disguises.

Speaking of parades, it is impossible not to think about that of New York which, on the evening of October 31st, is held on 6th Avenue: for this year at the Village Halloween Parade bands, floats and dancers are expected to celebrate the longest and scariest night of the year on the street. The official afterparty follows at Webtser Hall, a haunt of the most terrifying costumes that give life and celebration for the truly hard of heart.

For those who love celebrations in the square, surrounded by the enthusiasm of the crowd, it will not be so obvious to choose between New York and Los Angeles: West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval draws nearly half a million spectators to the streets of Santa Monica Boulevard. From 18pm, here, the most eccentric Halloween disguises come together, entertained by lots of music: last year six stages were set up and 50 artists performed ...

If we love parties, American culture and traditions, fun and joy, Halloween in the States is all this: why not book our flight now?

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