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There are many people who like to spend their holidays or weekends camping outdoors during the summer. So that these moments do not turn into situations of discomfort and discomfort, it is essential equip yourself with good camping tools. The indispensable equipment must include a stove, ideal for cooking lunches and dinners under the stars, but also simply to warm up a good coffee.

On the market there are many models with different prices and performances, the choice is really wide! We have therefore prepared one for you guide to the best camping stoves, let's find them together!


  1. Comparative table
  2. Campingaz Camping 206 Stove Gas Cooker
  3. Reehut B01MG66UV5
  4. Lixada - Folding camping stove
  5. Jetboil Zip / ZPCB
  6. Sinotech GD037
  7. Toogoo Mini
  8. Duronic HP1BK
  9. DCG EXP 2423
  10. Tomshoo wood stove
  11. Butterfly 8140120
  12. Buying Guide
  13. User questions and comments

Comparative table

Campingaz Camping 206 Stove Gas Cooker

A simple and safe single-flame camping gas stove, suitable to be carried during excursions or trips out of town, thanks to its compactness.
With high stability, it adapts to stainless steel pans, pots and pans and has an autonomy of 2 hours; it is easy to use plugging the pierceable cartridge into the plastic cover, which serves to increase stability. It has a power of 1250 W and it takes about 1 min and 5 seconds to boil 20 liter of water.

  • Pro: easy to carry, light, compact with a great price
  • Cons: single flame, the gas cylinder cannot be detached, which is inconvenient for those who go trekking and have to remove the stove
  • Best price: from € 15,90

Reehut B01MG66UV5

A very solution light, foldable and created with resistant materials, which allows you to solve any space problem and to have a camping gas stove with all the functions.
Equipped with piezoelectric ignition, or where you don't need lighters, matches or everything you usually need to light the flame, it is compatible with virtually all types of cylinders and has a transport box. It can be used with pans up to 20 cm in diameter and weighing up to 2 kg.

  • Pro: lightweight and detachable, perfect for hiking and with little space in the backpack
  • Cons: although it is also possible to cook pasta, it is more suitable for heating food and pre-packaged bags
  • Best price: from € 13,00

Lixada - Folding camping stove

A camping wood stove, ideal for carrying everywhere and made of stainless steel, therefore made to last. Designed to be used with twigs, sticks, branches and leaves, all readily available in nature and which serve as fuel for cooking meals during excursions.
It has a notched pedestal that allows you to give greater stability to the pots and increase contact with heat. It closes easily and fits into the bag suitable for transport, so as to put it in the backpack without too much bulk.

  • Pro: compact, ecological and there is no risk of ever running out of fuel
  • Cons: little distance between the bottom of the pot and the stove, also in the presence of wind the stove struggles to stay on
  • Best price: from € 27,00

Jetboil Zip / ZPCB

Camping stove to use in any situation, especially if you are dedicated to mountaineering climbs, given its lightness, portability and high performance. Equipped with a top circle that doubles as a cup, has a tripod stabilizer for the gas cylinder and a silicone cap that serves as protection.
Very quick to bring the water to a boil or to heat it and, even though it is small (0,8 L), it is perfect for cooking any dish, from pasta to tea or herbal teas.

  • Pro: ultra light, very high performance, minimal heat loss, very easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.
  • Cons: price
  • Best price: from € 93,50

Sinotech GD037

An electric cooker suitable especially for those who they camp inside structures or travel in vans and campers. In fact, it needs electricity to work, and its dimensions are not really suitable for those who travel on foot.
It is equipped with a fire of 18,5 cm in diameter with a thermostat adjustable in five cooking levels that heats up in a short time. However, when it is switched on, the base also heats up, so you need to find a suitable shelf to place it on.

  • Pro: stable and heats up quickly
  • Cons: bulky size, when you turn on the base also heats up
  • Best price: from € 34,50

Toogoo Mini

This camping stove has a mini and compact format that allows transport almost everywhere. The lid can be used both to extinguish the fire and to regulate the power of the same and in the package there is also a folding handle.
It works on alcohol and the rubber in the screw cap holds the internal liquid well, so it is not necessary to empty it during transport. In the box, you will also find the case in which to store it once finished using it, ideal to put in a backpack.

  • Pro: practical, functional and economical
  • Cons: it is not equipped with a support for coffee makers or pots
  • Best price: from € 12,20

Duronic HP1BK

An electric camping stove excellent for value for money ed ideal for those who make permanent camping holidays and does not need to carry it continuously on the shoulder.
The materials of the product are of excellent workmanship, it has a stainless steel shell and a 187 mm cast iron plate compatible with any pot. It has a power of 1.500 watts and is adjustable on three levels by means of practical heat-insulated handles, which allow you to cook without burning. The stove is also easy to clean, light weight and integrated handles make it easy to handle safely.

  • Pro: quality / price, power and compatibility with all cookware
  • Cons: being electric it is necessary to always connect to an energy source and it is a bit slow in cooking times, not suitable for those who go trekking or mountaineering
  • Best price: from € 32,00

DCG EXP 2423

This camping stove is safe the most complete and handsome but also the most bulky, therefore it is recommended for those who spend holidays in equipped vans or camping and have a lot of space available. It is not suitable for hiking or trekking and must have a stove to put in the backpack.
It runs on gas and needs to be connected to a portable cylinder, it has good performance because it reaches a maximum power of 1.500 W. It has three burners so as to be able to cook several courses at the same time and has a light weight.

  • Pro: practical, powerful, light and equipped with three burners, rather economical price
  • Cons: it is not particularly resistant therefore it must be handled with care
  • Best price: from € 35,40

Tomshoo wood stove

A wood burning camping stove ideal for those who love adventures and excursions and he doesn't want to carry gas cylinders or he knows he doesn't have electricity available. This is a perfect budget model for those who don't want to spend too much but want a good product. Compact and easily transportable, folds up to a small size and settles easily on the ground. It is used with branches, leaves, and natural flammable material.
In stainless steel, it has a side opening where the wood is inserted and the air intakes are used to increase circulation, to make the wood burn quickly and to produce little smoke. Equipped with a perfect grill for barbecues, it can also be used as a mini stove for heating outdoors.

  • Pro: excellent quality / price, easy to assemble and transport, light, equipped with barbecue grill
  • Cons: the water boils slowly so if you need it to heat soups or make spaghetti there are better products
  • Best price: from € 25,00

Butterfly 8140120

A camping stove with a really affordable price and with satisfactory performance, suitable for those looking for something to be able to cook quickly. Thanks to the power of 2.200 W, it is perfect for cooking various dishes in a short time and boiling pasta water in a pan.
Moreover, it issuitable for picnics and out-of-town excursions, thanks to both the fairly small size and the supplied case, which allow you to take it wherever you go without any effort.
Safe thanks to the practical system for the gas canister, which allows you to disconnect it even if the gas cartridge is not completely empty, so you won't have to wait for it to run out to be able to detach it.

  • Pro: excellent for boiling water quickly, practical to transport and safe thanks to the valves
  • Cons: the enamelled sheet material is not really the best
  • Best price: from € 17,00

Buying Guide

Not all camping stoves are created equal e they differ not only in their characteristics, but also in the use to be made of them.

First we distinguish the stoves according to the type of operation: gas, electric, alcohol or wood. Gas stoves are the most used because they reach the ideal temperature quickly, but they are also the ones that need the most maintenance. Electric ones can be powerful but always require a grip and sometimes they risk blowing up generators. Alcohol stoves usually they are the smallest on the market, perfect for those who carry them in the backpack, but obviously they have a lower power. Finally, the wood burners are foldable, transportable, light and do not require any fuel, if not that to be found locally, such as leaves, wood and branches.

Another key aspect are the size and weight. If it is to be placed in the backpack and carried on the shoulders it must be compact and light. It follows that too the material it is made of is important, because safety is worth it. The most widespread and safe are those in steel and cast iron, but, speaking of safety, it is important to know that gas ones are the most dangerous and should only be used outdoors.

For it to be designed with everything in mind, it should be also equipped with stove cover, especially if you use it outdoors when the weather conditions are not always perfect. Finally, the number of burners on the stove it is to be taken into consideration if you want to cook several dishes at the same time.

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