Gorges du Verdon itinerary: the wonderful canyons of Provence

The streets of France have never been so exciting. Twenty-five km of landslide. Heights ranging from 1000 to 1500 meters.
Overhanging walls jutting out of sensational canyons. This and much more are the gorges of the Verdon river. And to think that until the early 900s this whole spectacle was still unexplored, unknown, ignored. Forgot. Natural border between the Alps of Provence, the Gorges du Verdon constitute one of the most extraordinary geological curiosities in Europe.
The Gorges of the Verdon, carved into the limestone plateau of Haut-Var, in the clear waters of the Verdon, represent a magical world. Originating from the path of the Verdon river, they make up the largest canyon in Europe and one of the most important in the world. Located in the southeastern province of France, Provence, they are a paradise for explorers and hikers, who visit this breathtaking place by camper, on foot or by motorbike.
Here we present the better known and appreciated itineraries.


  1. Itinerary by camper
  2. Motorbike itinerary
  3. On foot: trekking and excursions in the Park
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Itinerary by camper

L'Campervan itinerary is ideal for the quiet types or for those who want to spend a few pleasant days in family. For this type of route we recommend starting from the "border city", better known as Ventimiglia. From Ventimiglia continue towards Castellane, a city with a medieval charm.
One possible first stop it can be done at this point, rest and leave the next day with more loads than before. A fundamental stop for this type of itinerary is the panoramic Point Sublime. This, especially if visited during sunset, will give you the opportunity to admire from a privileged position the beauty that will shock you once you are below. Continue the descent. On the right bank the lake, you can take advantage of the canoes and pedal boats forexploration of the place. As a last tip, among the parking stations suitable for campers, we remember Mustier. The latter is located a couple of kilometers from the lake.
Suitable for travelers, ideal for campers.

Motorbike itinerary

For the lovers of two wheels the path is atypical. The unusual itinerary, and therefore recommended, is what it gives Durance tries to go up the river, skirting the Canyon, up to Castellane. This piece of road allows you to contemplate not only the high gorges, very famous and very busy, but also the medium and low gorges where, instead, much less people go.
The highlands present allow an excellent guide. In these parts, the vegetation is dense and green. It is not uncommon to see sheep and goats grazing in the nearby greenery. Obviously, the roads are not suitable for shooting. Very better admire the landscape or enjoy something along the way.

On foot: trekking and excursions in the Park

The dream of thousands of visitors, venture along the paths of the Verdon, perhaps with an excursion on foot, it can be simplified following these tips. For the occasion we like to point out a couple of routes that we consider the most interesting, not just for trekking experts, but also for amateurs. For professional adventurers the route GR4 it is the path par excellence.
Start at Point Sublime and goes down to the gorges. The duration of this journey is considerable, arm yourself with good will and it you will travel in 48 hours.
The other path, the one suitable for everyone, is the Samson couloir trail. Usually the departure is scheduled from under the Point Sublime, precisely from the viewpoint of the Samson couloir. In this case you will find yourself taking a long walk, around 2 hours, where you can enjoy the splendid view over the gorges, a good dose of spectacular trails and a great one variety of landscapes.

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