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There is a lot of talk about the "new frontier" of travel, referring to sex tourism, holidays organized with the sole purpose of ... well, come on, we understand each other.
In reality there is probably not much "new", given that research, especially of man (understood as male, not as a human race), has always been aimed at ... yes, always that, and I'm sure that we understood each other.
If anything, the novelty is the resources, the ways, the way to share experiences, reviews, suggestions, as in a huge big brother of sex, a tripadvisor of the gnocca, a "sex experience sharing" in which we neither brag, nor hide ... simply, we share, we give advice.
We have thus deepened the question and found the information also addressing the community considered by many to be the "Guru" of sexual travel: Gnocca Travels!
We would also like to underline that, despite the often goliardic tones, the site administrators are always very attentive to the contents, in particular to those who tell or promote and sponsor sex with minors: in these cases, they not only exclude the user from the community but also report it to the competent authorities. A big applause to the seriousness!
If you know terms and acronyms like Bj, FKK, if you know the difference between free, pay and semi, then you are exactly the ideal target! And it does not even seem to be a niche target given that beyond 9 million Italians, 70% of whom are married, frequent or have frequented prostitutes or have in any case used ... certain services!
So, among reviews, tips and suggestions collected here and there by gnocca travelers, here it is the main sexual tourist destinations according to the friends of Gnocca Travel!

1 - Morocco: Marrakech

It is certainly not a destination for "first hair" kids, but a much more suitable destination for experienced hot travelers. In fact, do not expect to be able to walk the streets of Marrakech posing as beach types in the Adriatic Riviera style.
Certainly difficult free, the pay is much simpler, so do not feel at an advantage if you are tall, blond and with a fit physique: the wallet matters more than anything else!
Another plus: travel costs. The flights are not expensive at all, you can also find low cost around € 40,00 (compare the offers), and even the accommodations, if you are satisfied and are not looking for luxury, are abundantly within reach.

  • Evaluation: 8,5 / 10 out of 1.200 reviews
  • Type of approach: 80% pay, 20% free
  • Best time: March-April / September-November
  • Recommended clubs and places: Must Night Club - Marrakech (get directions) / 555 Night Club - Marrakech (get directions)

2 - Kenya: Malindi

There is a mutual attraction between Ebony e Muzungu: ebony girls, ebony-skinned girls, with a statuesque, firm and sculpted physique, with very feminine and sensual features, are attracted by Muzungu, the white man, preferably Latin. Malindi in particular is not a very big city, so as in all countries, we know each other. If then make friends with some Kenyan boyby offering a drink, you will receive a lot of information! But be careful not to leave the phone number to the girls: some experiences say that they "become attached" very easily!
However, consider that the budget will increase for the flight, which hardly falls below € 500,00 (compare offers). On the other hand, there is a good saving on accommodation if you are not looking for resorts and large complexes on the sea.

  • Evaluation: 8,5 / 10 out of 800 reviews
  • Type of approach: 40% pay, 60% free
  • Best time: August-September / January-March

3 - Brazil: Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso, Sao Paulo

Let's start with Fortaleza: it seems that in recent years it has gone from being a babe's paradise to have a sudden collapse. The latest experiences told are not exactly positive, even if the comments of other users are nostalgic, recalling instead the good times past. Rio de Janeiro instead enjoys the faults and privileges of the big cities.
The new frontier seems to be the state of Mato Grosso, with girls from the end of the world, nice and with the typical Brazilian characteristic: a great "luck"!

  • Evaluation: 7,5 / 10 out of 960 reviews
  • Type of approach: 60% pay, 40% free
  • Best time: August-December
  • Recommended clubs and places: Inner Club - Sao Paolo (get directions) / Boate 2A2 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro (get directions)

4 - Cuba: Santiago de Cuba, Havana, Camaguey

Cuba is one of those cities that everyone agrees. Few people have had the audacity to complain or speak badly of Cuba. At the most, it has happened not to get anything free and to have to fall back on pay, so to speak. The cities of Santiago de Cuba, Havana and Camaguey are the best there can be in the panorama of gnocca tourism!

  • Evaluation: 7 / 10 out of 912 reviews
  • Type of approach: 70% pay, 30% free
  • Best time: November-April

5 - Spain: Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Magaluf

According to the GTs (gnocca travelers) Spain, and in particular the cities of Barcelona, ​​Valencia, and the small town of Magaluf in the Balearic Islands, are the European countries with the highest concentration of pussy, especially in the summer season.
Real multinational sex companies, here you can breathe a very libertine climate and atmosphere, and clubs and resorts whose only intended use is ... to indulge as much as possible in the pleasures of the flesh!

  • Evaluation: 8 / 10 out of 816 reviews
  • Type of approach: 60% pay, 40% free
  • Best time: April-June
  • Recommended clubs and places: Felina - Barcelona (get directions)

6 - Germany: Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich

Germany is there top destination for pay sex tourism. Girls of exceptional beauty, with professionalism and cleanliness worthy of Germany. Clearly there is no shortage of opportunities to catch free company, but in principle those who go to these places already know exactly where to go, which clubs to frequent, which mansion to go to to find exactly what they were looking for. More yes, less no!

  • Evaluation: 9 / 10 out of 1.300 reviews
  • Type of approach: 90% pay, 10% free
  • Best time: May-September
  • Recommended clubs and places: OASE - Frankfurt (get directions) / Artemis - Berlin (get directions)

7 - Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg

Few here will deny that you are in the country with the most beautiful girls. It seems to be in an open-air fashion show, with stangone from the cold sculpted bodies, the glacial gaze. A really crazy river of chick. In these parts, however, if you don't chew a little Russian, it seems you are starting a little at a disadvantage. Opinions are also conflicting as regards a certain attitude of reserve towards Italians: some say that we are not frowned upon, others argue the exact opposite. If you can ... try it!

  • Evaluation: 7 / 10 out of 715 reviews
  • Type of approach: 60% pay, 40% free
  • Best time: May-September

8 - China: Yunnan, Sichuan, Dongguan

In China, precisely in the regions of Yunnan and Sichuan, in Tibet, there is an ethnic group that literally overturns every way of conceiving the sexual relationship between man and woman. Among the Mosuo, in fact, women have the habit of consuming the rite of zou hun, the "marriage walk": the woman chooses her partner from among the young men, who are forced to follow them into their homes to consume a night of pleasure. The next day, men are literally kicked out because they have no right to reside with them ... in the face of matrilineal society...!
In the Guangdong region, instead is Dongguan, the largest paid sex city in the world!

  • Evaluation: 7,5 / 10 out of 635 reviews
  • Type of approach: 80% pay, 20% free
  • Best time: May-September

9 - Philippines: Manila, Davao

Le Filipino girls they are sexy, always smiling. Also in these parts you can also catch some free sex, and not the usual pay. Of course, as long as you are willing to offer a dinner and maybe accommodation, otherwise, as a nice traveler hottie says, "if you're not willing to do that either, you should also consider your wife as pay sex". But be careful because the Filipinos usually "get attached", so to speak, immediately, and from greeting you to calling you "my boyfriend" the step is short ...!

However, it is clear that a substantial cost for the flight must be budgeted (starting from € 400,00 - compare offers), but on the other hand you can save on pensions.

  • Evaluation: 8 / 10 out of 1.110 reviews
  • Type of approach: 40% pay, 60% free
  • Best time: January-April

10 - Thailand: Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phi Phi Island

Thailand, perhaps the best known, most coveted and clearly could not miss popular sex tourism destination in the world! Here it is really impossible not to give in to temptation, also because it is about one of the main businesses Thais.
Definitely try the erotic massage, the "Body Massage", in which the Thais are true specialists!
Also in this case, the greatest cost lies in the flight, which is hardly under € 500,00 (compare flights). You make a stopover in Bangkok and then reach Pattaya which is 150 km away.
On the other hand, Thailand is super cheap for everything else, from housing to the cost of living.

  • Evaluation: 9 / 10 out of 990 reviews
  • Type of approach: 80% pay, 20% free
  • Best time: December-April

... and in Italy?

Unfortunately the beautiful country does not offer much in terms of sex tourism. Of free, needless to talk about it ... Certainly in big cities like Milan and Rome it is possible to frequent hot clubs, private clubs and so on, but if you are interested in quality pay sex, the best solution is to move abroad but without going too far far! Switzerland ed Austria, offer excellent solutions of their own on the border with Italy.

Recommended clubs and places

  • Wellcum - Hohenthurn (Austrian border) - Get directions
  • Corona Club - Lugano (Swiss border) - Get directions
  • Maxim Club - Chiasso (Swiss border) - Get directions

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