Glamping phenomenon: 5-star camping is born!

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Camping: either you love it or you hate it. Not everyone feels predisposed to "Spartan" and rustic life typical of the campsite: sleeping in uncomfortable cots in small spaces, cooking with a stove with which you put 1 ha, making a plate of pasta, sharing bathrooms with hundreds of other people, suffocating in the heat of the tent at the first light of the morning. But sleeping in a camping gives you a contact with nature now more and more difficult to grasp in everyday life, and especially teaches children theimportance of essential things.
How to bring together camping lovers and heaters? With a new growing trend: that of luxury camping!


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What is Glamping? Here is the meaning of the term!

The more attentive will have already understood: glamping is a term born from fusion of the words "glamor" and "camping". What does it mean? It means camping life is elevated to a new rank: it is now possible to spend a camping holiday by taking advantage of very comfortable accommodations of curtains with an extremely accurate design and luxury. Forget the good old Canadian tent, where you barely fit 2 and where the suitcases have to be placed on the sides so as not to take up too much space ...

Extra luxury camping tents ...

But what will these 5-star tents ever look like? Let us give you some examples.
A first variant is that of luxury tent trolley call Opera Camper: a luxurious private suite on two wheels. Towable by any machine, the trolley becomes a luxury tent with kitchen, bathroom and outdoor shower in just a few steps. Not to mention electronically adjustable beds, boiler, refrigerator, LED lighting. The cost? About 28.000 €... if you think about it, less and less than a camper!
Another example is the luxury tent Lotus Belle Outback: lodge tents with pointed roofs that guarantee effective ventilation and available in different sizes ... in the larger ones you can even organize a party! And that's not all: there is also a Deluxe version. The cost varies from 1.500 euros to 2.200 euros approximately.

Where to go in Italy?

Italy is gearing up to welcome the glamping phenomenon. In Tuscany there is the Glamping of Capalbio, in the province of Grosseto: there are several houses, bungalows and luxury tents, both for couples and for families. In Veneto there is the Glamping Canonici di San Marco, located in Mirano (Venice): founded in 2009, it offers numerous luxury tents up to 6 guests, with prices per night ranging from € 120 to € 220 for 2 people. Or again in Tuscany, this time in the province of Arezzo, there is the Glamping Orlando di Chianti, with lodge tents and lodge suites that are real apartments between comfort and luxury, always in contact with nature and built in an eco- sustainable. In the high season you get to pay up to € 190 per night.

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