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    Gifts for travelers: 15 gift ideas for frequent travelers!

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    Do you have friends or relatives who love to travel? Their motto is "no matter where, the important thing is to leave"? Or are you great and passionate travelers yourself? Here is a list of 25 original gifts suitable for those who love to travel! Tell the truth: have you ever thought about it?


    1. Scratch Map
    2. Anywhere Travel Guide
    3. Traveler's Agenda / Moleskine
    4. Travel slippers
    5. Travel cable organizer
    6. Lonely Planet Guide
    7. Anti-theft backpack
    8. Multi-purpose pen
    9. Anti-thief belt / document holder
    10. Picnic backpack
    11. Shoe bag
    12. Travel manicure kit
    13. Travel iron
    14. Ryanair voucher
    15. Photobook
    16. User questions and comments

    1 - Scratch Map

    Does your friend visit the world a little at a time? Then give him a scratch map: he'll have fun a scratch the countries of the world where he has been and gradually discover the entire globe!

    Prices: From € 20,00

    2 - Anywhere Travel Guide

    A package of unmissable cards for the traveler: just extract one to get one advice that fits every place! For example, "go to the highest point in the city and take in the view". It seems trivial, but sometimes you don't think about it.

    Prices: starting from € 7,00

    3 - Traveler's Agenda / Moleskine

    A nice notebook for write down impressions, thoughts, emotions it is always appreciated by the traveler. No smartphone can compete with the beauty of handwriting what you feel.

    Prices: starting from € 17,00

    4 - Travel slippers

    Warm slippers that fold easily: here is another very useful gift for those who travel a lot and always have little space in their suitcase!

    Prices: starting from € 12,00

    5 - Travel cable organizer

    Smartphone, mp3 player, computer, external battery charger, tablet, e-book reader, wall battery charger, adapters: how many cables do we have to carry around every time we move? The practical travel cable holder allows you to keep all cables in one place!

    Prices: starting from € 20,00

    6 - Lonely Planet Guide

    Lonely Planet is known for publishing between best travel guides available on the market. Complete, practical, engaging and full of advice. Try to understand your friend's next destination and ... proceed with the purchase!

    Prices: starting from € 13,00

    7 - Anti-theft backpack

    The anti-thief bag is perfect for those who move a lot during the day, perhaps wandering around museums and cities of art. View from behind is without pockets and zippers: the thief would not know where to put his hands.

    Prices: from € 90,00

    8 - Multi-purpose pen

    Pen, nib, pencil and ... even screwdriver: The multipurpose pen is perfect for those who love to write on the go, but at the same time need a support tool to arrange items.

    Prices: starting from € 9,00

    9 - Anti-thief belt / document holder

    For keep your smartphone, wallet and documents with you at all times without fear of losing them, an anti-thief belt can be very useful.

    Prices: starting from € 15,00

    10 - Picnic backpack

    For those who like to go around cities or parks and stop for something to eat outdoors, the picnic backpack is a very useful tool. Already supplied with plates, napkins, cutlery, glasses.

    Prices: starting from € 74,00

    11 - Shoe bag

    A shoe bag it is always a welcome gift to pack: in fact, you often never know how to put your shoes in so that they don't come into contact with the rest of your luggage.

    Prices: starting from € 13,00

    12 - Travel manicure kit

    It is unthinkable for a woman to move without them tools to keep your hands and nails clean and tidy. A travel manicure set is a must.

    Prices: starting from € 15,00

    13 - Travel iron

    Even on vacation you may need to give one ironed to your clothes, especially after they have been in the suitcase for many hours. The travel iron is a perfect gift idea.

    Prices: starting from € 22,00

    14 - Ryanair Voucher

    Some better gift for those who love to travel than a nice one voucher for an airline ticket? Vouchers can be purchased with Ryanair starting from € 25,00. As? It's simple: just go to the appropriate voucher page on the Ryanair website.

    15 - Photo book

    Your friend is not only a travel enthusiast, but also a lover of photography? Then you can give him a photo book: he can choose the format of the photos, ad hoc texts, layouts for a real one personalized photo album. And the memories remain indelible. Excellent photo books are those of Cewe, starting at € 8,95.

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