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Can you cheat on your partner on the most important day? Obviously not. but yet the seduction, the charm, the elegance of Portofino and the area of ​​the Gulf of Tigullio, leave you breathless. It is a bit like when the eyes of lovers cross each other and give life to that so divine, so intimate sparkle ... you find the same sparkle in the sun reflecting on the sea of ​​Camogli, which makes its way through the thick foliage of the Ligurian coast that frames a postcard Gulf.
My lords, this is love.


  1. So, swear it here, eternal love!
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So, swear it here, eternal love!

Enough talking about dream weddings, dream locations, dream dreams. Let's open our eyes and attach ourselves to reality, which is often far superior to any dream. It is in the case of LoveinPortofino, who with the wedding planners Virginia Straneo and Fernanda Andriani, gives life to a unique, excellent organization.

The locations? Well, we are in the presence of Portofino, Santa Margherita, Camogli, San Fruttuoso. Fred Buscaglione was a gourmet, if he too made a song out of it ... it's to be trusted.
Are you skeptical? Follow us ...

Villa Durazzo, Belmond Hotel Splendido, Castello Brown

We're going to Villa Durazzo when the sun goes down, just so as not to miss even one walk at sunset on an Ape Calesse. Waiting for us, a prestigious complex with a park overlooking the sea. Yes, for chic, classy weddings, with a dream dinner, accompanied by elegant music of a violin and a piano.
Outside it is truly a feast for the eyes: hectares of citrus groves, Italian gardens, English woods, and the Secret Garden of the Centurion Princes. Stroll through those avenues pervaded by authentic smells of Liguria more truthful, meeting fountains and statues is much more than a dream can pay homage to. And it's true, it's here, it's in Italy.

Ok, beautiful nature, but we would like a location with a panoramic swimming pool overlooking the sea ... Do you have it?

Dear my demanding spouses, I present to you the Beautiful Belmond Hotel. Refined, classy, ​​from here you can enjoy the splendor of the whole Portofino bay, while swimming in sight in the heated, and with sea water, surrounded by the luxuriant gardens of the Belmond.

Ok ... but we wanted a castle!

And here is your Castle, my dear lovers! For a Vip wedding, we're going to Brown Castle, in the heart of Portofino, overlooking the ancient village, of course the sea and the harbor, and surrounded by all those luxurious VIP villas. Here the scent of the sea blends harmoniously with Ligurian basil, unique in the world, and the organization, from start to finish, is the intertwining of a wonderful fairy tale.

San Fruttuoso, La Cervara, the Gassetta Mill

We love the sea, we have often dreamed of a Little Mermaid-style wedding, underwater ... it would be a dream!

Still with these dreams? Open your eyes, there is the Christ of the Abyss that awaits you in San Fruttuoso. It will not be the Triton of the Little Mermaid, but some Sebastian here and there, if you want, we can put it on!

Wait wait ... where did Cassano get married? I saw the photos, what a charm ...

Oh yes, always here ... Towers, cloisters, citrus fruits ... a Italian garden overlooking the sea it is a real rarity ... but the Mapelli family opens its doors to us, and hosts us at the Cervara, what was once the garden of the Benedictine monks.

Yet do you know what I would like? A nice country chic wedding ... you know, maybe with a mill ...

And go for the mill then! Let's go to Santa Margherita Ligure, also in the Park of Portofino, to discover the Gassetta mill, a unique landscape in the world, surrounded by nature, and away from the noise of the city. An ideal setting, with hills to surround aintimate atmosphere, made of simplicity and authenticity.

Ok, you have convinced us! Just one last question ... can we only get married once ??

Info and Contacts

For more information on events, weddings and wedding planning in Portofino, here are the contacts:

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  • Phone: + 39 338 9727138
  • Contact person: Virginia Straneo

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