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Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is a large modern city, which has not forgotten its traditional side: you will find yourself walking among very tall and modern skyscrapers and wonderful historic buildings. To get your bearings on the first day and get an overview of the city, we recommend a guided tour to discover the most important sites accompanied by a guide.
Surely, you will not be able to visit the whole city on foot, given its size and extension, so it will be necessary to use public transport, very efficient and that will allow you to move comfortably!

Here is a guide on how to get around Taipei: info, costs and advice!


  1. Useful Tips
  2. How to get from the airport to downtown Taipei
  3. How to get around on foot
  4. How to get around by bicycle
  5. Con i mezzi pubblici
  6. By car
  7. User questions and comments

Useful Tips

Moving only on foot in Taipei is to be excluded, as the city is very large! Our advice is to use the metro to reach the various attractions and then walk around the neighborhood!
For a first approach to the city, and if you have little time available, we recommend a half-day guided tour or, alternatively, the evergreen hop-on-hop-off tourist bus, to discover the most important attractions and get on and off when you want.

Moving by car, on the other hand, is really not recommended, but if you don't want to give up the freedom that only this vehicle can offer, rent a car with a private driver for a City Highlights Tour lasting a few hours!

If you stop for a few days, it is very useful to buy the Taipei Fun Pass, valid for 3 days and which allows, in addition to admission to 16 must-see attractions in the city, to unlimited travel on Taipei Metro and Bus, making getting around really easy!
If you plan to visit the wonderful Thousand Island Lake and the Pinglin tea plantation in the surroundings of the city, we recommend that you take advantage of the convenient guided tour with hotel pickup.

  • Recommended solutions and means: on foot, by bike, metro, hop-on-hop-off tourist bus
  • Solutions and means not recommended: bus
  • City cards and season tickets recommended: Taipei Fun Pass (from € 60,00 -), Taipei Metro Multi-day Pass (from 180,00 TWD / € 5,40)

How to get from the airport to downtown Taipei

The city is served byTaipei-Taoyuan International Airport, located in the homonymous town of Taoyuan, in the Republic of China. It is the hub of China Airlines and EVA Air and the only airline in the area that operates direct flights from Italy is China Airlines.

The airport is approximately 50 km from the center of Tapei (45 min drive). The fastest way to reach it is the metro, which goes to Taipei Main Station (Taoyuan Metro MRT company, Purple Express line, 39 min, 160,00 TWD, € 4,80). You can then find the Express Airport Bus, operated by various private companies, with prices ranging from 120,00 TWD (€ 3,60) to 150,00 TWD (€ 4,50). At a higher cost, but certainly more comfortable, is theAirport shuttle, which will take you to your hotel (350,00 TWD, € 10,50). Alternatively, you can opt for i taxi, which are located outside the arrivals terminal or for a shared bus transfer that you can book online before you leave!

Taipei-Taoyuan Airport

  • Distance from the center: 50 km / travel time: 45 min;
  • By train: Purple Express line / ticket cost: 160,00 TWD (€ 4,80);
  • By taxi: average cost TWD 1.200,00 (€ 36,00) / travel time: 50 min;
  • By bus: average cost from 120,00 TWD (€ 3,60) to 150,00 TWD (€ 4,50) / Express Airport Bus lines;
  • By shuttle: Airport Shuttle line / ticket cost: 350,00 TWD (€ 10,50);
  • Private transfer: Shared bus transfer between Taoyuan Airport and Taipei

How to get around on foot

Taipei is really a very big city, so just walking around is practically impossible! Not all attractions are close to each other, indeed, so you will need to use public transport. However, for a first approach to the city you can take part in a half-day tour so as to start orienting yourself on the first day in the city, see the main points of interest and have, thanks to the expert guide, an overview of its history.

The individual districts can be visited on foot, each of these is unique in itself, you will find yourself immersed in a particular and suggestive atmosphere, you will find the more traditional districts as opposed to the modern ones! You cannot visit Tapei and not immerse yourself in its fantastic gastronomic culture among the stalls of the night markets, we recommend that you do it through the guide of a local to fully discover the tasty mix of Chinese and Japanese cuisine!

How to get around by bicycle

A means much loved by locals it is definitely the bicycle! And it is also a means sure: the city is full of cycle paths, as well as the whole of Taiwan. The bicycle is certainly one of the best ways to visit it, as it guarantees sustainable tourism!

In the city there is a public rental service, the Taipei Bike Sharing System. The first 30 min of rental are free, then the rates are very affordable: 10,00 TWD (€ 0,30) every 30 min up to 4 h, after 4 h 20,00 TWD (€ 0,60) every 30 min. As we have already said, the city is very large and if finding your way around is a problem, opt for a bike tour relying on an expert guide who will take you to explore hidden corners, alleys and gems off the beaten path.

Con i mezzi pubblici

To move around the city, definitely the the best way is the metro, very practical and fast! There are also many buses, but you may find some difficulties with the language and, above all, they may have delays due to traffic. Very useful is the Taipei Fun Pass, lasting 3 days, which also includes free and unlimited use of the vehicles for its entire duration!

If you are short on time and also want to enjoy one vista panoramica of the city, use the practical hop-on-hop-off tourist bus, which will allow you to get on and off without restrictions and limits at each stop for the entire validity of your ticket (from 24h or 48h). To visit the most important places in the city without worrying about calling taxis or calculating transport by public transport, take advantage of a private tour by car that will take you to discover Taipei at your own pace.


The metro is the means more convenient and faster to visit Taipei! It has 5 lines, indicated in different colors, more than 100 stations and 121,4 km of tracks. The Brown line is one of the most used by tourists, as it is the panoramic line that runs on the surface, while those that mainly run through the center, leading to different attractions, are the Orange line and the Blue line.

With regard to rates, a single ride ticket costs from TWD 20,00 (€ 0,60) to TWD 65,00 (€ 1,95) based on the distance traveled and can be purchased at automatic machines in metro stations. If a day involves several trips, it is recommended to bring subscriptions, such as the One-Day Pass, which lasts from the moment of validation to the end of the service, then midnight, or the Taipei Metro Multi-day Pass (from 24h, 48h and 72h). The 24h one, unlike the One-Day Pass, is valid for 24h from the moment of validation.

  • Downloadable map: official site
  • from 6:00 am to midnight
  • Ticket / single ride cost: from 20,00 TWD (€ 0,60) to 65,00 TWD (€ 1,95)
  • Cost of ticket booklet / season ticket: One-Day Pass 150,00 TWD (€ 4,50), 24h Pass 180,00 TWD (€ 5,40), 48h Pass 280,00 TWD (€ 8,40), 72h Pass 380,00 TWD (€ 11,40)


Taipei has a really city bus network very extensive and capillary, which allows you to reach any area of ​​the city, even in the most peripheral districts. It can turn out though difficult to find your way around, as most of the directions are in the local language, so this means is recommended only if you are unable to reach your destination by metro (however, preferably a taxi).

With regard to rates, these are very affordable! They are calculated on the basis of the route, starting from a minimum sum of 15,00 TWD (€ 0,45) for the shortest section, up to 45,00 TWD (€ 1,35) for the longest section. Generally, a ticket for the short journey is enough to get around the attractions.

  • from 5:00 am to midnight
  • Ticket / single ride cost: from 15,00 TWD (€ 0,45) to 45,00 TWD (€ 1,35)
  • Cost of ticket booklet / season ticket:

By car

Getting around Taipei by car is really not recommended, you can easily move by public transport, with the tourist bus and with private drivers at excellent prices.
Before renting a car you need to keep in mind three important factors that affect this choice:

  1. traffic it is really intense at any time of day and made up not only of cars, but also of lots of motorbikes;
  2. the obstacle of the language, which would make it impossible to find your way around and understand the signs;
  3. the parking lots they are for the most part covered, both underground and external to many floors, you would waste a lot of time finding a place, leaving the parking and then returning to the car, with the possibility of "getting lost" inside the garages.

The best choice is taxis: these are in fact numerous, always active and not too expensive! Certainly cheaper than a car rental. The basic rate is 70,00 TWD (€ 2,10) to which 25,00 TWD (€ 0,75) must be added for each km traveled. At night they may be subject to surcharges, generally the base rate starts at 90,00 TWD (€ 2,70).

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