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Salamanca, the capital of the region of the same name, is a beautiful location and a lively university town, which hosts kids of different ages from all over the world! It is therefore a young city, full of clubs and activities, but which absolutely deserves to be visited. It is not very extensive and the best way to discover it is on foot, but you can still rely on different means of transport!

Here is everything you need to know about how to move in Salamanca: info, costs and advice!


  1. Useful Tips
  2. How to get from the airport to the center of Salamanca
  3. How to get around on foot
  4. Con i mezzi pubblici
  5. By car
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Useful Tips

The best way to visit the city is walking! The historic center is in fact very small, the main attractions are all close together and, for a very first approach, we recommend a guided walking tour, even better if with a local guide, to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Salamanca.
No means is properly discouraged, but car rental can be of little use, as there is no need to move by car! In fact, you can also count on buses and taxis for some longer routes.

If you intend to use the bus, the purchase of the Tarjeta bono-bus is very useful, a rechargeable card that costs only € 2,00 but which allows you to travel on city buses for € 0,59 each way (normal cost of a single ticket € 1,05). There are no other means of public transport or cards and passes!

  • Recommended solutions and means: on foot, taxi
  • Solutions and means not recommended: car
  • City cards and season tickets recommended: Tarjeta bono-bus (purchase € 2,00 -)

How to get from the airport to the center of Salamanca

Salamanca has a small airport, the Salamanca-Matacàn, which is located about 20 km from the center. However, mainly internal flights land here, so unless you arrive by plane from another Spanish city, the best choice is to land in Madrid, Madrid-Barajas, and from there move to Salamanca.

The distance between Salamanca and Madrid airport is 248 km (2 hours 14 minutes by car). If you are planning a road trip, surely the best solution is rent the car directly to the airport and reach the city via the A-50. Alternatively, you can also reach Salamanca by public transport, such as the train and bus!

Salamanca-Matacàn airport

  • Distance from the center: 20 km / travel time: 20 min;
  • By taxi: average cost € 20,00 / travel time: 20 min
  • By bus: average cost € 3,00 / Arrivals Terminal

Madrid-Barajas Airport

  • Distance from the center: 248 km / travel time: 2 h 15 min
  • By train: train via Chamartin (with change in Madrid-Chamartin) / ticket cost: € 25,00
  • By taxi: average cost € 200,00 / travel time: 2 h 15 min
  • By bus: average cost € 20,00 / Avanza Bus, Flixbus lines

How to get around on foot

Salamanca is a perfect city to be explored on foot! In fact, the historic center is not very extensive and all the main attractions are close to them.

The advice is to take a guided walking tour, even better if with a local guide, for a first approach to the city and to become familiar with the points of reference and then be able to move independently.
The starting point for a perfect itinerary is definitely Plaza Mayor, and from here reaching the main attractions does not require long walks: the Convento de las Dueñas is 500 m, La Clerecía 400 m, the famous university 500 m and the Roman Bridge, which could be one of the most distant attractions, is only 1,1, km.

Con i mezzi pubblici

The only active public transport in the city is thebus, both night and day, there are no metro or trams. Alternatively, taxis can be useful, very cheap and active 24 hours a day (to go from one point to another in the historic center you spend an average of € 24). In summer, however, the tourist train, a small train that goes around the main points of the city.


The city bus service is operated by the Salamanca De Transportes company and consists of 13 lines plus 2 at night. The daytime lines are indicated by a number ranging from 1 to 13, while the night lines are called N1 Rute Norte and N2 Ruta Sur. The buses are generally active from 7:15 am to 22:30 pm, with some possible variations in case of holidays.

As regards the Tickets, these can only be purchased on board the bus, at a cost of € 1,05 (make sure you have the right money). It is possible to buy the Tarjeta bono-bus, the rechargeable card at a cost of € 2,00 to be recharged with € 5,00, € 10,00 or € 20,00, which allows you to travel by paying a € 0,59 ride. To take advantage of the passes, which in any case start from the monthly (there is no weekly or daily), you must be in possession of the transport identification card with traveler data and passport photo.

  • Downloadable map: official site
  • by 7: 15 22 to: 30
  • Ticket / single ride cost: € 1,05 to be purchased on board; € 0,59 if in possession of the rechargeable card

Tourist Train

In summer the tourist train is active, which leaves from Plaza de Anaya and makes a full city tour in about 30 min, passing through the most touristic points and the most famous areas. It may be suitable for seeing the city in a different way, especially if you are traveling with children! Or maybe the first day, to get one overview of Salamanca!

  • in summer every day from 10 am to 00 pm, departures every 20 min
  • € 4,00, reduced 3-12 years € 2,00, reduced over € 653,00

By car

The city can be easily explored on foot, even rarely using buses or taxis. It is therefore really car rental not recommended, as not very useful. Another matter if you are taking a road trip that touches different cities in Spain. But, even in this case, for the city you don't need a car, which you can leave in the parking lot of your hotel!

Stops and parking

If you arrive in Salamanca by car, the best thing is to look for an accommodation that also has a parking service, in order to always leave the car in the same guarded place. In any case, the city is full of parking lots, also near the historic center. For example, near the Plaza Mayor are the Parking Santa Eulalia Empark, the Parking LE MANS and the Parking Campillo Centro Salamanca, all underground parking. Prices start, on average, from € 1,00 / hour, and can be higher if you use apps or sites to book a seat (even from € 2,00 / hour).

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