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Not far from Italy, Nice is one of the main French cities. Elegant, colorful, with a beautiful sea and always kissed by the sun, a city that will make you fall in love with its sumptuous old town full of baroque buildings and the beautiful promenade surrounded by luxury hotels and casinos.

If you are curious to visit it and want to start planning your trip, here is one guide on how to get there and how to move around Nice: info, costs and advice.


  1. Useful Tips
  2. How to get from the airport to the center of Nice
  3. How to get around on foot
  4. How to get around by bicycle
  5. Con i mezzi pubblici
  6. By car
  7. User questions and comments

Useful Tips

There is no shortage of means of transport in Nice! Being spoiled for choice, we want to help you decide by giving you our personal advice. We all prefer the tramway, a quick solution that in a few minutes and a few stops reaches the main points of the city. The tourist bus is also recommended, ideal if you have little time available, thanks to the stops located at strategic points, and you want to enjoy a panoramic view of the city!

Do not forget the bike sharing, best choice for a green visit to the city. To do this in complete safety, the advice is to first take a guided bike tour in Italian, to familiarize yourself with the cycle paths and traffic in Nice. Instead, we recommend that you walk to the downtown area and the seafront. For a first approach, here too opt for a guided walking tour of the center and the castle hill.

  • Recommended solutions and means: on foot in the center, tramway, tourist bus, bike
  • Solutions and means not recommended: taxi and car
  • City cards and season tickets recommended: French Riviera Pass (from € 26,00 -), day ticket (from € 5,00)

How to get from the airport to the center of Nice

Nice airport, the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, is located just 7 km from the city. It is very easy to move to the center thanks to the airport bus service, identified with the number 99 (20 min, € 6,00). The bus leaves from the square just outside the arrivals area. There are also very many taxi traveling to the center of Nice at the fixed rate of € 32,00 each way, which takes just under the bus. Alternatively, you can book a private transfer before departure.

Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

  • Distance from the center: 7,3 km / travel time: 20 min;
  • By taxi: average cost € 32,00 / travel time: 15 min;
  • By bus: average cost € 6,00 / line 99
  • Private transfer: private transfer between the airport and Nice

How to get around on foot

Nice's main attractions are all concentrate in its historic center, at fairly close distances between them. The area itself is not overly large, indeed, it has the right dimensions that allow it to also visit it on foot. For a first approach to the city, we recommend a guided walking tour of the center and of the castle hill, ideal for settling in and identifying the main landmarks.

An unmissable area of ​​Nice is the its beautiful waterfront, the Promenade des Anglais. However, the center and the promenade are about twenty minutes walk from each other so for this stretch it is advisable to prefer moving by public transport, as the promenade extends for 7 km and it would be a shame to arrive already tired . We therefore recommend that you save your energy and legs to enjoy this beautiful walk!

For others itineraries on foot and by public transport, download our Smart Guide for visiting Nice for free.

How to get around by bicycle

The bicycle is a great way to explore the city! Nice has a bike sharing service called Velo Bleu. The service includes nearly 1.800 bicycles, all cheerfully blue, spread across 175 stations across the city. As regards the rates, the first 30 minutes are free, then € 1,00 for the next 30 minutes, € 2,00 per hour. The daily service costs € 3,00. You can find more info on the official website.

This is certainly a fun and green way to explore the city. To do this in complete safety, the advice is to first take a guided bike tour in Italian, to familiarize yourself with the cycle paths and traffic in Nice. If you like the experience, then we also recommend the panoramic E-Bike tour of the Côte d'Azur starting from Nice.

Con i mezzi pubblici

Nice enjoys aexcellent and efficient public transport service, equipped with modern means that connect every corner of the city. The first solution, convenient and fast, is the tramway. The alternative is the extensive bus network. Those who love to explore the city in an ecological and fun way will appreciate the Velo Bleu, that is the bike sharing that provides many blue bicycles that can be used 24 hours a day.

If you are short on time or want to enjoy a panoramic tour of the city, we recommend the tourist bus, from which you can get on and off without any limit for the duration of your ticket (1 or 2 days). The stops are all located in strategic points of the city, close to the main attractions.


The tramway is a service managed by the Ligne d'Azur company. It is about a unique line which runs 9,2 km crossing the city from north to south stopping near the main buildings, structures and points of interest such as the Saint Roch Hospital, Nice Ville central station, the Acropolis, Avenue Jean Médecin, Piazza Garibaldi and Masséna square.

Il single ticket is valid for 74 minutes, but if you plan to take the tramway several times in a day, we recommend purchasing a day ticket!

  • Downloadable map: tramway-nice
  • by 4: 25 21 to: 00
  • Ticket / single ride cost: € 1,50
  • Cost of ticket booklet / season ticket: daily € 5,00, weekly € 15,00, 10 rides carnet € 10,00


The buses are also operated by Ligne d'Azur, but this time it's about a truly capillary service. The bus network is divided into a hundred lines (5 of which are nocturnal) to reach every point of the city.

  • Downloadable map: bus-nice
  • from 4:25 to 21:00, at night from 21:00 to 1:10
  • Ticket / single ride cost: € 1,50
  • Cost of ticket booklet / season ticket: daily € 5,00, weekly € 15,00, 10 rides carnet € 10,00

Car sharing

Car Sharing also offers blue vehicles (all electric) and for this reason it takes the name of Auto Bleu. To use it and collect a vehicle is online booking required on the official website. However It is not recommended to visit Nice by car due to high traffic, especially during rush hour.

  • 24 hours on 24
  • Ticket / single ride cost: registration to the service € 24,00, service fee € 8,00 / h
  • Cost of ticket booklet / season ticket: 10 H per month € 50,00, each subsequent hour € 5,00


There are 350 taxis in Nice they travel 24 hours a day in the city and in suburban areas. It is not difficult to find one, especially if you are near the seafront.

The service is obviously more expensive than the other means already described and, as is well known, the rates vary according to the length of the journey. Furthermore, after 18:00 the night rate is applied which is higher than the day rate. We also point out that for more than 4 passengers and for any luggage a supplement is applied.

  • 24 hours on 24
  • Ticket / single ride cost: start of the race € 3,30 + each km € 1,50

By car

The car is certainly the best way to be independent and reduce waiting times for public transport. However, visiting Nice by car is not recommended due to the high traffic, especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

As for the area of ​​the historic center, opt directly for one of the means of transport that we have listed, while you can take into consideration the car to reach the city and then forget it. at your accommodation and continue by public transport. If you are staying in neighborhoods adjacent to the historic center (where there are no ZTL areas and it is less difficult to find parking spaces) and you intend to visit the surroundings of Nice as well, then you could opt to rent a car.

Stops and parking

If you decide to travel by car, Nice offers numerous parking spaces for a total capacity of 19.000 seats spread across the city, the only problem for non-residents is that the maximum stop allowed is only 2 hours. For stops of up to 60 minutes the service is free, while for stops of two hours the cost is € 1,30 / h, by making the ticket in the special columns on site. These rules are applied from Monday to Saturday 9am-00pm.

There are several large squares in which to park and all in very convenient areas to reach the main points of the city. For example, near the seafront we point out the Promenade des Arts, Corvésy and Palais Masséna car parks, while in the historic center Park Azzur and Parking Nice Etoile. Finally, very close to the train station, the Raimbaldi car park and the Palmeira car park. Once you have left your car in one of these areas, it will not be a problem to move around near each car park there are bus or tramway stops.

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