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    Getting around in New Orleans: car, transport and public transportation

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    There are so many things to see in New Orleans and time is not always enough and distances can sometimes be deceiving ... consequently, as for other American cities, organizing your stay in a strategic way is essential. We have already dedicated an article to how to choose the best neighborhood to sleep in New Orleans, but now we have to face the question of distances and travel.

    How to find your way around this beautiful Louisiana city? Is it advisable to turn it by car? How much can we rely on transport and public transport to move from one part of the city to another? In summary: how to get around in New Orleans?


    • New Orleans in Auto
    • New Orleans on foot
    • New Orleans in autobus
    • street car
    • I taxi a New Orleans
    • New Orleans by bicycle
    • … and now? What are the next steps?

    New Orleans in Auto

    Unless you intend to stay there for a number of days, exploring around the main tourist areas, you won't need to rent a car in New Orleans. The city is in fact particularly suitable to be explored on foot, strolling through its picturesque streets. The latter are often narrow, full of holes and crowded and finding a parking space can be a challenge (not to mention the prices!).

    The city is actually supported by a good public transport system, and a streetcar ride (the New Orleans tram) can be not only practical but also a pleasant and quaint experience. Obviously, if you visit New Orleans as a stop on a more extensive road trip, you will already be in the car, and in this case I leave you 3 tips:

    1. However, I do not recommend that you take the car to visit areas such as those of the French Quarter
    2. An international license is required to drive in Louisiana
    3. To save money and not be caught unprepared, take a look at our tips for renting a car in the USA low cost.

    New Orleans on foot

    Walking is certainly the best way to visit New Orleans, the only real way not to miss the many attractions that characterize it; the important thing is to book the hotel in the right area, so I recommend you read our article on where to sleep in New Orleans!

    New Orleans in autobus

    New Orleans has a good public bus system. The fare is $ 1,25 but remember that you must have the exact amount in banknotes or coins to get on, alternatively you can use a JazzyPass, a very interesting solution as it allows an unlimited number of rides on all tram lines ( Streetcar) and buses. Prices are $ 3 for 1 day and $ 9 for 3 days and can be purchased when boarding public transport. 

    Find all the info on the RTA website, the New Orleans public transport agency.

    street car

    It is the oldest continuously operating tram line in the world (it was put into operation in 1835) and is operated by the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA). In addition to being a National Historic Landmark, the St. Charles Avenue streetcar line is also a convenient, scenic, and fun way to get from downtown to Uptown (and vice versa).

    These are old green trams that in New Orleans have become true city icons, they run 24 hours a day and at fairly frequent intervals (and are often crowded). For info on timetables, consult the RTA website.

    I taxi a New Orleans

    New Orleans is full of taxis and it won't be difficult for you to hail one of the many passing through the Central Business District or the French Quarter. Rates are as follows: $ 3,50 when entering + $ 2,40 per mile. However, during special events (for example Mardi Gras) the prices increase.

    New Orleans by bicycle

    Biking is also a great way to wander the streets of New Orleans, which also boasts a number of new bike paths. For a variety of bicycle and mountain bike tours take a look at this page.

    … and now? What are the next steps?

    Once you understand the operation of transport and travel in the city, it is time to choose the area of ​​accommodation. In this regard, I suggest you take a look at our article on where to sleep in New Orleans.

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