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    Getting around in Cagliari: info, costs and advice

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    Move and visit the Sardinian capital it is a need of many tourists and visitors, who choose the splendid Mediterranean island not only for the beaches and the sea but also for the wide tourist offer on offer. The city center is easy to visit on foot, thanks to its small size. There are, however, various types of transport services, from taxis to public transport such as the surface underground and city buses.

    Are you planning a trip to beautiful Sardinia, perhaps starting from its capital? Here is everything you need to know about how to move in Cagliari: info, costs and advice!


    1. Useful Tips
    2. How to get from the airport to the center of Cagliari
    3. How to get around on foot
    4. How to get around by bicycle
    5. Con i mezzi pubblici
    6. By car
    7. User questions and comments

    Useful Tips

    The city lends itself to being explored on foot and by bicycle, at the most using bus and metro. For a first approach to the city, we recommend that you take part in a scenic bike ride or, if you want to try something different, a Segway tour. In both cases you will always be accompanied by a local guide, who will make you all the musts in total safety!

    Car and taxi are not recommended, to be used at most as a transfer to and from the airport. The car, on the other hand, becomes a winning and almost mandatory solution if you want to experience a road trip along the region.

    If you intend to use the metro and city buses often, consider the 12-journey booklet (€ 13,00), which saves you money. In this regard, the My Cagliari Card, the first tourist card of the neighborhood, totally free, which allows you to get discounts in the structures and shops within the Marina as well as one hour of free bike rental.

    • Recommended solutions and means: on foot, metro and bike sharing for the center; car for the surroundings
    • Solutions and means not recommended: taxi and car in the center
    • City cards and season tickets recommended: My Cagliari card (free -), 12 metro and bus tickets (€ 13,00)

    How to get from the airport to the center of Cagliari

    Cagliari is served by Mario Mameli International Airport. This is the largest port of call in Sardinia and boasts traffic from over 50 European cities.

    To reach the city center from the airport you can use the Arst shuttle bus service which will take you to Piazza Matteotti, located between the port and the railway station of the capital. An alternative to the shuttle is the train, inside the airport it is present a train station from which the new trains depart which directly connect the airport with the center of Cagliari (8 min). The service is offered by the State Railways. Finally, outside the arrivals terminal you can find taxis that take you to any destination.

    Mario Mameli International Airport

    • Distance from the center: 8 km / travel time: 15 min;
    • By train: State Railways regional trains / ticket cost: € 1,30 / travel time: 8 min
    • By taxi: average cost € 15,00 / travel time: 15 min
    • By bus: lines 9 and 19 / average cost € 1,30 / travel time: 15 min

    How to get around on foot

    As already mentioned, the center of Cagliari can also be easily visited on foot without too much effort, as it is rather small and not too extensive. To give you an idea of ​​the distances, the historic center is enclosed between the Central Railway Station and the Parco della Musica, the journey between the two points is just under 3 km, which can be covered in 35 minutes on foot.

    Also, they are available of pedestrian areas completely closed to traffic. Within these are the main attractions of the city, such as the Bastion of Saint Remy, the National Archaeological Museum or the Roman Amphitheater.

    How to get around by bicycle

    Cycling could be an alternative to consider, especially for exploring the waterfront. There are numerous rental stations, generally located in strategic tourist areas, such as the port, the station and the promenade, which offer offers starting from only € 8,00.

    About this, for a first approach to the city, it is also possible to participate in fun panoramic bike tours, with specialized local guides who in about 2 hours offer a complete tour of the city. For a more fun but always green experience, you can also opt for a 3-hour Segway tour!

    Con i mezzi pubblici

    To move around the city and its surroundings are available very efficient public transport, including the light rail, urban and suburban buses. The costs are equal in all means. Regardless of whether you travel by bus or metro, the price for the ordinary ticket is always € 1,30.

    If you want to go to outlying areas of the city, it is better to rely on bus lines that also reach out-of-town locations. If the idea is to make a short stay in Cagliari and then go out to discover the rest of Sardinia, then we recommend renting a car, to make all movements easier and, above all, faster.

    Light rail

    Recently inaugurated, the light metro line of Cagliari has recently been part of the city's public transport offer. It connects the city center to Monserrato and the main station is that of Piazza Repubblica.

    • Downloadable map: map-metro-cagliari
    • by 5: 54 22 to: 30
    • Ticket / single ride cost: ordinary 90 min € 1,30
    • Cost of ticket booklet / season ticket: integrated ticket for all means 2 h € 2,00, daily € 3,30, weekly € 12,00, 12-journey booklet € 13,00


    - city ​​and suburban buses of the CTM company operate both within the city and in the neighboring municipalities of Quartu Sant'Elena, Monserrato, Quartucciu, Selargius, Elmas, Assemini and Decimomannu. The same company provides the open tour bus service, the CTM Cagliari Tour.

    • Downloadable map: cagliari-bus-map
    • every day from 7: 30 to 21: 30
    • Ticket / single ride cost: ordinary 90 min € 1,30
    • Cost of ticket booklet / season ticket: integrated ticket for all means 2 h € 2,00, daily € 3,30, weekly € 12,00, 12-journey booklet € 13,00


    In Cagliari it is also possible to travel by taxi, but given the abundance, efficiency and convenience of public transport (also considering that the center can also be visited on foot) recommended to contact this service only in particular conditions and mostly for the journey to and from the airport. The same goes for rental with driver and for car rental, the latter recommended only if you intend to visit the surroundings of the Sardinian capital and reach significant distances.

    • 24h
    • Ticket / single ride cost: starting rate € 3,00 / 1-URBAN rate progressive step per km / time (every 100 m / 15 sec) € ​​1,10 / 2-EXTRA-URBAN rate progressive step per km / for the first 15 km (every 100 mt. ) € 1,50. Detailed info on the official website

    By car

    Visiting Cagliari by car is the choice for those who want to move freely and above all he intends to move to other Sardinian locations without having to submit to limitations or time constraints. If you do not arrive in the city with your own vehicle, there are numerous rental agencies, both in the city and at the airport (from € 13,00 per day).

    However, moving by car within the city center is definitely not recommended: in fact, it should be considered that much of the city has limited traffic, while the roads open to cars can be quite busy. So, if you rent a car directly at the airport because you have planned an on the road, we recommend that you find it in Cagliari accommodation with parking service included for your guests, and leave your car there for the actual days you will spend visiting the city, and then take it back when you have to discover the surroundings.


    In Cagliari they are there are 6 different Limited Traffic Zones: Poetto, Castello, Marina, Stampace Basso, Stampace Alto and Villanova. Each area has precise timetables which can be consulted on the website of the Municipality of Cagliari in the appropriate section.

    Access and parking in these areas are allowed without any formalities only to mopeds, cycles, vehicles with animal traction. For the ZTL Castello, Marina, Stampace Alto, Stampace Basso and Villanova is a pass of € 5,00 is required.

    Stops and parking

    Also painful is the speech parking. Parking on the road is usually subject to a fee (blue stripes), generally in the time slot 9: 00-13: 00 and 16: 00-20: 00, with ordinary rate of € 0,50 for the first hour and € 1,00 from the second hour onwards. But parking on the street is not easy, since parking is forbidden in all areas in the ZTL and, where possible, the parking lots are almost all occupied.

    The most important public car park in Cagliari serving the ZTL is the Regina Elena multi-storey car park, along the avenue of the same name. The rate is € 1,60 / h, with a maximum daily rate of € 8,00 (Get directions). There are several car parks in the Poetto area and along the promenade, some free and some for a fee, but if you move in summer, especially July and August, finding parking can become a real challenge, so we recommend you reach the areas early in the morning.

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