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Alghero is the fifth largest city in Sardinia, with its approximately 44 inhabitants, and is also one of the gateways to the island. Every year it welcomes many tourists coming not only from the Peninsula, but also from the rest of the world, thanks to the Fertilia airport. City surrounded by walls, offers a pedestrian historical center where it is pleasant to stroll through the shops and windows, but if you have special needs you can count on a rather varied and efficient public transport system.

Here is a guide on how to get around Alghero: info, costs and advice!


  1. Useful Tips
  2. How to get from the airport to the center of Alghero
  3. How to get around on foot
  4. Con i mezzi pubblici
  5. By car
  6. User questions and comments

Useful Tips

Alghero boasts a rich historic center, which can be visited completely on foot, also due to the Limited Traffic Zones.

However, Sardinia is also known for its incomparable beaches: in this case, to reach the beaches it is advisable to use the bus, an economical and punctual vehicle, which reaches the points of greatest interest, or a rental car, for greater freedom.

If you are planning several trips within a day, then the purchase of the daily ticket, valid until midnight on the day of validation.

  • Recommended solutions and means: on foot, bus to the beaches, car to get around
  • Solutions and means not recommended: car to move around the city
  • City cards and season tickets recommended: day ticket (from € 2,50)

How to get from the airport to the center of Alghero

The city airport is theAlghero-Fertilia Airport and is located just 10 km from the city center. It is well connected to the rest of Italy, with several daily routes.

There are several ways to reach the tourist area of ​​Alghero from the airport, the most comfortable and cheapest is undoubtedly the bus. In the car park, about 100 m from the terminal, there is the bus stop of the ALFA line that connects the airport with the center, with guaranteed daily frequencies all year round (20 min, € 1,00, purchased on board € 1,50). Alternatively, you can take a taxi (20 min, € 20,00).

From Alghero-Fertilia airport to the center

  • Distance from the center: 10 km / travel time: 25 min;
  • By taxi: average cost € 20,00 / travel time: 25 min
  • By bus: average cost € 1,00 / ALFA line

How to get around on foot

The historic center of Alghero is completely pedestrian, enclosed within the city walls and rather intimate. It is therefore a must to explore the narrow streets of the center on foot, to discover the must-sees. Stroll from Porta a Mare to Piazza Civica, until you reach the religious heart of Alghero, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Immacolata, dating back to the th century. And the best way to end the day is certainly by strolling along the ramparts of San Marco and San Cristoforo, from which to enjoy a breathtaking view.
There is no lack of shopping opportunities, with shops selling local handicrafts and coral jewelry, a true symbol of the city.

Con i mezzi pubblici

Although the historic center is only accessible on foot, for some tourists you may need to use public transport to visit the city beaches. The urban bus service offers several lines that also reach neighboring towns. This vehicle is also the cheapest, you can buy the single ticket, valid for 90 minutes for € 1,00, or the day ticket for € 2,50.


Urban public transport is guaranteed by the ARST company and offers 5 lines that connect the various areas of the city. Tickets can be purchased at authorized resellers (tobacconists and newsagents) and at the ticket office in the Giuseppe Manno Public Gardens (Via Catalogna at the corner of Via Cagliari). On board the bus it is necessary to validate using the appropriate validators.

As for fares, the single ticket is valid for 90 minutes and costs € 1,00, if purchased on board € 1,50. The day ticket is recommended only if you plan to make several trips (€ 2,80, valid until midnight on the day of validation)

  • by 6: 00 24 to: 00
  • Ticket / single ride cost: € 1,00, if purchased on board € 1,50
  • Cost of ticket booklet / season ticket: daily ticket € 2,80, weekly ticket € 10,00


In the center of Alghero there are two taxi parking areas: the first in Via Vittorio Emanuele 1 (in front of the Public Gardens) and the second at the Port - Scalo Tarantiello (close to the walls of the ancient city). The trips are made by two companies, the Radio Taxi Consortium and the Alghero Taxi Consortium, both recognizable by white cars with the word "taxi" clearly visible. When you are not near the rest areas, you can contact your taxi by phone.

  • winter period from Sunday to Thursday 5: 00-1: 00, Friday and Saturday 24 hours a day; summer period 24 hours a day
  • Ticket / single ride cost: ride starting from € 15,00


Alghero has a railway station well located in the city center, but from which only regional trains run by Trenitalia pass. For this reason, it is not possible to use this means of transport to move around the city, but only to reach the neighboring towns, such as Sassari, Molafà, San Giorgio, Arcone, Olmedo, Mamuntanas, Punta Moro and Serra, for which there is a connection every 20 minutes.

  • by 6: 00 21 to: 00
  • Ticket / single ride cost: from € 2,00 each way depending on the destination

By car

In Sardinia it is always useful to have a car to be able to reach the most peripheral areas, like the more evocative beaches than the inland villages, which are not always connected to the main cities.

However, the historic center of Alghero is a Limited Traffic Zone, so it is advisable to leave your car at the facility where you reside and turn on foot or by bus, to avoid entering these areas by mistake and incurring penalties.


The entire historic center of Alghero is affected by the ZTL, for which it is not possible to circulate inside with motor vehicles, unless you have special permits, which are granted only to residents, law enforcement agencies or vehicles assigned to loading and unloading. The times when the gates are active are:

  • from midnight to 8:00
  • by 10: 30 14 to: 30
  • by 16: 30 24 to: 00

These times are valid every day of the week, all year round. In each street affected by the ZTL, a pedestrian area is also established.
For more information on any exceptions or time variations of the active gates, it is advisable to visit the official website of Accessibility of Historic Centers and the official website of the city of Alghero.

Stops and parking

Parking close to the historic center of Alghero is allowed in special blue stalls for a fee, with the cost of € 0,50 / hour. At the same rate, it is also possible to park in Parking areas: the closest to the center, with indoor seats, is the Piazza dei Mercati car park (Get directions), connected to the main attractions with a pedestrian path of about 10 min. A little further away, about 12 minutes from the center, there are the parking areas Piazzale della Pace (also suitable for campers) and Via XX Settembre. All car parks are open 24 hours a day, 24 days a year. For more information, you can consult the official website.

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