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    Georgia Top 10: what to see in the Empire State of the South

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    Georgia on my Mind sang Ray Charles and this piece has become the state's anthem. Historical buildings dating back to the period before the American Civil War, plantations, battlefields theater of bloody conflicts, places where the history of the civil rights of African Americans e southern music. All this, and much more, awaits you if you decide to enter the Georgia in your southern states itinerary.

    Obviously, like all the top 10, this one too can be accused of being extremely subjective. To make this list I have in fact left out many attractions and hidden gems that would certainly be worth visiting, but to list them all would have been impossible. In fact, with this article I have tried to give a first general idea of ​​what one can expect when visiting Georgia.


    • Atlanta
    • Savannah
    • Builder
    • Wormsloe Historic Site
    • Pebble Hill Plantation
    • Providence Canyon
    • Stone Mountain Park
    • Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park
    • Rock city
    • Okefenokee Swamp
    • Saint Simons Island (bonus)


    Welcome to the state capital of Georgia and Coca Cola! The city gained international fame also thanks to the 1996 Olympics which for weeks brought it to have all the eyes of the world on it.

    Do not miss to visit the particular State Capitol with a completely gilded dome. Atlanta is also one of the most important centers in the civil rights history of African Americans. Do not miss a visit to the birthplace of Martin Luther King, as well as a tour inside the Center for Civil & Human Rights.

    Are you a lover of TV shows? Then you may already know that Atlanta was used as the location for The Walking Dead television series. If you want to find out everything the city has in store for you, read our article completely dedicated to what to see in Atlanta.


    A real pearl of Georgia, Savannah is a town with an ancient charm that has managed to keep its character intact despite the passage of time. Definitely worth taking a stroll in the pleasant Victorian neighborhood, in the Historic District and along Forsyth Park where the shade provided by the large oaks offers some shelter even on the hottest days.

    You will also have the opportunity to take a photo of yourself on the iconic bench of Forrest Gump located in Chippewa Square, one of the many characteristic squares of the city. If you want to get a more detailed idea of ​​what awaits you in this city, you can read our in-depth study dedicated to what to see in Savannah.


    This town is located practically halfway between Savannah and Atlanta and can therefore be considered a perfect strategic point for planning your itinerary. It has many buildings that date back to the period before the civil war, some very well preserved that can be visited thanks to special tours, among all I recommend the one to Johnston–Felton–Hay House.

    Johnston–Felton–Hay House
    The Big House

    Macon, however, is not only buildings with beautiful historic architecture but also a real one cradle of music "Southern". The city was in fact the birthplace of Otis Redding, Little Richard and saw the birth of an influential group for American music: the Allman Brothers Band. If you are a fan, a tour of the group's house, known as la, is particularly recommended Big House, as well as a visit to the Otis Redding Foundation.

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    Wormsloe Historic Site

    Known more simply as Wormsloe Plantation this is one of the historical reasons most famous and photographed of Georgia even though there is no more ... the paint reason itself! How is it possible you say? Well you will have an answer to this question by walking through the scenography tree-lined avenue over two kilometers. In fact, the oaks on the sides of the road form a panorama that is difficult to match.

    The land belonged to Noble Jones one of the first English settlers to settle in the first half of the 1700s in what will become the state of Georgia. Today you can visit a museum dedicated to the history of the plantation and the early development of Georgia, as well as embarking on a path that will take you to observe what remains of the plantation.

    Admission requires $ 10 for adults, $ 4.5 for 6-17 year olds and $ 2 for under 6s The Wormsloe Historic Site is located in Savannah, the address is 7601 Skidaway Road , Savannah, GA 31406, Chatham County.

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    Pebble Hill Plantation

    After mentioning a plantation that no longer exists, let's go and visit a real one that has been able to resist wonderfully over the years. Built in 1826 the Pebble Hill Plantation it has been perfectly preserved up to the present day. You can visit the interior and take a walk along the property. So get ready to go on a real journey through time. Given its undeniable charm, this plantation is chosen as the location for many exclusive events and weddings.

    To enter Pebble Hill, you pay a $ 5.50 admission fee. If you want, you can take tours of the plantation at a cost of $ 16. Pebble Hill Plantation is located southwest of Thomasville, to reach it you need to take US-319.

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    Providence Canyon

    One of the most spectacular natural attractions in the state so much so that it is also known as the Little Grand Canyon of Georgia. Unlike its more famous alter ego from Arizona, however, this canyon was not formed by the erosive force of a river, but by unsuccessful agricultural practices. In fact, the farmers of this area never took any kind of precaution to avoid soil erosion and what we can see today is the result. Not all evil comes to harm because it is only thanks to this error of assessment that we can admire this particular natural beauty.

    The name derives from the Methodist church di Providece which is still inside the park today. You can admire the Canyon from the observation points along the way or you can choose various scenic routes. If you have time, the advice is to undertake the best known or the Canyon Loop Trail about 8 kilometers. Walking inside the park you will also find the carcasses of old cars, owned by a local farm, which was decided not to move because they are now considered in some way "an integral part of the ecosystem".

    There is a fee of $ 5 per car to see this natural beauty. Located 11 kilometers west of Lumpkin along Canyon Road, the address is 8930 Canyon Road, Lumpkin, GA 31815, Stewart County. The closest city of some size is Columbus about 70 kilometers away.

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    Stone Mountain Park

    Halfway between a amusement park it's a natural Park: I think this is the best way to summarize what awaits you at Stone Mountain Park. It is themost visited attraction of Georgia and certainly one of the most particular. Your attention will immediately be drawn to the gigantic "monadnock" (a gigantic boulder that stands out against an otherwise flat surrounding environment) in which the largest bas-relief in the world. There are depicted three southern leaders of the Civil War (for this reason there has also been controversy lately) or Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee.

    You can reach the top of Stone Mountain through a path on foot or, more comfortably, with one funivia. But things to do at Stone Mountain Park certainly don't end here, you will find a real funfair, a dinosaur theme park, a 4D cinema, a panoramic railway line and what is perhaps the most interesting attraction, that is the 'Historic Square: an area in which we wanted to recreate the atmosphere of 800th century Georgia using original buildings of the time.

    Since this is an area where there are many things to do, there is not a single ticket but you can choose the one that suits you best depending on what you are interested in doing. I therefore refer you to the official website where you can see the detailed prices. Stone Mountain Park is located in the city of the same name just over 30 kilometers northeast of Atlanta. The address is 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

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    Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park

    Behind this high-sounding and almost unpronounceable name lies one of the most important historical sites of the American Civil War, which recalls the battle of Chickamauga and Chattanooga. The park can be defined as divided into two large parts: the one that develops on the heights of Lookout mountain (which is located in Tennessee) and that which is instead found in the great expanse where the battle of Chickamauga was fought (in the territory of Georgia).

    There are numerous trails, but nature lovers will prefer to choose the ones that climb up Lookout Mountain as they know how to reward with beautiful panoramic views across the surrounding area. In both places there are numerous memorials, statues and artifacts from the Civil War, as well as a well-kept museum that traces the events of that period.

    Entry to the Chickamauga Battlefield is free while you pay a $ 7 entry to Lookout Mountain's Point Park. If you have the America the Beautiful parks card, admission will be included as the two sites are managed by the National Park Service. This national park is located north of Georgia on the Tennessee border about 180 kilometers north of Atlanta. The Chickamauga Battlefield Visitor Center address is 3370 LaFayette Road, Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742. The Lookout Mountain Battlefield Visitor Center is 110 Point Park Road, Lookout Mountain, TN 37350.

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    Rock city

    It is located on the same Lookout Mountain that we have just mentioned but still on the side that is still part of the state of Georgia. Rock City owes much of its notoriety to the fact that from the summit of the promontory called Lover's Leap it is claimed that they can be seen distinctly well seven states! We do not go too far on how true this is, but you can check for yourself.

    But the attractions of Rock City do not end there, you can in fact walk theEnchanted Trail which branches off between narrow passages between rocks and well-kept gardens and visit the Fairyland Caverns literally populated by gnomes and elves.

    Rock City admission costs $ 19.95. An entrance ticket can also be added to it for Ruby Falls ($ 36.90) and for the Incline Railway ($ 49.90) the characteristic railroad that connects Chattanooga to Lookout Mountain. Rock City is located near the Tennessee border on top of Lookout Mountain. The exact address is 1400 Patten Road, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750.

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    Okefenokee Swamp

    You cannot say that you have visited a state in the southern United States without first having been to one typical swamp with crocodiles and lush vegetation. In this case we are in southern Georgia, right on the border with Florida, and taking a boat tour along the water channels that have formed over time to see the local fauna in its natural habitat is definitely an experience to be do not be missed.

    The peculiarity of this swamp is that it can also be visited with a means of transport that is a bit unusual for this type of attractions, namely in train!

    To access the Okefenokee Swamp you need an entrance ticket costing $ 17. The swamp is located about 12 kilometers from Waycross and can be reached via highway US 1/23.

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    Saint Simons Island (bonus)

    Georgia is not only plantations and historic cities but it can also boast a coast of considerable interest. For this we have decided to add an eleventh attraction to this top 10. The Golden Isles they are "barrier islands" located on the coast of Georgia and offer very popular tourist attractions. The most important are Sea Island, Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island.

    This peculiar island is the largest of the Golden Isles and its town has been voted by magazines specialized in the tourism sector as the most romantic in America and the best among those overlooking the sea. Historic buildings, picturesque lighthouses, coasts and natural parks will satisfy all the tastes of those who decide to spend a few days by the sea.

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