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Lluis Enric Mayans

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Like two sailors lost in the middle of the sea, we get on a modern "Submarine" to navigate at great speed? under the bowels of the city? of Genoa. We then board the metro, direction "San Giorgio", the Porto Antico stop, where in a few minutes we find ourselves in front of the cobalt blue structure of the Aquarium.

1 day

So, after having struggled through turnstiles and stairs full and crammed with happy children, we are catapulted into the deepest abysses. deep in the spectacular - Mapping room, where a projected onto a large world map welcomes us.
A light sigh and away, that our adventure can? take off through the dark pi? absolute coming from the infinite corridors, illuminated only by the blue light of the pools. After turning the corner the atmosphere changes quickly, why? we are before
to the tub pi? bad of all, "The Bay of Sharks".
After having passed unscathed to the "predator pit" of the sea, we head towards the Falkland Islands, a very prestigious theater where "The Kingdom of Ice" is staged with its absolute protagonists "dressed" in tuxedos: the Penguins of Antarctic continent, which upon our arrival delight us with an exhibition of Olympic diving.
Right in the middle? street we see a beam of light at the end of the tunnel scatter over the crowd, accompanied by a scent of a thousand typical and traditional flavors. What? arrived at the anchor point, we empty our backpacks for a lunch under the rays of the sun at the new Pavilion of the Tender Caff ?, bothered by hungry seagulls. What? we set off on the guided path of this incredible adventure, yet to be explored, this time in another pavilion among green tropical forests in the name of biodiversity. The emotion more? great ? that of a child stuck to the glass with his mother "before" in front of a huge snake.

2 day

Time to get carried away by the slow, floating movement of the jellyfish? arrived, in a sort of relaxation observing how those very ancient and mysterious species could leave us dumbfounded in front of those tanks for several minutes. A mix of transparent red and white colors are lost in our eyes in the deepest blue. deep! Here is the most expensive? fascinating of all, the goal "the one" so loved and desired, it took us a while to reach it but in the end we are! To welcome us in the Cetacean Pavilion, are the incredible curious Dolphins in front of a glass wall 24 meters long flanked by an underwater tunnel about 15 meters long, where we let ourselves be enveloped in an embrace of the Dolphins whizzing at great speed. above our head upwards.

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