Gastronomy of Formentera: How to make a Pagesa Salad, a typical dish of the Island

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Gastronomy: Formentera's products on the table

One of the ways to get to know a country better is undoubtedly to take a look at the table: I am referring to the local products and gastronomy. Specifically, in Formentera the traditional products are characterized by Pescado Seco (dried fish), - it has its origin in a tradition of the fishermen of the island who dried the fish to then preserve it and consume it during the year - the liquid salt, which is a natural salt whose high quality is guaranteed by the effect of the algae (Posidonia Oceania) found in the sea. The salt is commercially available in spray form and can be used for the preparation of cold dishes and appetizers.

Wine is another element that will never be missing on the table of Formentera, also known for its wine culture and where there are almost 80 hectares of vineyards. Other local products are honey "Es Morer", dried figs, fresh cheese - usually mixed (goat and sheep) - herbal liqueur and pane Bescuit, a type of bread baked for a long time that is soaked before being consumed.

The typical dishes of Formentera are the salad 'pagesa (with dried fish), fried octopus (fried octopus), suffered pages (peasant sautéed with meat and potatoes), squid in the dirty (calamari alla rustica).

The Pagesa Salad for example, you can also prepare it yourself at home:

1 kg of sponge cake (bread)
2 potatoes
3 large tomatoes
1/2 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
1 / 2 onion
100 grams. of dried peix (dried fish)
olive oil
salt (enough, it depends on how salty the fish is).

Boil the potatoes in their skins. Once cooked, peel them and chop them with a fork. Toast the red bell pepper and cut it into strips. Continue cutting the rest of the ingredients and keep them in a bowl. Moisten the bread to soften, add the rest of the ingredients and season to taste.

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