From Ushaia to Tromso, around the world on a cruise with exclusive experiences

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It is certainly not a novelty, that of cruises around the world: there are many companies that, in recent years, have begun to offer them.

There is one, however, which is truly special. And which is reserved for adventurous spirits. It's The Uncharted World Tour of Silversea, 167 days of navigation (from 30 January to 16 July 2021) through 30 countries and 107 ports. You will see extraordinary places, not always known to tourism, and you will experience decidedly original land experiences, from private dinner on the Tower Bridge walkway Londoner up to Viking festival in Kjarnaskogur forest, Iceland. On board the Silver Cloud, you will touch new stopovers and historic ports, surrounded by luxury.

It will be a cruise in stages, the one offered by The Uncharted World Tour. The first one starts on January 30 a Ushuaia (in Argentina, near the South Pole) and - crossing the Drake Channel, a stretch of sea that separates Cape Horn from the South Shetland Islands - will lead to the discovery of Antarctic Peninsula, Chilean fjords and numerous locations in the country, before disembarking in Valparaiso on 17 February. At that point, the navigation changes dramatically: the second stage leads between Robinson Crusoe Island, Alejandro Selkirk Island and Easter Island before stopping in the most paradisiacal (and less known) atolls of the French Polynesia, starting with the Marquesas Islands. The landing in Thaiti is scheduled for 11 March.

Taiohae Bay on Nuku Hiva Island, Marquesas Islands | Source: 123rf

From Papeete, the Silver Boat will sail towards authentic paradises: Bora Bora, and Cook Islands, Samoa, and Fiji. From here, on March 23, we will leave for Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, arriving in Cairns (Australia) on April 6. And it is right in Australia, that many of the land adventures will be staged: from Thursday Island to Darwin, from King George River to Hunter River toBuccaneer archipelago, we will touch paradisiacal and decidedly little known places. At that point, the cruise will arrive in Indonesia (Ende Flores, Takpala, Palau Kital, Pulau Anano, Sulawesi and Jana) to finally land at Singapore.

Buccaneer Archipelago, Western Australia | Source: 123rf

From April 28 to May 14, we will sail between Indonesia and India: from the Anak Krakatoa volcano to Cochin, passing through the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka. And then off to the United Arab Emirates and up to Egypt and the Greece, arriving in Athens on 2 June. Numerous European stages will follow: from the Greek capital we move on toItaly (after stopping in Malvasia, Itea, Lepanto, Albania and the Tunisian Susa), where The Uncharted World Tour will stop in Porto Empedocle, Trapani and Cagliari before reaching the Spain and then the Portugal.

The last two stages, from Lisbon - passing through the French Saint Malo and Honfleur to London - will allow you to visit the most beautiful places in the UK and will reach theIceland, arriving in Reykiavik on 3 April. And it is between Iceland and Norway that the final part of the tour will be staged, whose landing is expected to Tromso the 16 July.

Saint Malo, Brittany (France) | Source: 123rf

A truly spectacular world tour, the one proposed by Silversea, which touches famous cities and remote islands. On board the ship, you will be able to compare yourself with scientists, archeologists, geologists and astronomers, on land you will experience incredible emotions and included in the rates - reserved for more generous checking accounts - there are charter flights, excursions, all visa permits and a multitude of luxuries. In short, a dream trip. To treat yourself if you have the possibility or to browse on a screen, to fly with the imagination.

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