From Trento to Walt Disney Castle via Innsbruck !!

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From Trento to Walt Disney Castle via Innsbruck?

1 day

1? day- 29 August 2014
Taking advantage of a travel box they had given us for Christmas, we decided to spend three days away from the Florentine heat towards more destinations? fresh !!
After loading the car with the suitcases, around 08:30 we left for Trento to take a tour of the town and then reach our hotel where we also had dinner included in the package besides the overnight stay.
We arrive in Trento around 12:00 and immediately take the cable car up to see the city? from above. After a relaxing walk (despite the heat) we decide to go down to the village and take a walk in the main square.
In the afternoon we leave, we expect an hour and a half by car to reach our hotel (Hotel Scoiattolo) but our navigator decides to make us take the wrong road and so we find ourselves on top of a mountain while the darkness becomes increasingly dark. forward !! Despite the fright around 20:30 we arrive at the hotel and after leaving the luggage in the room we immediately rush into the restaurant why? the hunger really starts to be felt !!

Our package included a two-course dinner but in the end we discovered that the dessert was also included! We ate an excellent risotto with speck and smoked scamorza and as a second the famous and delicious dumplings !!! To finish an excellent apple strudel and a Catalan cream.

2 day

After a hearty breakfast with homemade products, we decide to take a walk around the hotel before leaving for Merano.
Merano? a really nice and particular town, we spend the morning among its narrow streets and its markets, we walk in Sissi's garden and we buy a refreshing ice cream.After lunch we take the car back and head towards L? gorge of Gilf, or a gorge that comes crossed by the beautiful Stanghe waterfalls near Vipiteno. The cost of the ticket? really minimal, 3 euros to admire a truly enchanting landscape.Iniziamo the climb but at a certain point it starts to rain hard and so in addition to getting wet we are all forced to shelter under a cave for a bit? waiting for him to spy. The experience anyway? really electrifying!
Around 18:00 we leave, a long journey awaits us to get to Fussen in Germany to admire the famous castle that inspired? Walt Disney !!
Reading the reservation for? we realize that the check in? by 20:00 and so we call immediately but they tell us that we should have notified beforehand and that they will wait for us only until 21:00. After an hour, when we were still in Austria they call us to tell us that they will not wait for us. are unable to pay from the card and so we find ourselves without a hotel? Panic !!!
At about 21:00 we arrive in the town and immediately we start looking for a room but almost all the hotels are full? After a long time? of laps we finally manage to find a free room and despite the very high price we can only accept!

3 day

Today we will finally visit the Neuschwanstein castle !!! In the morning we wake up early why? at 09:30 we had booked the entrance to the castle.
We advise you to book tickets on the internet why? they will avoid an endless queue !! To get to the castle there are various options, can you? go up on foot (about 45 minutes), by carriage with horses or by bus. We have opted for the bus, also why? it was raining and it was impossible to walk.
The bus leaves you near a bridge from which? It is possible to admire the castle from afar and take beautiful photos. From the bridge you must then take a small road (about 15 minutes on foot) that will take you there. until the entrance. Each ticket has its own entrance time and the visit inside takes about 30 minutes. Actually the castle? much more? nice from the outside why? there are very few rooms open to visitors. In the afternoon, after having dinner with a sandwich, we decide to go back home via Innsbruck. Unfortunately we come across a very long queue that will keep us? stop for a couple of hours and so we arrive in the city? very late and we only have time to take a stroll.
We visited the Bergisel, which is the ski jump used for ski jumps where the Winter Olympic Games and the Ski Jumping World Cup took place.
Then we went downtown to see the famous golden roof, symbol of the city, and eat a chocolaty piece of sacher? Very good !!!! Too bad we only took one piece !! Around 20:00 we left for Florence? despite ? was a very fast and tiring journey ne? it was worth it why? for a few days we got away from the heat of the city. Innsbruck is definitely worth a visit. long? we hope to come back maybe during the Christmas period for the famous markets !!!

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