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    From New York to Niagara Falls: how to organize a tour

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    In the common imagination, the Niagara Falls appear as a solemn display of the power of nature, and, in our opinion, a tour of the East Coast in America is not complete without a visit to this overwhelming spectacle that features water: for this reason, today we want to talk to you about how reach this natural wonder from one of the most famous metropolises in the world: let's see together how to tackle the excursion "New York Niagara Falls".

    As we have already written in our article on how to visit Niagara Falls, there are many travelers who decide to reach this jewel of beauty - located on the border between Canada and the USA - starting from the city of New York: this excursion is a classic for anyone who wants to combine an exquisitely urban visit to the vast metropolis with a tour to a natural attraction such as the Niagara Falls.

    But how long does it take to cover the New York - Niagara Falls stretch? What is the best way to travel? Is it possible to take a day trip? Otherwise… how can you organize a multi-day itinerary, perhaps stopping at other places of interest in the area? So let's go and answer these questions.


    • New York Niagara Falls in 1 day: how to do it?
    • New York Niagara Falls: Better in 2 or 3 Days?
      • Option 1: New York Niagara Falls in 2 days
      • Option 2: New York Niagara Falls in 3 days

    New York Niagara Falls in 1 day: how to do it?

    If your idea is to take this excursion by car, the answer is…do not! It is definitely impossible to venture on such an excursion, for the simple reason that the distance between New York e Niagara Falls it's about 400 miles and the journey by road takes at least 6.30 h for the journey. Even if you decide to leave in your car when Manhattan dawns, you will never be able to arrange a decent visit and go home in the night.

    The most reasonable way to see Niagara Falls from New York in one day is to do it by air. A in this regard, I report a organized tour that offers this valuable opportunity, bookable from 2 different sites:

    • Airplane tour on Viator
    • Airplane tour on Expedia

    The tour includes air tickets, the guided tour of the American and Canadian sides of the falls, a Boat tours, lunch buffet and some transfers (airport-waterfalls and, where applicable, hotel-airport).

    If you are of an adventurous spirit it exists however a cheaper alternative, that of the tour in bus, which include, in addition to the round trip, also the ticket for the Maid of the Mist or the Cave of the Winds. It must be considered that these excursions in total last about twenty hours, of which 4 to go to the waterfalls and the others by bus ... if you feel like it, you can find more information by clicking on these 2 links:

    • Bus tour: Amigo Tours USA
    • Tour in bus: Royal City Tours

    New York Niagara Falls: Better in 2 or 3 Days?

    If you intend to use the car, such an excursion can be done both in 2 days and in 3 days, but the first option is a bit more tiring because the distance is still considerable, even if feasible. If possible, it is better to postpone the trip. The matter obviously changes if you rely on an airplane flight or an organized tour. Let's see the various possibilities.

    Option 1: New York Niagara Falls in 2 days

    2 day DIY trip by car

    Unlike as we have reported for other classic day trips from New York (New York Boston, New York Philadelphia and New York Washington), if you plan the trip on your own without opting for an organized package, the choice to rely on car rent can be spot on (definitely preferable to train or bus),.

    There are two different possibilities:

      • the first involves one departure very early from New York. The journey takes about 6.30 hours without stopping: if, by freeing yourself from the traffic exiting Manhattan as soon as possible, you manage to arrive at Niagara Falls in the early afternoon, you can visit them and then find accommodation in the surrounding area. The next day, at your leisure, you can leave for New York (or any other destination you have planned!), Where you will arrive in the evening. To understand like visiting the falls and where to sleep (Buffalo it's an interesting solution), we refer you to our article on Niagara Falls and the in-depth Niagara Falls where to sleep;
      • the second option is to leave with a little more calm from New York, reach a city near the falls (Buffalo or the town of Niagara Falls itself), stay overnight and visit the falls next morning early in the morning and then leave for New York, arriving in the evening.

    All accommodations available in Buffalo

    If you don't want to hire a car in New York, you might want to consider taking the Niagara Falls New York trip by train or busbut two options are that we advise against it: with the comfortable Amtrak trains a 9.30 hour journey awaits you, while with the Greyhound buses you will have to remain glued to your seat for at least 10 hours, traffic permitting.

    2 day DIY trip by plane

    The best alternative to the car, as far as the “do-it-yourself travel” solution is concerned, is definitely the plane. Depending on where you are staying, you can search for flights to one of the following 2 airports:

    • airporto di Buffalo (Buffalo, NY, Stati Uniti, BUF-Buffalo Niagara Intl.)
    • Niagara Falls airport (Niagara Falls, NY, United States, IAG-Niagara Falls Intl.)

    You can search for flights directly at this link below, to which I also advise you to check the flight + hotel solution, which usually allows you to save interesting amounts (remember to reorder the results based on price).

    Search Flight to Niagara Falls from New York

    Travel with organized tour

    For those who don't feel like setting out on the road from New York to Niagara Falls and covering this distance twice in two days, we recommend taking advantage of the various and popular organized tours that offer 2-day guided tours. We point out some of them:

    1) Tour in 2 days by coach


    • shift in coach (A/R)
    • guide professional in Spanish
    • tour intermediate in the Finger Lakes region and at Seneca Lake
    • guided tour of the two sides of the falls
    • cruise on the Maid of the Mist (summer months only) or panoramic tunnel (winter months)
    • pernottamento in hotel/motel (Canadian or American lat)

    2) Tour in 2 days by train and plane 


    • train ticket Amtrak (one way from New York)
    • ticket plane (back to New York)
    • guided tour of the two sides of the falls
    • cruise on the Maid of the Mist (summer months only) or panoramic tunnel (winter months)
    • pernottamento in hotel/motel
    • lunch all’Hard Rock Cafe
    • guide professional
    • tour in helicopter on the falls (optional with additional cost)
    • tour in jetboat (optional with additional cost)

    Option 2: New York Niagara Falls in 3 days

    DIY car tour

    3 days is the ideal fit for a tour from New York all Niagara Falls much more than satisfactory. Let's go immediately to see how to organize it.

    • Day 1 - When you have managed to free yourself from the traffic exiting from New York, you can set off towards the waterfalls, choosing a couple of intermediate stops to break up the journey and make it richer and more interesting. We advise you:
      • a visit to Ithaca and the region of Finger Lakes. We have already talked about this stage in our 10-day itinerary New York-Boston-Niagara Falls: the waterfalls found in the natural parks around Ithaca are a good aperitif when visiting Niagara Falls.
      • tour al Watkins Glen Canyon. When you arrive in Glen Watkins, on the banks of the Seneca Lake, do not miss the opportunity to take a walk along one of the two paths that wind through the heart of this beautiful canyon. Here too there are beautiful waterfalls. Bring a raincoat!

    In the evening, you will arrive at Buffalo - pleasant town we have always talked about here - and where you can stay overnight.

    • Day 2 - The next morning you will take your car back: in about 30 minutes from Buffalo you will arrive at the parking lots of Niagara Falls, where you can visit the falls far and wide - on the Canadian side and on the American side, with the Maid of the Mist and according to all modalities that we have described in our article: the visit of Niagara Falls by boat is absolutely not to be missed! The positive factor is that you will not be in any hurry to have to return to New York, on the contrary, you can enjoy the show even at night: we recommend the Canadian side.
    • Day 3 - After sleeping in your hotel, you can organize yours last day according to your needs: returning directly to New York - if anything, ending the Finger Lakes tour - or continuing the itinerary as you prefer.

    All accommodations available in Niagara Falls

    DIY airplane tour

    In this case, the same indications we have provided for the solution in 2 days apply:

    Search Flight to Niagara Falls from New York

    Trip with Tour organized in 3 or more days

    Opting for a 3-day organized tour from New York to Niagara Falls means choosing the most relaxing, stimulating and, in some ways, economic solution. Here are the organized trips that we recommend:

    1) 3-day tour: Niagara Falls, Toronto, Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands


          • transport in coach with wifi for 3 days
          • management bagagli
          • two overnight stays (one in Niagara Falls and one in Gananoque, Canada) with breakfast including
          • guided tour to the two sides of the falls and cruise to the falls
          • inputs to the planned attractions
          • intermediate visit to the region of Finger Lakes and Watkins Glen National Park
          • guided tour of Toronto, Lago Ontario and boat tour of the Thousand islands

    2) 4-day tour: Philadelphia, Washington DC and Niagara Falls on Expedia


        • transport in coach with wifi for 4 days
        • pernottamento in hotel for 3 nights (Niagara Falls, New Jersey and Washington) with breakfast
        • guided tour of Niagara Falls, Philadelphia, Lancaster County e Washington
        • inputs to the planned attractions (cruise with Maid of the Mist or scenic tunnel)
        • intermediate visit of Watkins Glen National Park
        • typical horse-drawn carriage tour Amish

    In conclusion, as you have seen, the solutions for the excursion New York - Niagara Falls there is no shortage: it's up to you to choose the one that best matches your ideal holiday! For this reason, I also invite you to read our in-depth study dedicated to when to go to Niagara Falls to find out more about the climate and weather in the area.

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