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    Freedom Tower New York: how to visit the One World Trade Center

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    On the ashes of the twin towers now stands the One World Trade Center, Also known as Freedom tower, the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere, a symbol of rebirth and freedom after the atrocious terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. Inaugurated on 3 November 2014, the new "tower of freedom" stands out as the true protagonist of the New York skyline , with its reflective windows, distinctive design and eloquent height (1776 feet, not surprisingly the year of the Declaration of Independence). In this article we will give some tips on how to visit the skyscraper, which is in effect one of the main attractions of Manhattan.


    • Where is the Freedom Tower located? How to get?
    • How to visit it?
      • Tickets, opening hours and other useful information
    • Freedom Tower with Tourist Pass
    • Panoramic view of the Freedom Tower
    • Other New York skyscrapers
      • What is the best view of the 3 main skyscrapers?
    • Hotels near the Freedom Tower in New York
    • More things to do near One World Trade Center
    • Freedom Tower New York: Photo Gallery

    Where is the Freedom Tower located? How to get?

    The Freedom Tower is located downtown, along with the tallest skyscrapers in New York City. The address is One World Trade Center, 285 Fulton St, and it is practically 2 steps from the 9 11 Memorial, the moving memorial we have already told you about, and from the 9/11 Museum. To get to the site you can easily use the metro, getting off at one of the nearby stations:

    • World Trade Center (line E)
    • Cortland Street (line 1)
    • Park Place (lines 2 and 3)

    How to visit it?

    The most exciting thing about the Freedom Tower is certainly the One World Observatory, a 360 ° observatory that allows a splendid view, but the visit itself also consists of other phases:

    • Welcome Video: Upon entering you will be welcomed into the Global Welcome Center, a large room with mega screens with greetings in all languages ​​and a dynamically generated world map highlighting the visitors' cities of origin.
    • Voices and Foundations: The next stage is to listen to the personal stories of the men and women who built the One World Trade Center and then you can enjoy a close-up view of the very foundations of the building.
    • Sky Pod Elevators: Board one of five capsule-shaped elevators and ascend to the 102nd floor in less than 60 seconds. The trip will be very special, because, thanks to an incredibly realistic technology, you will experience a virtual time-lapse that recreates the development of the New York City skyline from 1500 to today.
    • See Forever Theater: A fascinating 3D video presentation that, through the combination of various frames, presents the rhythm and pulse of life in New York City.
    • Observatory: on the 100th floor (Discovery Level) you will find the 360 ​​° Observatory over the city, a splendid and unparalleled view of all of New York and beyond.
    • Sky Portal: in this platform located on the same floor you can see New York flowing under your feet, another breathtaking view.
    • City Pulse: the ability to connect with landmarks and neighborhoods viewed from above with the latest technology. Ambassadors will be stationed at each station calling up images and suggestions on the screens with simple gestures. To get a better idea of ​​the City Pulse you can take a look at the video below:

    Below you can see all the phases that will mark your visit:

    Tickets, opening hours and other useful information

    The Freedom Tower is open with different methods and timing depending on the time of year. Generally opening hours are from 11:00 to 19:00 on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. While Tuesday and Wednesday are currently closed.

    In order to access the facility, it is necessary to provide a proof of vaccination for all those over 12 years old. All visitors must also compulsorily wear the mask inside the structure.

    The entrance ticket costs just over 35 euros, but there are reductions according to age and some special tickets are also available, which combine a visit to the Freedom Tower with other surrounding attractions. Bear in mind that when you buy the ticket you will also have to book the day and time of your visit. To buy tickets you can take a look at the link below which will also allow you to skip the line at the entrance and go directly to the security checkpoints:

    • Tickets available on Viator
    • Tickets available on GetYourGuide

    The property also houses a shopping gallery and a panoramic cafe on the 101st floor which can only be accessed upon purchase of a ticket.

    Freedom Tower with Tourist Pass

    Unless you just want to visit this skyscraper in New York, the most convenient thing to do usually is to buy a tourist pass that also includes theadmission to the One World Observatory, in order to save not only on this one but also on all the other attractions you will visit. At the moment the New York passes that include the Freedom Tower are these 4:

    • Sightseeing Pass Day, the New York pass that boasts the highest number of attractions available, including tours, cruises, discounts to restaurants and shops. The price varies based on the number of days of use (1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days).
    • Sightseeing Flex Pass, same attractions as the Unlimited version but, instead of the days of use, the price varies based on the number of attractions chosen (from 2 to 10).
    • New York Pass: the direct competitor of the Sightseeing Day with which it shares the same basic philosophy.
    • Go City New York Explorer Pass: This pass focuses on attractions instead of days, such as the Flex.

    If you are undecided about which one is best for you and sometimes some further information, we have explored the differences between these and other passes for New York in our guide dedicated to the topic, which you can access by clicking on the button below:

    New York pass: which one to choose?

    Panoramic view of the Freedom Tower

    The view offered by the One World Observatory is unique: no other skyscraper allows a similar view of the New York Harbor (Statue of Liberty included) and the Brooklyn Bridge, or a close-up (and dizzying!) View of the downtown skyscrapers ( the tallest in the city) or the footings of the twin towers (9/11 Memorial). At the same time, looking north you can admire the skyscrapers of Midtown, which include the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

    The view is less suitable for those who want to admire Central Park from above or have an overview of the Downtown skyline. Which is why I recommend that you combine the visit to the One World Trade Canter with at least one of the following 2 skyscrapers.

    Other New York skyscrapers

    For fans of the topic, we recommend 4 other panoramic skyscrapers in New York that you cannot miss:

    • Empire State Building: what, until the construction of the One World Trade Center, was the tallest skyscraper in New York. The queues are long, so I recommend that you book a skip-the-line ticket.
    • Top of The Rock: the Rockefeller Center observatory is another splendid vantage point from which to admire the Manhattan skyline. Tickets can be booked online.
    • The Edge: the highest terraced panoramic observatory in the western hemisphere, recognizable thanks to its futuristic architectural design. Here you can find the tickets.
    • SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: inaugurated in Midtown at the end of 2021, SUMMIT is a one-of-a-kind observatory, thanks to its dizzying panoramic attractions (including an external transparent lift!).

    All observers, except currently the SUMMIT, are also included in the various New York City Passes available, particularly convenient solutions as they allow you to save a lot of money by visiting more attractions.

    What is the best view of the 3 main skyscrapers?

    It is really difficult to give a single answer, as there are 3 splendid views, each with its pros and cons. Below you will find some images that can help you realize the differences between the panoramic views they offer. In summary we can summarize the strengths as follows:

    • Empire State Building: Downtown and Chrysler Building views
    • Top of the Rock: vista su Central Park ed Empire State Building
    • One World Observatory: view of Midtown, the Statue of Liberty, the harbor and the Brooklyn Bridge

    My advice is to couple the visit to the Freedom Tower with at least one of the other two skyscrapers (so you can see Manhattan from both Downtown and Midtown). In addition to these, remember that there are also the newest viewing platforms: The Edge in Hudson Yard and SUMMIT One Vanderbilt in Midtown.

    Views from the Empire State Building

    Downtown view
    View your Central Park
    Vista su Chrysler Building
    View towards Hudson River

    Viste dal Top of the Rock

    View on Empire State Building
    View your Central Park
    Top of The Rock Panoramic Terrace
    Obstructed view on the Chrysler-Building

    Views from the Freedom Tower

    View towards the Hudson River
    Vista su Lower Manhattan
    View of the Statue of Liberty
    View of Downtown from the Freedom Tower

    Hotels near the Freedom Tower in New York

    If you want to stay overnight near the Freedom Tower in New York you have to look for an accommodation in the Downtown area. In another article I wrote some targeted tips for sleeping in the area, if you are looking for a list of available facilities take a look at the link below:

    Hotels in the area

    More things to do near One World Trade Center

    There are many attractions around the famous skyscraper, starting with the aforementioned 9 11 Memorial Museum. stock exchange, and the Brooklyn Bridge. All of these attractions can be reached within a 15-minute walk.

    For further information, I refer you to our article on what to do in New York and our travel tips on Manhattan.

    Freedom Tower New York: Photo Gallery

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