Frecce Tricolori elected the 1st aerobatic team in the world

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They form the 313º Acrobatic Training Group and I'm there aerobatic team nationalItalian Air Force. An excellent department made up of best drivers who was elected first aerobatic team of 2013.

The Frecce Tricolori are based in Rivolto, in the province of Udine. With 10 aircraft, of which nine in training e a soloist, I'm the acrobatic team largest in the world and the flight program, which includes about twenty stunts with the strangest names for about half an hour, has made them the most famous.

The most famous stunts are Heart Crossing, Bull's eye, Bomb Crossing and the Insane flight of the soloist at the end of each performance, figures who have made the history of the Frecce Tricolori.

The planes piloted by the Frecce are the Aermacchi MB-339 recognizable by the characteristic tricolor band that crosses the side of the plane on a blue background. In a few years, these planes will retire to be replaced with more modern aircraft.

Each year there are about 5 million spectators who watch their performances with their noses upwards to admire the breathtaking maneuvers and the inevitable tricolor trail left by aircraft.

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