Four days in Paris

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My trip to Paris starts in early October. Yes, why? a journey begins already? since you start planning and booking. I find an offer for Paris, with flight and overnight stay + breakfast for three nights at 150? each. Will I let it slip away? Of course not! ? Love I found an offer for Paris? ? Book, I'll give it to you? Well? I don't have to repeat it twice! Tickets taken.

1 day

24 October
We land in Paris Charles de Gaulle early in the morning, on October 24th. After understanding how the metro worked, we head to our hotel. The check-in ? at 15pm, so we drop off our bags and immerse ourselves in our first visit to the city. After a pleasant walk we arrive at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, beautiful, and we decide to climb to the top to admire the first view of the city? (8? Approximately). After that we venture into the alleys of the Montmartre district, beautiful and colorful. Quick lunch and we continue our walk until we reach the Mouline Rouge, where for? we do not enter.
Let's go back to the hotel, just for the time of a shower, and continue our exploration. We reach the Champs-? Lys? Es and the Arc de Triomphe, where we climb to the top (free for EU citizens under 26) and obviously we couldn't miss the Eiffel Tower, beautiful illuminated in the dark.

2 day

25 October
Wake up not too early, breakfast with the best butter croissants of my life, and we're ready to go. Today Versailles awaits us! The whole day will be dedicated to this magnificent place. Trust me, it's worth it. We take the train directly from Paris, which takes us to the Palace in just under an hour. Here too, the entrance? free for EU cooks under 26. The Villa? immense, a riot of richness, bright colors, wonderful works. ? impossible to explain in words. The gardens are obviously not far behind, with fountains so large they have boats inside them. It seems to be catapulted into a fairy tale. Let's go back to the hotel just for dinner time, and go straight to sleep dead tired after the tens of kilometers traveled.

3 day

26 October
Breakfast and off you go! This morning the catacombs await us. I couldn't let them escape. After a long enough queue, we finally enter. Admission costs about 12 euros. I had seen a horror movie set in these tunnels, so I was already? in the right mood. Hundreds of skulls completely cover the walls of these underground streets and make the environment truly gloomy. I don't recommend it for claustrophobic sufferers!
Quick lunch and we head to the Louvre. Here too, free entry for EU citizens under 26.? immense. On the flyer at the entrance c ?? written that if you stopped 30 seconds in front of each work kept in the museum, it would take about two months, day and night, to see them all. We decide to dwell only on those that we consider more? important, and obviously can not? miss the Mona Lisa. The only one controlled by the security guards. Leaving the Louvre we reach the Eiffel Tower again, and this time we decide to go up. The summit was unfortunately closed, since it was past 22, but we are content to get up to a little more? of the half. The view it gives us? wonderful. All of Paris illuminated? magical.

4 day

27 October
Our last day in Paris. We reach the Notre Dame Cathedral, and climb to the top in order to admire the famous gargoyles up close (free for EU citizens under 26).
After the visit to the cathedral we decide to take a small cruise on the Seine, lasting one hour, at the price of 10? each. I recommend it to everyone, why? can you see the city? from another perspective and to pay attention to details that had gone unnoticed.
Yes ? get late, we have a flight to catch! We return to the hotel to retrieve our bags and head to the airport, where the plane for Italy awaits us.

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