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    Four Corners: Have you ever been to 4 states at the same time?

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    Being in 4 different states at the same time is certainly not an everyday experience, yet it is possible. In fact, it is located in the South West of the United States of America Four Corners Monument (Monument of the Four Corners), the intersection of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

    The area is totally desert and in itself would not have anything special (if not the proximity to sites of extreme scenic interest such as Canyon De Chelly, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde National Park or Antelope Canyon), however the suggestion for the uniqueness of the geographical conjunction of this place causes crowds of tourists to converge every year Four Corners to be able to set foot in these 4 states in an instant.

    What will you find at Four Corners Monument?

    Given the symbolic value of the place, let's try to understand what who should expect visit Four Corners. You will find yourself in an immense desert plain, with a large concrete clearing in the center on which the 4 segments of each state are carved and where the flags of the states themselves are clearly visible.

    Going to the center, you can therefore position yourself exactly in the point where the 4 states touch, marked by a brass plate well recognizable. In reality, according to a recent government investigation, the plaque does not exactly coincide with the intersection point (it seems to have moved about 600 meters to the east), in any case it continues to act as an official border, in short, it is not necessary to make picky! As you will notice, the segments of the states are exactly geometric, this is due to the division of the American regions at the table that was carried out in the past.

    Right next to the platform of the Four Corners you will find some stalls where you can buy themed T-shirts and other Navajo trinkets. The whole territory is in fact Indian property: the areas of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah belong to the Navajo, while the part of Colorado belongs to the Ute Indians.

    Plan a visit to Four Corners: hours and admission

    The entrance to Four Corners it is paid and only cash is allowed. Here are the prices:

    Adults: $ 5,00 per person (up to 6 years old is free)


    • From May 15st to September 8th from 00:20 to 00:7, XNUMX days a week
    • From 16 September to 31 October from 8:00 to 18:00, 7 days a week
    • From November 30st to April 8th from 00am to 17pm
    • Closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day

    In the area there are picnic tables and independent toilets. Nearby (within a 30-mile radius) you will also find a few cafes, grocery stores and self-service petrol stations. It is recommended that you bring plenty of water and food. The area is in fact quite remote, without running water, electricity and telephone.

    How to reach Four Corners and why go there?

    Coming from Arizona, take Hwy 160 towards New Mexico. The monument is located about 80km east of Kayenta. The visitor center is located at the intersection of Highway 160 and NM State Highway 597, approximately 6 miles north of Teec Nos Pos.

    The main reason to visit it is essentially symbolic, at the same time it can represent an excellent intermediate stop if you travel from Monument Valley to Mesa Verde National Park. Furthermore, visit Four Corners it can also be fun: join the most enthusiastic visitors who do their utmost in stunts and absurd poses to touch the 4 states at the same time in the most unlikely ways. Taking a picture here is a must!

    And if you are a fan of the famous series Breaking Bad. then you will certainly have one more reason to go to Four Corners! Check out our Breaking Bad Albuquerque itinerary.


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