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    Fort Worth Texas: visita agli Stockyards fra cowboy, rodeo e longhorn

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    The state of Texas, second by extension after Alaska, contains many natural, cultural and urban beauties. Today we take you to Forth Worth, located northeast about 30 minutes from Dallas, founded in 1849 as an army outpost on a bluff overlooking the Trinity River.

    Its name derives from the general of the American armed forces, William Jenkins Worth, who built ten forts here to protect and mark the borders of Texas. Today Fort Worth unites the western culture to architecture and design. A special feature: a combat ship of the US Navy bears the name of this city.


    • Where is it and how to get there
    • Visit to the Stockyards
    • Fort Worth downtown
    • Fort Worth's cultural and naturalistic offer
    • Activities for the whole family
    • Fort Worth events
    • Where to shop
    • Where to eat
    • Where sleeping in Fort Worth
    • Cities nearby

    Where is it and how to get there

    The airport international closer is the Dallas / Fort Worth (2400 Aviation Dr. - DFW Airport). Our visit starts from here, in particular at Terminal D and Skylink Station, where there are works of art: sculptures, paintings and mosaics made by local, national and international artists. This is the first business card of the city.

    As always, we recommend renting a car to manage your stay independently. For those who prefer to use the mezzi di transportation we point out the following three options: the buses of the line The T circulating in the city, the Bus Downtown which runs through the city center e The Trinity Railway Express for those who also want to move around the city. This train connects Fort Worth, Dallas and several suburban stations. The climate here is pleasant with warm summers and fairly cold but not harsh winters. Snow is rare. The driest period is in August while May is the wettest.

    Transfers from the airport to Fort Worth

    Visit to the Stockyards

    Fort Worth's main attraction is undoubtedly the named neighborhood Stockyards. As soon as you cross its entrance gate which reads Fort Worth Stockyards, you immediately descend into an environment of other times. Western buildings are the protagonists with saloons, shops that sell items from the far west, with a country and Texan flavor. In this area of ​​the city there are various attractions and we recommend that you dedicate several hours to its visit. The best thing to do is take a leisurely stroll, in complete relaxation, enjoying every corner.

    As you walk on the sidewalk along E.Exchange Avenue, the main street, looking down you will notice the Texas Trail of Fame, a row of stars each of which bears the name of a character who made the history of the west. Who doesn't know movie star John Wayne or has never heard of Samuel Colt?

    All projects Stockyards Station (130 E.Exchange Ave.) in addition to strolling among the various shops and tasting tasty dishes in the restaurants, we point out two attractions. Cowtown Cattlepen Maze (145 E.Exchange Ave.) is a labyrinth with wooden paths that resemble the corrals used for cattle in the old west. The facility covers 502 square meters. The funny thing is that guests watch a cutscene following their path through the maze as they try to get out of it. The attraction is located opposite the Stockyards Station and is open daily. The cost is $ 7 for adults and $ 6 for ages 3-12.

    Il Grapevine Vintage Railroad is a 20s-style train traveling to Grapevine not far from Dallas / Fort Worth. The Victorian carriage ride takes you back in time and travels the historic Cotton Belt Route at a cost of $ 26 to $ 18 depending on the class of the wagon. On Saturdays and Sundays at 11.45am and 16.45pm you can watch the performance of a shooting just like in the old west.

    The second attraction that we point out is the museum of the Stockyards, the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame (128 E. Exchange Ave.), established in memory of those who honored the west in Texas. Inside there are carriages, exhibitions and a station where children can interact and learn about history. You shouldn't leave the museum without first passing by Jersey Lilly Old Time Photos where you can take nice photos in full western style, with period costumes involving even your pet.

    On the first floor of the Livestock Exchange (131 E. Exchange Ave.), a cattle trading building, the Friday you can attend theit. For us visitors, observers not involved in the negotiations, attending the event is a great way to live an experience closely linked to the reality of the place.

    Fort Worth Cowboy and Culture Tour Information

    Inside the building, in theHistorical Society Museum, you can find historical information and artifacts related to the development of the Stockyards, but in this city context, the rodeos arena called Cowtown Coliseum (121 E.Exchange Ave.) as from the nickname of the city which is just Cowtown (city of cows). Performances and shows are also held here. The building is not very large but the atmosphere is fully western, Texan, of great appeal.

    Weather permitting, the great daily scenic event that takes place at 11.30am and 16pm (apart from Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving days) is the Longhorn Parade, the ritual parade of Texas long-horned cows, the longhorns. The parade, along E. Exchange Ave, is led by cowboys on horseback and is depicted just like the old days. In the time between the two parades, the cows are in their pen where they can be viewed.

    And then, do you remember the TV show Walker Texas Ranger?… .. If the answer is yes, you cannot have forgotten Cd's Bar & Grill, the place that belongs to the former Texas Ranger CD Parker in the television series. From April 1995 to May 2001 the episodes were shot at White Elephant Saloon (106 E.Exchange Ave.) inside which there are testimonies and memorabilia that attest to it. This is one of the most legendary places in Fort Worth where you can have a drink or just stop for a photo and say: I went too! There is live music every night and a game of pool or shuffleboard tables while dining on the second floor.

    Fort Worth downtown

    We leave the Stockyards area to move to the downtown (the city center) where art deco style buildings host shops, restaurants and entertainment and nightlife venues. The main area is Sundance Square, a large area with boutiques, restaurants and art galleries in a mix of modern and ancient architecture between red brick streets, courtyards and a fountain. We remain in this central area where the Water Gardens (1502 Commerce St.), a structure with fountains, water and puddles that was born from a very particular study of architecture and engineering.

    Because of their peculiarity they often appear in television or film productions. We conclude our tour in the center with the Saint Patrick Cathedral (1206 Throckmorton St.) in the Gothic Revival style, seat of the bishopric. Pope Paul VI chose this city as one of the dioceses of Texas. Note the electronic organ and, if you are here during the holy mass, be sure to listen to the parish choir.

    Fort Worth's cultural and naturalistic offer

    Fort Worth is proud of its Cultural District in which we report the strong Worth Museum of Science & History (1600 Gendy St.) which also houses a planetarium and a theater. Inside the museum historical and scientific objects related to the botanical, mining, geological, zoological and ornithological fields are exhibited. Staying on the subject of museums, we would like to point out others but with different themes.

    Il National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum (3400 Mont Vernon Ave.) highlights the culture of the American west and cowboy through documents, photos and objects but there is also evidence related to the Indians. Of a completely different kind is the Kimbal Art Museum (3333 Camp Bowie Blvd.) built in 1972. The first works of art came from a private collection from which the name of the museum derives. A large collection of European paintings is currently on display and it is possible to visit the library.

    Information on the Cultural District tour

    For pleasant moments in the world of animals we recommend the Fort Worth Zoo (1989 Colonial Pkwy.) Among red kangaroos, flamingos, penguins, parrots, white and Malay tigers along with many other "guests". The little ones can have fun in the carousel, walking along the suspension bridge and playing in a barn with slides and stairs. You can also attend educational meetings in an open-air theater.

    And for a beautiful immersion in nature we recommend the Botanical Garden (3220 Botanical Garden Blvd.) among tropical forests, cacti, oaks, agaves, roses, camellias, coffee plants, fountains and a gazebo. Inside don't miss the Japanese garden where paths wind through stretches of water and luxuriant vegetation. The wonders continue among the colors and scents of cherries, magnolias, Japanese maples and bamboo. This is an ideal place to celebrate weddings.

    Nature also explodes al Natural Center & Refuge (9601 Fossil Ridge Rd.) Between forests, grasslands and swampy areas. Here you will find trails ideal for climbing and the lucky ones can see birds, bison and prairie dogs.

    We recommend taking the opportunity to immerse yourself in local history at Log Cabin Museum (2100 Log Cabin Village Ln.), Considered a living museum. Its purpose is to preserve Texan culture, particularly that of the 19th century. Once you enter the village, you can immediately appreciate the nature that surrounds the various buildings including the smokehouse, the farrier's workshop, the school, the mill and the small houses in cedar or oak.

    Complementing the authentic structures (except the blacksmith's shop) is a garden where aromatic herbs are grown. Characters in typical costume of the time lend an aura of realism to the village; this feeling of living a reality of the past is one of the characteristics that most attracts visitors. In the buildings there are ancient objects that go back to the time of the pioneering era (1840-1890) but there are also exhibitions where artifacts and documents are exhibited. This place is also suitable for children and often activities are organized that suit them. Be sure to stop by the shop, you may find interesting items. The village is open daily from Tuesday to Saturday while on weekends it is open in the afternoon.

    Activities for the whole family

    A particular and singular attraction is The Secret Chambers (The Secret Rooms - 2350 Mall Circle). It is an exciting group game that takes place in a themed room where you test your skills. Through their website, a group of participants (from 4 to 10 people) chooses a setting they like from those available and then makes the online booking to fix the date on which the game will take place. On the appointed day, the group physically enters the room that recreates the chosen theme; the aim of the game is to get out of the room within an hour using only the resources that are inside the chosen location.

    Treasure Hunt in Fort Worth

    Fort Worth events

    Returning to Fort Worth after the necessary detours in the immediate vicinity, we point out some festivals and events that take place in the city. In Texas there is no shortage of rodeos, in fact in January it takes place Stock Show & Rodeo (3400 Burnett - Tandy Dr.) a large event lasting several days during which you go from livestock shows to live music and activities for children in a sparkling and colorful environment.

    In September at the Will Rogers Center (3401 W. Lancaster Ave.) you can admire the skill, flair, creativity and color of quilts in the Trinity Valley Quilt Show. These blankets are extraordinary tailoring works typical of the US. It is worth making a purchase, not always seemingly cheap, but it must be taken into account that they are real masterpieces that require time and craftsmanship.

    Il Festival in the Japanese Garden takes place in April and October inside the botanical garden (3220 Botanic Garden Blvd.) and enhances the sweetness of Japanese dances, the importance of tea and martial arts from the ceremony. Also in October the Red Stegall Cowboy Gathering & Western Swing Festival (130 E. Exchange Ave. - Stockyard). During the three-day festival, western culture is celebrated with live music, outdoor cooking in the typical chuck-wagon wagons, poetry and fiddle (a type of violin) competitions combined with rodeo shows.

    The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Demetrius (2020 W.21st St.) celebrates in October with the named event Greek Food Festival for a full immersion in Hellenic culture through music, folk dances and good food.

    Where to shop

    Be sure to visit i shops western and country in the neighborhood of Stockyards. Then if you want to pop into the classic shopping centers (malls) you can opt for theHulen Mall (4800 S.Hulen St.) e il Ridgmar Mall (1888 Green Oaks Rd.). Malls are also a solution as refreshment points since there is a wide choice of restaurants and fast food outlets within them.

    Where to eat

    Dining options in Fort Worth also offer a variety of cuisine. Let's start by recommending you Del Frisco’s of Fort Worth (812 Main St.), an elegant steakhouse, located in the downtown, where you can choose whether to eat inside or on the patio. Those who like a more informal place can try Lili's Bistro (1310 W. Magnolia Ave.) which offers meat, sandwiches, soups and desserts. In the evening the restaurant entertains its customers with jazz music.

    From the 1935 Joe T. Garcia’s (2201 N.Commerce St.), family-run, offers Mexican cuisine that can be enjoyed indoors or on the elegant patio with fountain. A Middle Eastern atmosphere is experienced by The Flying Carpet (1223 Washington Ave.) in an environment with Turkish decorations with carpets and wooden motifs. To taste its Ottoman cuisine and try the hookah, the typical water pipe.

    Where sleeping in Fort Worth

    To stay in Fort Worth we recommend the following accommodations. Opposite the White Elephant Saloon is the Stockyards Hotel (109 E. Exchange Ave.) a true icon that projects back in time, in the old west, also chosen as the setting for one of the episodes of Walker Texas Ranger. This Texan and Western style hotel dates back to 1907. The rooms and suites are unique in their décor reflecting the old west and early 19th century era. Here is all the atmosphere we are looking for. The structure has two restaurants able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

    In downtown theAshton Hotel (610 Main St.) is a timeless style hotel combined with modern luxury. The rooms and suites have contemporary décor. The property also welcomes small pets. A short walk from downtown and Sundance Square is the Texas White House B&B (1417 8th Ave.), a contemporary bed and breakfast in a historic building dating back 100 years. Each room has its own style, such as tex-mex, country and cowtown.

    A less central, cheaper but highly recommended hotel is The Quinta Inn & Suites East Chase (8250 Anderson Blvd.) recognizable by the yellow color of the exterior walls and the red of the roof. The spacious and contemporary rooms are equipped with microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker. Breakfast is included in the price.

    Enjoy the beauties of the city ranging temporally from the times of the Far West to the modern ones without neglecting the artistic face that distinguishes it. Have fun discovering the surroundings as well. Each city has a lot to convey and even Fort Worth has its own charm that we, attentive and curious visitors, like to fully grasp.

    Discover all the Fort Worth hotels

    Cities nearby

    Despite their diversity, Fort Worth and Dallas cannot ignore the fact that they are considered as a large urban area. The center of Dallas it is about 35 minutes; the city can be visited as excursion daily or more accurately for several days. The points of interest are varied and we will briefly give you some suggestions. In the city center, the downtown, we point out the JFK Memorial in memory of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassinated in 1963 at the age of 46, the incredible Pioneer Plaza not to be missed, known for its spectacular life-size sculpture depicting a transhumance of longhorn cows, the Museum of Art with art exhibitions spanning the centuries and the Fair Park with its art deco buildings and sculptures. Lovers of the animal world will appreciate it zoo which dates back to 1888 and theaquarium. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the games of Dallas Mavericks in the NBA e i Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.

    Approximately 20 minutes from Fort Worth, ad Arlington, we point out a theme park that belongs to a famous chain: the Six Flags About Texas (2201 Rd. To Six Flags). Between roller coasters, water attractions and shows, fun and thrills are guaranteed. Events are also held here during the Christmas period and in April during the Latin festival. About an hour from Fort Worth is the Southfork Ranch (3700 Hogge Dr. - Parker) known for the famous and long-running television series "Dallas". The Ewing family home can be visited on a $ 15 guided tour. The gift shop is a must for anyone who loved the series. But much more can be done; in this location private events, conventions, seminars are held. You can also decide to spend the day just enjoying the "ranch life".

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