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    Fort Alamo in San Antonio: the story hidden among the skyscrapers

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    In the heart of San Antonio, almost hidden in the midst of large skyscrapers and surrounded by a green garden, is one of the most important historic buildings in the United States, that is Alamo, one of the best known places of interest in Texas. Many will be aware of the facts connected to this place thanks to the numerous films that have been inspired by it such as The Battle of the Alamo in which John Wayne plays Davy Crockett or the more recent Alamo - The Last Heroes produced by Ron Howard

    We mentioned the history of Alamo in our article San Antonio what to see, but it is good to deepen: those who do not know its fascinating and at the same time terrible history can stop for a moment and discover with us why this place attracts more than two every year. and a half million visitors.


    • The History of the Alamo
    • Information for a visit to the Alamo
    • How to Reach Fort Alamo
    • The Alamo: photo gallery
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    The History of the Alamo

    Let's start by saying that the Alamo is not really a fort since it was originally founded in the XNUMXth century as Franciscan mission to convert the local population to Christianity. He therefore owes his fame to the battle that was fought in 1836 between the Mexican army and the 189 Texan soldiers barricaded inside that, after having put up a strenuous resistance duration thirteen days, all perished during the siege. Although the events related to the Alamo are therefore more connected to the history of theindependence of Texas from Mexico that to those in the United States, the episode that took place in this place and the characters who took part in it are inextricably linked to the American collective imagination.

    The cruelty with which the Mexican general Antonio López de Santa Anna conducted the war operations and the courage of the Alamo defenders who never wanted to surrender despite the obvious numerical inferiority and the certainty of death made this place a symbol of sacrifice for the cause of freedom that is still remembered today.

    The sacrifice of the Alamo defenders was not in vain, however, given that a few weeks after these events at the cry of "Remember the Alamo", the commander of the Texan forces Sam Houston spurred his soldiers into the decisive battle for the fate of independence and won victory later alone eighteen minutes of battle.

    Information for a visit to the Alamo

    Being originally, as mentioned, a Franciscan mission, the two main buildings are represented by the church and from convent.
    Inside the church are preserved numerous military artifacts of the time and on the facade you can still see the architecture and decorations typical of the Spanish colonial period.

    What was once the convent of the mission and inside which the last bloody hand-to-hand fights took place in 1836 today houses the museum of the entire complex and the permanent exhibition The Alamo: A Story Bigger Than Texas.
    The sides of the complex are surrounded by a garden designed to be a welcoming and silent place that can help remember the sacrifice of those who perished in the battle.

    You can visit the facility tutti i giorni from 9 to 15:30. During the summer months from 7 June to 23 August the opening hours are extended until 19 pm. The only days that are closed are Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Any changes in opening hours are available on the official website
    Access is free.

    How to Reach Fort Alamo

    The Alamo Mission is located in the heart of the Texan city of San Antonio and can be easily reached by car, also given the presence of numerous parking lots nearby, or through i By public transport.

    The Alamo: photo gallery

    Image from film production
    photos from film production


    Here's what awaits you if you visit the Alamo!

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