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Can a two-minute film to tell the story and the beauty of a unique place? Apparently yes. And that's what the Municipality of Formentera who on his Facebook page published a video of the splendid Balearic island which in just two months reached more than 200 thousand views and over 4 thousand shares. Thanks to the aerial shots it is, in fact, possible to admire the "White Island”From above in a riot of nature, art, history, crystal clear sea and beaches of fine sand.

It is one promotional spot commissioned by the tourism sector and directed by the director originally from the island, Alfredo Montero, who did not hide his satisfaction with the response his video received. The result of his work takes the form of a tale of pirates in search of the lost treasure. A treasure that actually consists in nature, in the historical and artistic heritage, in the landscape and in the underwater attractions of Formentera. Without forgetting active sport, respect for the environment, live music and on the streets, people's mood and gastronomy.

A voice in the background explains the reasons why this small Mediterranean treasure is worth visiting: «The legend tells - we hear at the beginning of the film - that pirates had hidden their loot inside a cave in Formentera. The legend says that much of that treasure was never found, nor will it ever be because it is hidden in its blue waters, surrounded by its greenery, crystal clear waters and fine sand, traditions and people, customs and traditions. headlights on, in the musicians who perform in the streets of the island where the waves do not break ». However Formentera, in addition to the pomp and nightlife that characterize it throughout the summer season, there is much more. It is tradition and simplicity. It is its people, the communities of children who live there all year round, in contact with nature, in simplicity.

The video is meant to show the Formentera quieter and more idyllic, far from the horde of tourists in August who usually invade the island. "The treasure is not in Formentera, the treasure is Formentera" is the sentence that concludes the video. And we, we couldn't agree more.

Here is the beautiful and exciting video

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